Push Notifications: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)



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    John Oliver explains what type of news should - and shouldn’t - warrant a push notification.
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    Publisert Måned siden


    1. Grim Reaper

      What a surprise CNN posts shit...

    2. Tevin Richie

      I love this show. Keep rollin John

    3. Tony Meza

      I eat Romaine lettuce every day on my ceasar salad every day! Is there something I should be doing differently?

    4. Jack Anderson

      what happened to the medicare for all clip?

    5. CrazyKT

      John Oliver for President chng.it/d2CRyM94

    6. applesandlemoncake

      Marketing tips! 🤣🤣

    7. COZYTW

      That last joke. Oh my god. "Mummy lives forever!" Yes, a mummy preserved in Egyptian wrappings does. But their mothers won't. Oof, sike on the sike

    8. nonamesleftdammit

      How about the security update notification screens that disable the alarm clock on your Android phone? Has anyone ever said, "Shit! I'm two hours late for work, but at least I know that there's a new security update."

    9. Alex Brock

      Preach... push notifications are horrible. It’s been weird as soon as I got the Apple news app w/ notifications, I had 99.9% of my notifications from the app (usually CNN). Didn’t think to much of it until I downloaded the yahoo app for my secondary email. It’s even worse, every hour I get at least 3 emails that are nothing but spam. Weird thing is that I haven’t had a single notification from the news app. What’s ap with that?

    10. johnkonke

      well then.... tomorrow my mother is going in for heart surgery to have her aorta replaced, so that last 60 seconds kinda sucked. lol.

    11. Nicolai Veliki

      Some of my webware uses push notifications to send information from the server to the client on the background, kind of like a reverse fetch. It's really a very practical API and doesn't have to be intrusive, at all!

    12. Cheesus Cheetos

      As a mobile developer, when we get a client wanting to bombard the user with push notifications I internally sight and understand that the app will be removed in record time.

    13. Sloth on Caffeine

      That was one solid 1% joke. Haven't heard one in a long time.

    14. NuSpirit

      This is BS! How the hell does John have 3/4 signal from AT&T? The best they can offer is 1/4 when you sit on top of their cell tower. Get your facts straight John! :P

    15. Richard Ainsworth

      Am America now. Love me give me money #jonoliboi i love my citizenship plz fk me trump

    16. bockhouse


    17. Alex Carr

      Why is 'Medicare for All: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO); not available with comments disabled???

      1. Alex Carr

        @jamesk479 just the corporate overlords probably, took it too far for the moneyed interests?

      2. jamesk479

        John, is that you?

      3. August

        I have no idea I'm here looking for the same answer

    18. Rude_i_Wredne

      fake, there is no way that there is a place where AT&T has 3 signal bars

    19. Glyne Lewis

      Congrats John for the citizenship

    20. Buyandelger Davaajantsan

      John Oliver ze Ratface

    21. Max keeble

      If he is off then why is there an audience in the studio laughing? Who the hell is getting tickets just to go in the studio and see him deliver a five-minute message?

      1. Arcanine-Espeon

        I was genuinely wondering that myself...

    22. grimm seeker

      shrek is love shrek is life :/

    23. Chris Hill

      Excellent coverage of the democratic primary John. Zero mention of the chaos in Iowa in the latest episode. Is it still too early to pay attention to the democratic primary as you said this time last year? Better to discuss Trump's show trial?

    24. Da Bomb

      Why is he so corny?..

    25. joseph braun

      Does this guy seem like a complete douche or what!!!

    26. N Marrs

      I don’t use push notifications cause I knew instantly that I wouldn’t need it and that it was really just a way to keep you “the addict” attached to their products.

    27. rockn roll

      any upcoming vids on the left wing media who is shooting themselves in the foot.. yet again

    28. David Hay

      Real audience?

      1. Gnomicality

        David Hay Yeah


      i used to like john oliver when he was fighting against bad governments around the world , i come from france where our president macron is destoying the middle class with taxes , a retirement reform where rich get richer and poor poorer , and he has given money to the police to crash the protests from ordinary people why don't u talk about the authoritarianism of macron ??????? please mr oliver i beg u , protests started 15 months ago we have more than 5 people who have their hand blown ( i don t know how to say they lost their hands by grenades from the police ) more than twenty eyes blown by a gun called lbd40 , 3 people killed by the police ( 3 who are famous and we exactly know who or which regiment did it ,but they are more ) : MADAME ZINEB REDOUANE , a granny who was in her house shot in the head by a tear gas grenade from the police while peaceful protesters were passing in her street , MONSIEUR STEVE MAIA CANICO drawn in a river "la loire" when police pushed 20 people in the river to stop " la fête de la musique " the music party at 6am with dogs grenades teargas flashball , only 19 people went back on the ground steve drawned , MONSIEUR CEDRIC CHOUVIAT a motorcycle deliverer who didn't have his driving licence was strangled with his helmet , the police told his wife he was in the police precint while he was dead in a hospital than they said to her he was dead from a heart attack , those 3 in a few month and there is no account of the migrants or "gangsters" ( or so called by the police ) killed by them , only 1 policeman was fired from duty and sentenced to 3 months in jail ( without going in , french laws ... ) some violent police officers received " la légion d'honneur " created by napoleon !!! a decoration who gives a lot of priviliege . please mr oliver the yellow vets beg u to talk to the world about this mad motherfucker emmanuel macron it would be a start to get rid of him


