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    Pornstars Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut
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    Publisert 17 dager siden


    1. Cut

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      1. Alli MENENDEZ

        Please go vote for me!

      2. Rasel Khan

        Thanks for the names 🥴🥴

      3. Dillon Reilly

        sometimes I find it impossible to understand how you upload this stuff

      4. the game bustr

        or just watch them on pornhub

    2. Shanelle Warner

      They put that title on purpose cause they knew people thought the video was gone be double X rated but this was cleaner then clean

    3. Axel Drans

      Wow, that massive gap between how many people they've slept with. But the thing is, it's not because he's done porn longer than her. It's because the market for heterosexual male porn actors is *extremely* slim. Many porn videos/movies use the same exact male actors, over and over, but always have new girls. That's because the porn industry as a whole still think only men watch porn. So what's the point of hiring new men when you think only men watch your content? What's worse is that most are often extremely unhealthy, obese, and look like they haven't showed in years. They'll literally take any man off the street, but the women have to fit the perfect little mold they have picked out for them. This man is one of the lucky ones to be attractive. Most really aren't in porn, because the industry still only really focuses on what *men* want, not what *everyone* wants.

    4. Freedom 420

      First time iv ever seen 2 pornstars together with their clothes on

    5. josh

      I knew this was Addie even before I saw who it was in the description 😂 baddd

    6. Meme Master

      Is it just me or do so many female pornstars come from super religious backgrounds or super conservative backgrounds?

    7. babbisp1


    8. That Girl

      i can feel the sexual tension here

    9. I'm A bbas

      What has happened to this world?

      1. bouytt guyt

        Imagine your son n daughters all grown up n watching their mom n dad porn videos.

    10. lils in wonderland

      I've never felt and seen this much love and attraction between two people in a cut video as I have in this one, they're so cute

      1. bouytt guyt

        'Who else went immediately on a porn site to "confirm" if she is really a porn actress.?

    11. XRYING

      Me: "Why did you sleep with me" Her: "Cause you're hot, what else is there"

    12. cherokeep100

      His answer at 4:00 is amazing! Bravo Robby!

    13. Well Hello

      Pornstars can’t be in relationships

    14. A S G

      I can't even comment " why the hell are they so fucked up?"

    15. John Owles

      “Thank god you’re not Mormon anymore” 😂

    16. Nick Funkhouser

      Never would I ever think a family, especially the father, support their daughter being banged 😭 for money

    17. andres W

      The second part is on xvideos

    18. Free Weed

      She belongs to the streets

    19. Sawyer Skog

      They’re gonna go home and fuck after this 😂

    20. Wyatt Horstman

      He is very clearly in love with her

    21. Kaleb Phillips

      This was oddly wholesome for the subject matter. Very nice.

    22. Megan L

      She reminds me of Kate McKinnon a lot!

    23. MeltheGod

      omg they were roommates

    24. solokom

      'Who else went immediately on a porn site to "confirm" if she is really a porn actress.?

    25. rozii chao

      Imagine your son n daughters all grown up n watching their mom n dad porn videos.

    26. Rohit yadav

      Who want to see their pron now.

    27. vladimir krejci

      Watching a romantik comedi Me: - _- Watching 2 pornstars having a nice conversation Me: Love is not dead !!!

    28. danhayabusa

      Omg you 2 get a room.... Wait what

    29. Ghost Of Sparta

      This kind of friendship is hard to come by like u can’t tell if they are in love with each other or are just flirting in all honesty I wish I had this kinda relationship/friendship with some like her 💯

    30. Soel Joeles

      "Our cultural ideas are possessive". Bro, wanting to be with someone that isn't sharing themselves with dozens of other people at the same time is not being possessive. I could care less if porn stars dont give a fuck about how many people they sleep with, but dont sugarcoat it or pretend the act of sleeping with hundreds of other people will still work if you are in a relationship. Porn is the cause of many problems in marriages. Many porn stars, including the woman featured on this video, do it for the money. What they don't think of often is how that affects their relationships, image and well being. I feel that doing porn degrades intimacy. If you've had awesome sex with dozens of other women, you'd probably feel less satisfied with your less performing spouse.

    31. Dinesh Velmurugan

      Can anyone tell me what is her name

    32. Erdenebayar Ankhbayar

      The way they looked at each other at 4:30 damn hahahaa

    33. Inam Cheema

      They look so calm. Why tf do they look so calm?

    34. Willzz Playz

      Ok boys get ur pants off and turn down the lights

    35. mnika voli

      He’s like henry cavill but more skinny and is a pornstar

    36. Hans 2810

      They probably had sex after this

    37. Steam Roll

      Degeneracy at it's best

      1. mnika voli

        The eyecontacts

    38. Ronald Matlho

      They gonna fuck after this

    39. The Titan

      Only incels and losers give a like to such a video

    40. Dan Gee

      wow... classy

    41. Adèle

      Oh my god they were roommates

    42. Trane SFC

      Me: Alright Dirty porn talk Lets go!!!!!! 4:08 Me: what is this philosophical shit going on here boi???

    43. Jenny VBlogs


    44. k mohanan

      She looks like a mix of sarah paulson and kate Mckinnon...

    45. ih8mcfly

      I started web caming. No one watched.

    46. BowlofIndoMee

      This is like a romantic movie except it's real

    47. Ashfar Azfar

      They should just get married.

    48. paulleongson


    49. Lalindra Siriwardane

      Oh god why dont u both do it already. WAIT they already have. SHEESH porn stars.

    50. Archerpool

      I watch a lot of porn and even I don’t know who they are.

    51. tEch E

      The eyecontacts

    52. Entertainment Funda


    53. Jayesh Sinha

      Wait a minute I have seen there somewhere

    54. Potato

      When i see "pornstar" i clicked, go to the incognito and......

    55. Blue Boy

      Their fashion sense is pretty good

    56. Nana Knyshevska

      He looks at her like she's a GODDES

    57. L33W L33W

      His forearms are very short.

    58. FlightRL

      I mean sure they'd be dating... But they'd both be banging other people on the reg. I couldn't handle it.

      1. FlightRL

        @woiour loin for sure. They have great chemistry, but they'd be literally smashing other people all the time which would bother me

      2. woiour loin

        They seem like really nice and genuine people.

    59. Misdrea

      oh my god they are so into each other