pyro was right.

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    This video is not monetized/sponsored for it's sensitive nature, I do encourage you to look into mental health and suicide prevention. if you know someone is suffering through this right now help them seek professional help.
    This is a tale of internet beef between two long time individuals on the internet. I want the memory of this man to remain intact for the good he left on this planet, let's not use him as a bargaining chip/ammunition for the sake of winning some internet beef.

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    1. Nine tales Weeb

      What are you afraid of

    2. w a l t e r d o g

      You know it's serious when there's no thumbnail

    3. Clorax Guy

      Can’t be said any better

    4. capture captain

      No hats on beds. It's bad luck

    5. Chayee Bailey


    6. Th3Orange

      Keem can defend himself just fine. Can he tho?

    7. Luc Ikaika

      i don't think the etika segment was included to insinuate that keemstar was responsible for keem's death, I feel like a large portion of it was to demonstrate that keem was exploiting etika's mental instability to garner more views for himself while only pretending to care about his condition. however, when you look at the situation as a whole, i do understand that it was a bit insensitive on ethan's part to include the etika drama when there were other instances with more blatant misconduct.

    8. bowen voowy

      came across me when I realised again that he is gone.

    9. yeet 69

      "mmh mmmmmh! mmmmh?" pyro 2020

    10. Bewtay

      You take so many L’s

    11. Shan M

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="764">12:44</a> despite what you believe, this feels good

    12. Wild Smile

      Pyro is a very down to earth pwrson and he always has been able to show empathy, while also being funny. NOsel has lost this empathty to money and its sad honesty. There are few NOselrs with it. Thats why I think thing like this happen is people simply don't hold a common morality. It will be the death of this platform.

      1. bowen voowy

        now, it is just a meme. I can assure you this is unbiased, just so you know the info

    13. Cringey nickname

      Mutha, on nuclear fallout he said he didn’t make that point, and in this video you gave evidence he made that point, can someone, anyone tell me who made the right point? Also love the title of the video. Pyro is always right

    14. Bat Ueck

      Why did you just say pyro was right when his video was about clickbaiting Etikia's passing. Also the whole there is missing context. You then bring up the same thing ethan talked about in his video making me think you didnt listen the video you just heard it. "I have to tell you how to do the job"- guy who fails to do his job.

    15. Samuel Vista

      Also with the pedo stories, a lot of people have seen that the first thing they do is to go to their "Lord and Saviour". TAKE LEGAL ACTION, NOT CLOUT!

    16. lucid drms

      Keem shouldnt have even had etika on the show at that time because of the shit that was going on with him

    17. Adam S.

      What really soured me the most about keem and Etika was how keem pretended to be close friends after everything he tweeted and said during the interviews. Incredibly disrespectful. I know Ethan is bad, but he doesn’t even come close to Keem’s dipshit moral standards.

    18. Holo x3

      Keem was not responsible for his death but he was the one person which pushed him so much. Nobody did it this hard like Keem. I would rly like to see everybody just fck up keems mental health so he can feel the pain..

    19. Hammi

      it's not about the receipts, it's about the power .. when h3 does a video about someone it's not like other youtubers .. he's one of the rare few who can actually end people on youtube.

    20. IeatURANIUM

      "keemstar been pretty good guy to me" (i dont care that he bullied a 8 years old special needs kid)

      1. Byzantine Revolt

        "H3 been pretty good guy to me" (i don't care that he called all Catholics paedophiles)

    21. Damon Hoppe

      I don't like h3h3, but he is doing what needs to be done.

    22. Etriuswimbleton

      did you mention anything about pyro? ????

    23. Cactus Creake

      youtubers bottom lines more important than treating people with kindess

    24. Smiley Neni

      I don’t think Ethan meant to put any blame on keemstar, I think his point was the keemstar took advantage of a person with going through not only a hard time, but going through a manic state for views. Only pointing out that people seemed to over look the shit that keemstar may have put Etika through for the sake of getting people to point and laugh at a man with bipolar disorder.

