Princess Madeleine & Chris O'Neill - "I’m a terrible housewife" | SVT/NRK/Skavlan



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    Publisert 4 år siden


    1. Fire Storm

      The concept of royalty is so foolish as to be laughable....

    2. Angel Grace

      Princess Madeleine is very happy. Seems their marriage is full of love. I am glad, she is good Royal Princess.

    3. Leona Garza

      I love their honesty.

    4. WXIWXI

      Love Adele!. God humor å säjer vad hon tycker! Go tjej!

    5. Sunflower 007

      I always thought, Chris O ' Neill was arrogant and snobbish, but this Show with him changed my Opinion. Obviously, I was wrong about him and he seems to be a funny, friendly and smart Person, a good Husband and great Father. I' m so happy for Madeleine, she's a lucky girl to have him

    6. Google Google

      1 man in the world! The best? Beggar Beggar give me some money and ferraris my woman!😀😿

    7. Gbrl Rblx

      So if this woman is a terrible housewife... hmmm i wonder does she have a job that keeps her busy? hmmm no! then wtf does she do? 🤔 So they Live for free thanks to the state, all she does is travel and open HMs around the world blah blah here blah blah there w some authorities... what a life! yet this woman can't even cook a freaking meal at home? Ridiculous! they have no purpose in life! now with covid 19 they don't even give messages to the nation or anything like it. Don't help at all!! THESE ROYAL PEOPLE ARE A WASTE!!!!😒👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    8. Just Me 2 -

      She speaks such fluent English!

    9. Regie Narara

      They both Wonderful people.

    10. Daniel Brillant ist seltsam oooder nicht?

    11. Flor Maria Rennerstam

      HYCKLARE, sitter här och spelar OFFER, att hon inte gillar att vara i centrum. Varför ville hon ge sina barn PRINSSES Och PRINS titlar? Då för hon vidare detta "hemska" med att vara i centrum. Rena BARNMISSHANDEL.

    12. Ann-Chatrine

      Vet inte varför jag kommer att tänka på låten :-/

    13. Edward George

      Princess Madeleine: God, she's beautiful! 💐🇦🇺

    14. m. mache

      Princess Madleine you don't know how much I'm excited we head of you thank you so very much for your comments reply with your prince you are looking Absolutely stunning as always billions Dollars smile very happy Cuples fully of happiness very smart very charming personality just in 10 times 25k billions like it 14 stars * * * * * * * * * * * * * congratulations by Hollywood mo RAAD political madical sicoligest law judges on Google youtube International? Mo?

    15. Thomas Christoffersen

      Started subscribing. Watched 3 videos in a row. Very interesting questions, lovely atmosphere and unexpected to see a casual royal interview. Very open, strong and warm entertainment. First interview I have seen with Her Royal Highness. Loved it. Love from Denmark.

    16. XO Pi

      For those who go on and on about Scandinavian English. First, they do have noticeable accents. Second many people in Denmark ( where I was an exchange student) and Norway (where I have traveled as I am learning Norwegian for fun) well they don’t speak English at all and finally they are not fluent except at a conversational level. They have no high level academic or specialized vocabulary. It’s not anywhere near as impressive as they think and they are definitely not really bilingual in the sense of being able to be an interpreter/translator. I am from Los Angeles where people from all over the world speak truly fluent, impressive high levels of English. Nordics watch American and British tv, films and listen to music but they don’t seem to read books in English and they make a lot of mistakes. If you type in Scandinavian Comedy Festival you will find a funny set by an Icelandic comedian on this topic.

    17. ZZ TOP

      Who cares about these spoiled brats with no knowledge ... complete idiots ignorance ... Maniacs ,,,

    18. Maja Krstic

      Madeleine is so much natural, she shows much emotions and is more down to earth than british royals. She is lovely woman and more beautifull than any oher royal. That's why other roal marriages last forever than those of british royals.

    19. Elaine Stewart

      He is such a spoilt preppy upper crust brat! Sort out Malmo!

    20. Elaine Stewart

      Well we remember princes Madelaine lost her true love!And she found this Playboy Brit!

    21. Elaine Stewart

      When are you going to fix your country Bernadotte Princess!

      1. Dew It

        The royal family can’t fix anything, because they lack political power.

