President Trump Mocks Elizabeth Warren: 'To The Fake Pocahontas, I Won't Apologize' | NBC News

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    During a Montana rally on Thursday, President Trump once again took aim at Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) claims of Native American heritage. While imagining a debate with Warren in the 2020 presidential election, Trump said he would offer her $1 million to take a DNA test to prove her heritage claims.
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    President Trump Mocks Elizabeth Warren: 'To The Fake Pocahontas, I Won't Apologize' | NBC News


    1. James Jones

      There is a great video called Thug life Trump. KAG

    2. Vito Corleone

      I love how he poked fun at metoo movement too for being so sensitive

    3. Momoville N

      go Mr trunp!!

    4. midnight moon

      I love trump

    5. Lucas Clavijo

      Auauau trump is amazing 😂🇧🇷 #Trump2020

    6. Jason Eddie

      That was funny but with Elizabeth Warren statement about Transgender biys playing in girls sports teams. I want to see her compete against men and win.

    7. Dylan Kane

      Hate to break it to everybody but the truth hurts. For years she claimed she was part Native American.

    8. Q'weenaliza Green 🤣

    9. Devin Hansen

      MAGA!! See the real Bernie Sanders here:

    10. Needles Kayne

      TRUMP 2020 4 MORE YEARS BABY!!!

    11. Recabite Jehonadab

      Americans are ready for a conservative woman President not a Democratic woman President. Candace Owens is better than any Democratic nominee by a mile!!

      1. Viktor ScruelberG

        i hope she's participated to be representative for her state !! and then she will show you how the actually woman running as president because she's fit as president not because she's woman 2032 ? perhaps

    12. macker33


    13. Ross Kaske

      Trump is so much funnier than any of the LOSER late night television hosts.

    14. Ameer Ahmed

      Lmao she just dropped out

    15. SIVA ORBIT

      This man is big brain

    16. -/-/

      I absolutely despise Trump but calling her Pocahontas is pretty funny nnn

    17. Sports Guru


    18. Jeffrey Freeman

      Elizabeth Warren is worse than littering.

    19. B-kabyle

      I liked trump since this speech ! Something I don’t understand why some trying to show like they have some Native American heritage ? Re they trying to show they re more Americans ? Chuck Norris clame has some Native American heritage , Elvis and Elizabeth Wawent

    20. exbronco1980

      Warren is not Indian, of course, but how would Trump define Indian? he didn't say here. someone who is 1/8? 1/2? a quarter?

    21. M J

      The world will not be destroyed by the despot but by those who let it be °!!

    22. howle doen?

      can for once he be able to form an argument without ridiculing someone because usually people who have nothing in their arguments other than mock people and get self defensive have absolutely nothing to contribute ... past four years have most definitely proven evident.

    23. NessieTM

      I'll apologise... " _Pocahontas_ I apologise to you." 😂

    24. Andy Pistole

      Well...IM IN ABSOLUTE SHOCK!! With a total of 909 views...on an NBC video channel...A Trump video is getting OVERWHELMING positive reactions!! I just went 40 something comments and NOT one single negative/ or anti Trump comment..IM VERY SURPRISED this video is still up.

    25. dmnla


    26. abissus

      Syphilis Trump

    27. VBHB

      What a legend

    28. Brandon A


    29. Aaron Allums

      Trump should roast more libs

    30. Leo, Januszewski

      Warren campaign in heap big trouble.

    31. Belinda Baker

      He mocks her with the TRUTH!

    32. WaterFlame957

      They're going to cover "Sleepy Joe Biden"? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    33. julius kooijman

      Every time trump speaks at a rally it reminds me of WWE

    34. Steve Sinner

      Whatever Elizabeth Warren is ...... she'd come out a Winner over Duuuhnald Duck.

    35. Hello Bob

      She has negligible indian ancestry. So many old stock americans have more indian ancestry than her, but never use it for getting into University. What a fraud...

    36. Mary Pelaez

      Trump is really entertaining.. made me lol

    37. Albert Mora

      She's a pure Aryan Norwegian

      1. Albert Mora

        @Margaret 😁😁

      2. Margaret

        She looks it.

