PMA Passing Out Parade Highlights (14 April 2018)

ISPR Official

ISPR Official

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    Kakul, 14 April 2018: Passing out parade of 137th PMA Long Course, 8th Mujahid Course and 56th Integrated Course held at Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul. 31 cadets from FATA, 67 cadets from Balochistan and 6 Allied cadets from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were also among passing out cadets.
    General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) was the chief guest on the occasion. COAS reviewed the parade and gave awards to distinguished cadets. The coveted Sword of Honour was awarded to Academy Senior under Officer Syed Hasnain Ali of 137th Long Course. The President’s Gold Medal to Battalion Senior Under Officer Abdul Wahab Malik of 137th Long Course, the Overseas Gold Medal to Academy Under Officer Saud from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of 137th Long Course.

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