      2. Elaine Stewart

        @Marcus Olofzon Your joking, and perhaps trying to marginalise me, and infer that I am a 'hick from the sticks'! I am very well travelled throughout the world over many years! It began when I was five years old! I am in a place of wisdom! You would be lucky to know me!

      3. Marcus Olofzon

        Elaine Stewart bye now go educate yourself and travel. Stop believing everything you see and be a sheep

      4. Elaine Stewart

        @Marcus Olofzon Yes so is Paris, Lesbos, London, los Angeles. Great places to be especially Malmo!

      5. Marcus Olofzon

        Elaine Stewart ”The rest of the world” is not Sweden. The rest of the world is not saying anything about Sweden. Right wing papers though, that’s another thing. They are however not telling the truth but spin it to fit their agenda. I am half’ American so I know exactly what’s being said about Sweden among certain small groups, I also know it’s not true since I happen to live in Stockholm, visit Malmö frequently and have worked for gov agencies dealing w social issues. You however don’t live here, so you have no say or knowledge other than 2nd hand.

    22. Victoria Gloria Fonda-Windsor

      Princess Madeleine speaks excellent English. She's lovely and approachable.

    23. Ant Pad

      Magnifique princesse😊

    24. Luz Crane

      Refreshing to see how this European princess who left royal life, has adapted to “common life” so easily without the local press making their lives a drama, and without her family trying to punish her for choosing love over royals.

      1. Marcus Olofzon

        Luz Crane She has not left. 100% still part of the royal court. Her children is not though but part of the royal family. She just lives in Miami.

    25. LyricalXilence

      No wonder Madeleine fell for Chris he is quite an amazing and funny man.

    26. K MV

      Lovely couple.

    27. Julie Cox

      Princess Madeline looks like American actress Keri Russell!

    28. janne puharinen

      Does anyone look at this in Finland :)

    29. rloken

      probably the most boring interview on Skavlan ever (Madeleine and husband) bless Adele for trying to say something encouraging

      1. Mn12 1960

        Comment not directed at you, Marcus.

      2. Mn12 1960

        Says you! Rude comment.

      3. Marcus Olofzon

        rloken there’s rules and strict etiquette you have to uphold yourself to when interviewing a royal, if any royal house. The point of the interview isn’t to be entertaining

    30. トミーボーイ

      She's hotter than her sister, she doesn't have the Jay Leno chin.

    31. Maria Kovaceva

      God bless princess Madeline

    32. Xena Warrior

      Beautiful and very down to earth Royal couple.... British couples should b like them ...princess Madeline has a really Royal personality...and absolute gorgeous...

    33. m. mache

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    34. Ralph Smith

      *Their English accent is closer to standard USA accent than to standard British accent.*

    35. m. mache

      Princess Madleine hello how are you this is the beginning of lady Adele sonde Hello how are you you come today with billions Dollars smile very Comidian prinsseces I'm glad I'm seeing you again you are looking Absolutely stunning gorgeous sparkling beautiful yong lady prinsseces just in 10 times 25k billions like it 14 stars * * * * * * * * * * * * * * congratulations by Hollywood mo RAAD political madical sicoligest law judges on Google youtube International? Mo?

      1. Lupe Valdez

        Wtf are you talking about ?

    36. Krissi Hunter

      Watching this in 2020 and I finally got, why she has chosen him. Such a beautiful couple.



    38. Erkele

      Boring people and boring show.

    39. Natalie

      They are both really charming 🙂

    40. Robert Stjernehov

      Har alltid haft svårt för henne. Livet innehåller ju mer än hästar och handväskor. Victoria tycker jag väldigt bra om däremot.

    41. susanne suanne

      this evil kings ans princess staff evil and satanic not thank you and ....stay away from our kids..!! her skull hugh as a male skull are you shure she is a female...born ...female....??? and not a transgender as this families like to have the 2 gender staff.....they are so so mean and evil i hope humaity wakes up soon to see who they realy are this puuppets here...

    42. man of the woods

      The Skavlan dude makes things do awkward for everyone.

    43. Tatjana Šiljeg

      Chris and Madeleine are great couple

    44. Britt Albach

      it is funny: some people when they talk about the other and the other is right there, they look at each other all the time while others do not do this but focus on the addressed person instead. Wonder what it means. I rather have my mate look at me inbetween

    45. The Pope

      ”Generous people”? Generous country.