    25. Equiliz

      Bringing up etika to support your points for a video is just a low blow overall and you should be ashamed if you blame anyone except pure mental illness and the struggles that come with it

    26. Simon Ghoul

      Its debatable whether the community is at fault or not... I can't blame myself, and I think people shouldn't blame themselves either. (TL;DR: It was unavoidable and people can react the way they would normally in response to things regardless of health. Many people also didn't take it seriously, it's hard to take people seriously on the internet. A lot of people also don't know a lot about mental health) Mental health is complicated. When someone with a mental disorder does something they shouldn't, you can't blame the people involved, because at the end of the day, just like Katerino, they still have to do something themselves to fix their flaws and deal with their mental issues. If you for example can't tolerate someone's behavior, you are free to get away from this person for example. As for Etika, in his case, I find it that a lot of people just didn't take it seriously. A lot of people lack of a basic understanding of mental health (but as times go on, I know that the amount of people who know about this and take it seriously has grown exponentially). When Etika was acting out and doing all of these things, people don't know much about mental healh will think it is an act. That interview with keemstar also felt like a whole act, even if he was passionate. Some people found it funny, while others found it as a toxic and irresponsible way to get views. People just reacted the way they do because they are people, and they are just being themselves. This is how they respond to his actions, and that is life. By putting the blame on somebody, even a group of people, you are saying that there is a way that this could had been avoided, but there is now way. I said this when Etika died, there was no way it could had been prevented, you just have to move on. The cards were layed out, and such is life, you don't have the power to control the cards or to know the outcome. All you can do is to try to do your best, don't let people take advantage of you but try to be considerate still. What happened to Etika is basically the same thing that happened to everybody who allegedly had or has mental issues. It was a different outcome, but it still is the same situation that people have to face. FouseyTube, Yandev, Katerino, Onision, h3h3, Trisha Paytas, Tobuscus, (The pauls?), you name it. I am not defending any of these people, but when you think about it, it is the same situation where you have to think: Are they serious? Are they Joking? Are they trying to get views? Excuses? Etc. And people are reacting the same way they did with Etika, not to the same extent or amount on any party though, but it is still the same deal. The morale here, is that if you are blaming yourself, stop. It was impossible to prevent, even if you knew him personally. That is life, you will not go crazy if you consider your grades and many things in life to just had to have that outcome because of the cards that were played and were on the table. The other morale is to try to be nice and considerate without being a fool. You have to always try to improve yourself, most of the time if not all there is no point where you can't keep on improving. You can't be perfect. Don't stress yourself for it, just make that your goal, to improve over and over as a person. I think you have less control weight, intellect, and other things, so I need to emphasize that you should improve *as a person.* Those things can also be improved, but they have an ending and they are not as easy to grasp (improving as a person is not easy either) I know I worded myself horribly. When I am not confident in being able to explain myself or get my point accross, I mess up and everyone says they don't know what I am saying. Writing this much and spending this much time irritated me lol (10-30 mins). I regret writing this, I shouldn't had, I already did something like this when Etika died and I could had been satisfied with that. I wasted my time

      1. RabidBunnyMan

        I liked your comment because you put a lot of thought into it, but I don't agree with you entirely. I don't think that there was no way that this could have been prevented, that Etika's suicide was somehow preordained. I guess you're right in saying that people aren't responsible, but at the same time, their ignorance did contribute to this, if only a little bit. I don't know if there was support for him, but something in society is wrong if this stuff is stuff goes unchecked and sadly gets abused for other people's personal gain. And frankly, I doubt it'll get any better as people get more and more desensitized to this stuff.

      2. Simon Ghoul


    27. Simon Ghoul

      The Trisha Paytas thing can be a meme, or a drama that can't be taken as a big deal, depends of the time, event, and yeah. It may be a big deal of you are a fan of Trisha As of now, it is just a meme. I can assure you this is unbiased, just so you know the info

      1. Simon Ghoul


    28. A Slightly Peeved Canadian

      Didn’t H3H3 originally try to get youtubers to go after Pyro, and when that failed they set their sights on Leafy instead?

    29. _eashy

      great video muda! topic aside, is the camera quality bad for anyone else at 720p?

    30. Ocean Biggs

      I unsubscribed from keem and h3. Their drama sucks.

    31. SuperUnunquadium

      H3H3 isn't much better than Keem

    32. d mart

      what about idubbbz

    33. Soinas Doyi

      “Do not give pyro a platfomr to defend himself”

    34. Make Way

      Is it disrespectful to show evidence of what put Etika in a dark place? Just stop hiding behind this "Tired of drama" and "Don't use Etika as a tool to get your point across because it's disrespectful" bullshit. You just don't like Ethan.

