Punishment Smackdown with WWE Superstars | Scream Go Hero

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    WATCH PART 1 HERE: nosel.info/video/video/zat6b4arhWlgzLc.html
    It’s Smosh Games vs WWE Superstars playing Scream Go Hero! The losing team is about to face a SHOCKING punishment!
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    1. Veronica Stark

      Adam Cole Bay-Bay!

    2. Ginginator 2k2


    3. Chance Bowen

      Fk me liv

    4. Lauren W.

      *SMOSH vs WWE at Wrestlemania - BOOK IT VINCE* 👏🏽

    5. JaeJae Noodles

      The ending was the most WWE thing ever

    6. Leslie Williams

      If you look closely in the pay per view you can see them.

    7. WWEAdDict 153

      You should do a rocket league tournament with the superstars/upupdowndown

    8. PlaystationStar7

      If there’s one thing Smosh Games is good at, it’s screaming

    9. Elfin Dreamer

      And here we see Shayne taking the classic Mercury method for his yells. Powerful move.

    10. Diego Kiwi


    11. ionic024

      Liv is so kinky 🤣

    12. Da Hu

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="245">4:05</a> 😍

    13. King Godly

      I Can’t Get Over How Good Liv Looked And Why She Was Wearing Those Clothes <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="243">4:03</a>

    14. TheBlackGrimm

      Liv discovering she’s actually just a masochist. I still don’t get the fascination with her. Like, she’s badass, sure, but there’s not much else? I dunno.

    15. Snow Owl


    16. I like scaring people _

      I looooove wwe! 🖤

    17. Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

      Who’s the other girl beside Liv?

    18. TheRManProds


    19. Big Dawg

      Matt Bradly

    20. Jeffrey Marcum

      Smosh knew what they were doing in that thumbnail

    21. DarthVidar-spiller

      The losers will be administered with a controlled shock.

    22. Soulairus

      I was wondering why she was in ring gear... this was filmed before rumble it all makes sense

    23. Storm Boy

      I love when y'all play the screaming game, play this again! P.S. It got gangster from <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="317">5:17</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="392">6:32</a>!

    24. Christina Newby

      I love how liv was screaming that shes a masochist the entire video

    25. what is a boy

      big dislike cause of thumbnail 🤘

    26. Farra Michel

      Smosh vs upupdowndown. I need more of this in my life.

    27. Mark Bartsch

      Love you Gionna😘 aka "Liv Morgan"

    28. Dominic Paredes

      I liked this mostly because of the end card.

    29. Monsun

      I wanna marry Liv so i can torture her with electricity lol

    30. GiliYaar EndofEra

      Was that a Freddie Mercury impression there?

    31. Somer Flowers

      Ohhhhh, the smack talk at the end y’all!!!! 🙊. Can’t wait to see what comes next..........

    32. Soli2de

      You guys sure have been playing the dumbest games possible lately.. what's up with that...?

    33. Liv Squad

      Liv squad is here!🖤

    34. TheRManProds

      IT'S LIV MORGAN!!!!!!!!!!!

    35. The Wyld Hawk

      Liv Morgan is both beautiful and kinky lol bc she said "Why did I like it so much?!"

    36. Alea tv

      Dude when i saw roman reigns like get slamed to that table i cried a little bit cuz i love him and if i was shayne in that position id be like ROMAN ARE UU OKKK ROMANNNNN :( and like kill fucking corbin

    37. Average Meme

      NOselrs and established wwe superstars scream at a phone for 6 and a half minutes

    38. Pisces Takin Over Beech!

      I absolutely love Liv Morgan!

    39. Hi Idkwhattoput

      I hope they play Gang Beasts again

    40. Joshua Ortega

      I have a theory about why Liv likes the shock. She said on a past video on Up Up Down Down s she likes to be scared because it makes her feel alive. I wonder if those two thing's are connected. Like it's not so much the shock or the fear but the sudden jolt of adrenaline.

    41. tigers9879

      Ok so what is this group? I seen some of them on react shows.. smosh why do they call themselves that

    42. Haley Brooks

      Ok so did anyone else think that was Trisha Paytas in the thumbnail? lol

    43. michael Erives

      Xavier with the God tier promo lol

    44. Jose Aguirre

      Liv morgan is soooo hot!!! Yass daddy 😂

    45. Big Debo

      Liv makes me wanna play this game

    46. Sylvscats

      How is it 4 vs 4 when there's 5 WWE people?

    47. Michael Walsh

      Smosh is getting a thumbs down for one reason. During the introductions, when adam cole was introduced, you cut it off before the BAY BAY! shameful

    48. Dustin Kieffer

      Well we now know Liv is into kinky stuff lol 😆😆😆

    49. Saurabh Sharma

      Liv Morgan is my dream waifu.

    50. D Bone

      Damn, Liv is a freak. *after getting shocked* "Why do I like it so much?!" Because, girl you kinky!

    51. gusgeorge13

      Liv with the electro kink

    52. mcubxrnes

      Is there gonna be an actual wrestling match with UUDD vs SG for mania week? That would be so amazing plus, with Matt Raub's amateur wrestling history

    53. CrossBone

      The Goat Adam Cole

    54. Lexi Ollis

      Damien looks really good 👀😍 maybe lost weight??

    55. Jonathon Smith

      Is that dr. Britt bakers boyfriend

    56. Kelli Barnes

      Damian looks like Tim Curry in Clue

    57. Lauren Valvo

      More try not to laugh with WWE stars pleaseeeeeee

    58. NAHOO 77

      Wow. That ending tho!!

    59. Liv's Karma

      The queen liv morgan 🔥

    60. Danica Milliot

      i’m really confused

    61. Julian Turner


    62. BlueCrisis17

      Liv is kinky xD

    63. Color Dimonde

      Eat it or yeat it with wwe superstars

    64. puckandrachelforever

      Whoever likes WWE, needs to check out the Movie Trivia Schmoedown. It is a combination of jeopardy and WWE/UFC. They had a match at Booker T’s arena in Texas City that is completely WWE. The competitors were Dastardly Andrew Ghai vs Ben The Boss Bateman. You can watch the Movie Trivia Schmoedown on NOsel. They are in their seventh season.

    65. ian kerr

      I knew i saw them at the rumble

    66. Paul Escalona

      I like this wrestle mania buildup

    67. Joshua Ortega

      Elimination Chamber is next month and after this Liv looks like more of a bad ass than the actual cage fighter.

    68. Miguelizk00l

      Adam Cole Bay Bay

    69. omar carlton

      Liv is so fine

    70. Isaiah Tisor

      It’s funny because shayne and Damien aren’t the only actors for once🤣🤣

    71. TheIceSamurai

      Liv is kinky. Lines being shocked

    72. Cedric Bassman

      I feel like bringing Shayne into a screaming contest is like bringing a Nuke to a paintball competition.

    73. Jessica Lynn Miller


    74. Daniel Sneesby

      Shayne singing like Freddie Mercury is giving me life

    75. Pakzz Leon

      if you guys do more GTAV shinanegans it would be more fun. cus i like watching jovens and lazercorns chanel better.

    76. Gabriel E

      I miss game bang

    77. JAMES SUBA

      is it only me but liv is like breana boho

    78. bruza619

      Liv getting off while being shocked xD

    79. Not You

      Xavier has clearly been learning from Bray Wyatt.

    80. Harbin Rawdon

      This is literally the collab I didnt know I needed. Smosh X UUDD forever!