    38. Mark Roe

      How does anybody, including the woman herself, know if she has Indian heritage without taking a DNA test and also why does it matter to Trump?

    39. Wallace B

      "Trump Magnus"

    40. 12happyboy

      LOVE THIS GUY CALLING out all THE SWAMPS Dwellers with no apologies KAG2020

    41. GnarbySZN🐍

      He is funny af 😂😂😂

    42. tenj00

      And the rest is history.

    43. kingfish 319

      Eat er up Trump. Go get 'er. Make a fool out of her. She deserves it.

    44. Bertl Barm

      does that mean that sen. warren goes with the brits? lol

    45. Musician

      She is Indian as much as Trump is Chinese.

    46. RichmondRaider 2005-Present

      As a democrat trump is right bout Elizabeth “Wannabe Pocahontas “ Warren 🤣 Lmao

    47. deathgrip03

      This is why I love tump. TRUMP 2020!!!!

    48. Jaccobtw

      He’s just good at talking

    49. B

      Pocahontas. Lol that is hilarious stuff! Why did she go around telling that??? She lied!

    50. Cherry blossom

      Love the guy more and more

    51. Pee Bay

      Her injun name should be "Pants on Fire".

    52. TheWitness1001

      NYT just endorsed Pocahontas and Klobuchar. This is laughable. Trump is going to eat for breakfast before dining on soup made with their bones later. LOL

    53. Will VanWingerden

      Absolute legend

    54. Randy Lahey

      God bless president Trump

    55. Jesus is Muslim

      Trump is right... Imagine President forgetful Pelosi of pedophile Biden...

    56. the beauty of me is that i`m very rich

      Biggest troll in the world😅😅😈🇺🇸

    57. Simeon Stoitzev

      How does ridiculing other politicians make the US great again Mr. President?

    58. the regis mark 5

      This clown is the president of the United States of America. God bless us all 🙏

    59. Clement2xVEVO

      Lol but we have to do it gently 💪😂😂

    60. 2023: Nicolas Lara

      Warren 2020

    61. T Johnson

      elizabeth warren is a moron

    62. rolback

      Pocahontas can drink a beer just like any average American Indian. Is that PC enough you NBC?

    63. Dave NC

      I'm a Republican and I don't agree with Elizabeth Warren's policy views. But to say that Trump is "hilarious" or "funny" is dangerous. He is nothing more than a narcissist who loves nobody other than himself. He is not a leader and he does not represent the views of most Republicans. He is the worst President in our country's history.

      1. i made tacos last night

        So he is the worst president in history because he says things you dont agree with? You sound like lefty crybaby that gets their feelings hurt. He has accomplished more for america than you have ever thought or dreamed about.

    64. Phenetics Co

      NBC. people, oyvey

    65. Kathryn Molesa

      We don't want no stinking socialists.

    66. Riza Saika

      Trumps right she's a 5 dollar Indian

    67. Jaccobtw

      A non politician as president was a beyond brilliant idea

    68. George Langley

      I love this man. I am so proud that he is my President.

    69. Victor Vera

      Trump 2020

    70. Adam Jaye

      Trump's roasting skills are legit

    71. CPDRobert

      It seems Trump was right all along and justified in his actions, Warren was lying all along.

    72. Petrazenka

      Pocahontas Warren

    73. RGP Homes


    74. Ho Thong

      A fake Pocahontas after DNA test !! Haha

    75. Holler Ham

      This is so funny!

    76. Benson Chan

      An actual clip of Elizabeth Warren doing what she does best...

    77. gustacular

      Anyone considering voting for Elizabeth Warren in the primaries, should watch this and remind themselves how Trump would crush her like a bug in the general election.

      1. gustacular


    78. James Lahiffe Baker

      What a legend

    79. Ironsky04

      He scared Elizabeth Warren.

    80. denna56

      Do your stand up comedy in jail.

      1. V S

        denna56 shut up triggered leftist fool...