      1. Slammer Mchammer

        Ethan totally did nothing wrong at any point in time Yeap Sure m8 But hey keep spitting on that grave for views, it's the h3h3 x keemstar way. Glad it was worth winning an internet argument

    35. David Reyes

      I’ve been supporting you since the first Creepypasta stuff and this video just reminded me why I’m subscribed

      1. Soinas Doyi

        just BS when it blows up.

    36. Ultra

      Oh i thought It was the tf2 pyro 😅

    37. grunermrk

      Hmm interesting you don't like the video from the dude you tried to shit talk on and got absolutely demolished by hmmm, interesting.

      1. swxrd.

        Hmmm interesting you didn't even watch the video so you post a dumb comment hmmmm, interesting

      2. JacketClanKing

        H3H3 and keem are both vile human beings, keemstar being mostly reformed and H3H3 reaching just to make himself seem like the good guy

    38. IlhaanBlueAce

      *So yeah guys we did it the fact that we murdered the gnome in such a short amount of time is just phenomenal*

    39. The Conducer

      My name is John Richard Deacon, and I was born on August the 19th, 1951

    40. De Futura

      Both of these guys aren’t good people.

    41. SirTangerine

      This is the reason why i dislike being a NOselr. Yeah sure i'm a nobody on the internet, but at least my actions won't let a fuck ton people down if i ever fuck up

    42. Ahoit Rjyt

      I think you have the wrong idea of where Ethan is coming from. He isnt saying keem is responsible for etikas suicide hes proving how insensitive and sociopathic he is


      Not to get off of the main point but I thought H3 did talk about the tobuscus thing?

      1. Koalagamer5000

        SCARZUNAMI - R3GICID3 he did

    44. rpsyco

      How about we all just go with this: Keem is an asshole. h3h3 is an asshole. They both suck, they both have their respective fanbases, and they're both childish. Neither of them effect our lives, despite what they say, and at the end of the day what they do harms none of us. They're both childish (although I don't blame Keem for defending himself on this matter), and need to stop. Now, h3 did go too far by using Etika's passing for views. Fuck him for that, and I'm glad Mutah brought this up.

    45. Vqqle

      Yooooo we got the same sheets

    46. James Town

      A guy who used to work with Keemstar (and was also a friend of his) told how he, Keem and other people were doing a live stream when this young fangirl came up. She was super hyped and wanted some attention. Keem then pressured her & gave her clear instructions to get naked and make little signs with "I love Keemstar" on it, to only cover up her lady bits. He said something along the lines of "Do it if you're a real fan!" Keem's friends were pretty shocked by this, so they reminded him that she's only 15. Keemstar allegedly said "I don't care" and the girl eventually did it. AND YOU DEFEND KEEMSTAR. This information is just a quick search on youtube away. Look it up on the GradeAUnderA NOsel-Channel: "GradeAUnderA vs Keemstar (Part 1) KEEMSTAR THE PEDO?"

      1. swxrd.

        No, he didn't defend Keem. He's just talking about Ethan's points in his video since some of the points used is terrible (Etika for example)

      2. JacketClanKing

        Those allegations were dropped because there was 0 proof provided by said guy that was legitimate, stop lying about shit that makes people mob

    47. mpi bichx


    48. Zakariya Raza

      finally someone with a brain that functions

    49. Swanky Mo Mankey

      Ethan wasn't saying he caused his death. He was trying to explain that Keemstar could have aided Etikas mental problems.

    50. Bigsackjhonny

      I really just wish that etika was here, so he can calm these people down because he was a big part of this community

    51. bartonfang

      Swear to god, if someone is being toxic and abuse their power on social media call them out and get rid of them asap on the platform. If you guys just standby and watch, it is just BS when it blows up.

    52. Shavinder1999

      2016 and 2017 were the worst, most toxic period on youtube ever. Why is this drama stuff still going on?

    53. eh

      uzi was right we’re goin back to 2016

    54. Demonetization

      Im really not sure why people are disliking this video

      1. swxrd.

        Some H3 fans are really angry because Muta said some things that contradicted H3's points

    55. Grim HC

      H3 has changed. He has turned into what he originally hated and fought against. What happened h3. What the fuck happened.