    46. marie claire mianazolo

      Beau couple ,trop belle la princesse madeleine ,il a la chance ce monsieur ,d avoir la princesse madeleine dieu vous bénisse

    47. margareta mirauta

      Medeleine husband his such a lovely guy he married her because of what she is not because she has a title princess ... nice 👍

    48. Percy Harry Hotspur

      A lovely programme, really!

    49. Iiris Amanda

      I just came for Adele 😂💕

      1. mau mau

        I was disappointed that we didn't get to hear her sing. ;/

    50. Stu cumins

      Should have just had two guests....what was the point of Jamie and Adele being there? Interesting to listen to Chris and Princess Madeleine.

      1. Judy Jones

        Stu cumins this is just part of the entire show.

    51. smadge100

      Her husband is such a puke... pandering to women the way he does. Being a beta cuck male is expected in Sweden, so he integrated well.

      1. SaveMeMoon

        Ja för det där är ju inte att dra alla över samma kam, eller hur?

    52. corinna stiebing

      She was raised a princess what to do in a kitchen,usually in a palace it’s the domain of the servants

    53. Laventiy Beria


    54. norpan506

      Han är ju en tragisk pajas.

    55. rloken

      Aaaawkward. Must be the most boring people interviewed on Skavlan so far

    56. smoothlyez

      Adele is beautiful. Really beautiful.

    57. smoothlyez

      Her children are absolutely gorgeous.

    58. Alexandra Cuco

      God help us Princess Madeleine

    59. Vail Marsh

      Meghan could learn so much from Madeline. Excellent role models.

    60. Vail Marsh

      This is so fun! I had no idea they did this, and Madeline is so gorgeous! How could anyone not like this?

    61. Holly Nutter


    62. m. mache

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    63. Mah Nas

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1572">26:12</a> hahaha

    64. Luke Hull

      Chris Ooooo'Neill. Sexy as fuck.

    65. Zihas Mochamad

      princess medeline you so beutiful

    66. Chiroptera

      They are so sweet and cute, but it's like they say, people don't know them and the journalists definitely don't know who they are and write terrible things at times. They are just normal people and want to live a somewhat normal life. After all they go to the bathroom like everybody else. Did the children ask to be born to a king and queen? no of course they didn't. I wish them all the best in the future.

    67. Minna Miller

      Tycker inte om Madeleine

    68. leese-ann gordon

      Madeline is gorgeous. To me she is the best looking princess in the royal families

    69. JAY EM

      End the Monarchy... end blue blood!

    70. claudia citera

      So Chris Is a quarter Italian. good for Madeleine

    71. Alex F

      i think imhaving a stroke. Ego swedish is lika a whole tree in your ^ss, "BUTT" you are proud of it.. that is just that what makes a swede

    72. nomoregames1


    73. verasvechina

    74. shasha syeddina

      Why is Chris O'neil and the princess (his wife) sitting on opposite sides??? Weird..

    75. Pegasus

      I think the world would have been better off without Germany and England, indeed. It makes me very proud to be Greek 'cos Greece will never have a German Queen or King. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were cousins and their family encouraged the pairing. They had nine children together. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are third cousins, which is still a little close for comfort. (And you Royals and Royalist are really delusional if you think Prince Philip is a "Greek prince," Greece put his father [Prince Andrew] on trial, and he might have been executed," haha! It is not completely true that the Queen has never been to Greece - she did go there at the invitation of King Paul, Prince Philip's cousin, in 1950, but that was before she became a Nazi Queen. Plus: The House of Glücksburg and the House of Oldenburg or the House of Wittelsbach are all the same = Royals are descended from Germans = Barbarians. Plus: WW1 is really King Edward VII handiwork. I blame King Edward VII personally. And out of WW1, you get WW2. (unprecedented levels of carnage and destruction).Bolshevik regime = communists, Zionists, etc.

    76. Constanza Laurell

      Que Bello programa, BENDICIONES.

    77. Doris Daumann

      I like this interview + all the interactions between the couple and the others on the show !! And here we can see : Madeline & Chris aren't arrogant at all !!! 👏 😍 😉

    78. JAY EM

      End the Swedish Monarchy! End Socialist letfie Skavlan!

    79. Foodie and Random

      Who’s the most romantic of you ? Madeline : Looks at Chris ... “You are .” Chris : “ Yeah “ 😭😂❤️

    80. andresjakob

      Such a good interview - so much warmth between the tho two royals. best wishes from Iceland