        @Gnomicality PROTESTS and police violence started 15 months ago :( and john oliver supported macron , honnest mistake from john oliver because it was far right or macron but in the news world yellow vest are described as far right protesters against macron , it is not true it is all the french people and migrants fighting together against macron and big corporations big american corporation -_- like blackrock big chinese corporation who bought a lot of public properties sold by macron ( sorry to borther u but i hope u ll send the word in the usa that europe france belgium are in deepshit because of socialist and liberal political party ) and u know what ? the european banks just started to sell the same shitty loan who made the subprimes crises happened , in europe 5 or 15 years ago it was illegal for bank to loan money with variable fees

      2. Gnomicality

        VOILA POURQUOI He still does that stuff, but they do take a while to research enough to be able to talk about. I agree that issue needs to be addressed. To bring it full circle, it sounds like the kind of issue you would need a push notification for.

    30. Toddpunchify

      I should call my Mum...

    31. moose inbeesocks

      that 1% joke you kiiiiiind of stole from NPR forgiven though perfect execution

    32. some one

      Is there no more last week tonight or something? Nothing new since this video.

    33. Slap Stick Comedy

      John Oliver looks like a ball of clay that was smoothed out by someone with motor problems

    34. Jenifer R.

      How did you miss the spelling/grammar clusterfuck in the last "push" image? Seriously! You had this NEXT TO YOUR FACE while yelling at it and didn't notice it was a fake! But don't worry - I have five tips for how to "answers them"... 1) Fire your research staff. 2) Hire new research staff. 3) Make sure your research staff can read. 4) Make sure your research staff can READ. 5) Check their work.

    35. Un ix

      As Mr Oliver has AT&T, it's unlikely that he'll need to worry about push notifications actually reaching him.

    36. eddyk

      I ignore all alerts from my phone on bed except for the BBC alert.... in case the Queen’s dead.

    37. Feral the Earthworm

      I've had 90% of mine turned off for years now

      1. Gnomicality

        Feral the Earthworm I honestly just have youtube alerts lil

    38. Ajila Waya


    39. Isaac The Red

      Thanks Samsung, I totally needed to know that this Sonic plush is non-canon because you can see its feet.

    40. Seashell Os

      John, if you scroll down the videos on your page, you can literally see you aging.

    41. Just Bangers

      One of the most unfunny clips of this show

    42. Cameron Brtnik

      I disabled all my push notifications...and I haven't returned a single dm in over a year

    43. Modern Combat

      Siri repeately goes on when he says „in theory“ at 0:30😂

    44. Robe

      When will there be a John Oliver Stand Up tour? If he came anywhere near Northern Europe I would go see that

    45. MST

      I like John except when he screams that he did a joke. It's quite a bit cringy.

    46. John Borneman

      Sorry. Didn't get the Joke

    47. zarzarbeast

      Reminder: John Oliver is not a US Citizen. He is a foreign agent meddling in US elections. Not a citizen. "Of particular concern to Oliver is Trump's executive actions on immigration, which he fears could worsen. He is not an American citizen himself." www.newsweek.com/john-oliver-stephen-colbert-immigration-554163

    48. trinityfang

      no matter how shitty the world may seem, this man always seems to brighten my week.

    49. jonas90

      I don't even believe that there are apps with push notifications by default. I only have like 2/3 apps with those active. All the rest are disabled. What kind of maniac would have them all of them turned on? Actually, why having a news apps anyway? Important news cross all outlets, you would know in questions of minutes or hours.

    50. stock exchange

      I really dont think you should have a break in making last week tonight. Because every break you have its like a premonition that bad thing that you should have cover but you cant so you finally decided not to, happens.

    51. Man From Uncool

      In a style best described as slipshod... manfromuncool.blogspot.com/2020/02/eggsproofofreincarnation.html

    52. Patrick Williams

      John Oliver I've been watching your show I'm from Jamaica it's my nerd brother introduced me to your show I'm not criticizing that's he's a nerd🤣🤣🤣..at times he can be but otherwise tho I'd love a shout out on your show 💯💯💯💯

    53. TheHikingnut

      I think tRump has already provided most of this coming season.

    54. paco ramon

      Thank God my mommy can't die.

    55. B

      When tf is this show coming back?

    56. Big Brain Man Chris

      omg I thought he was being serious for a second! mummy's not gonna die!

    57. L u c a s

      PLEASE do a show on the Iowa caucus. That shit show needs to be broken down.

    58. W. C. Orielly

      My mom died a few years ago... I think his joke would funnier to those who haven't lost their moms yet... I get it... But it's just not very funny to someone who knows that pain...

      1. kindlin

        Phew, that's a buzzkill moment. Legitimately sorry, but you're basically missing the entire point of the joke, which just that, it's a joke.

    59. Jean Pau Prince/Brooklyn Dorisca

      Shame he's only on 1 nite a week

    60. Biggie Cheese

      So this is more important than coronavirus?