    56. Munchma Cuchi

      He ruins people’s lives and you ignore it. Sir, you are not taking into account the mental toll your subconscious is enduring by having to perform gymnastics to justify defending keen. The moment you face the truth your guna find out something you never expected, your guna love having a clean conscious.

      1. Slammer Mchammer

        Bro did you even watch the video He didn't defend keem

      2. swxrd.

        Did you even watch the video? He wasn't defending Keem. He's just talking about points that H3 made and not saying things like "OOOoooOoooOoooO KeEM iS iNnOcENt!!111!1!"

    57. Alifya Nursukma

      I know it's a bit late but let's put like this: Hitler vs Osama bin Laden, both are the bad guys and hated by many. But somehow they got into the war. They fight and destroy everything that are on their way to destroy the other. Who will get the benefit from all of that? Arms dealer Who will suffers from all of that? Civilians/The rest of us Who's the arms dealer? The one who feed it and milk it. And who exactly is that? Idk, you guys knows better than i do.

      1. swxrd.

        Arms Dealer is thr news channel/satire channel that are covering this topic since it can garnered a large amount of views

    58. Penelope Waters

      you said fucking like 1000 times in this video

    59. doliio volay

      NOsel: "OMG THATS AWESOME" Anyone else: says a no no word NOsel: "Now you've officially gone too far, buddy."

    60. cloud comes

      i only watch etika undertale lets play he was a nice dude rip etika

    61. ABotNamedScoobyDoo

      Wait ProJared was exonerated? As someone who is completely out of the loop can someone explain how he got that way? I thought how he got in trouble for some messed up stuff and that was the end of it. So plz help me out not trying to be a dick just genuinely want to know what happened that cleared his name.

      1. swxrd.

        I think that ProJared made a response video and cleared up all the allegations. The video is still up in NOsel so go check it out

      2. doliio volay

        why did it say "keep etika out of this problem"??

    62. saif162

      Just because he mentioned shit from years ago, can’t dismiss the fact that keemstar is a cancer

      1. swxrd.

        He's not dismissing the fact that Keemstar is a tumor in the NOsel community. He's just talking about some of Ethan's points that he brought up

    63. DerEchte Eine

      "That's all I'm gonna fucking say" MEME Says it halfway into the video after 7 minutes

    64. Goodname1738

      Personally muta I don’t think that Ethan personally said it was his fault I think he was showing the way he manipulated and the bull shitery around etikas death

    65. Papa Meme boy

      Man I loved toby Turner and I genuinely stopped watching him because of this. Still believed it. That's sad

    66. DecimusYna

      I know this is out of topic... But I thought pyro means like Pyro from TF2, I-

      1. Devashish Athawale

        That's where Pyrocynical's name came from

      2. Zyphx

        Bruh same

    67. Clay Bruh

      This video needs more attention.

    68. Læ Â-10

      Pyro: MMMHMMhmmMMMH!! Translation: i told you so you! (Just so you don’t think I’m having a stroke, Thats a team fortress 2 reference)

    69. Mirek

      H3 at this point is just jealous spoiled brat, I cant stand him anymore and hate talking about him and it feels like he "exposed" keem to just gain relevance

    70. Xanthic YT

      "so guys we did it" - Pyro

    71. wolf

      i feel like ethan's content is a bunch of tasteless garbage especially after the podcast. i think he started uploading to his channel again because people were addressing that he makes way more money on podcasts with less effort. Either way i feel like the last couple videos have all been spreading negativity and drama in the goal to make money but that's just how i feel idk

    72. AlphaNexusOmega

      Jesus do you curse in every sentence? its kind of hard to hear your points when you say fuck every 2 seconds.

    73. what’s poppin

      this guy makes some good points but at the same time a lot of the things he says are just... they make me laugh. that’s all i have to say.

    74. Slimeking 12

      I can't really watch commentary NOsel videos because they're really boring, however the mentioning of etika is unforgivable

    75. NUKO

      Ethan did bring up the toby turner drama

    76. Julian Pete

      Let the man rest

    77. Jay Polasek

      why did it say "keep etika out of this problem"??

    78. Sarfaraz Yusuf

      Pyro is usually always right

    79. miko foin

      I didnt know people were still trying to "expose" keemstar.

    80. dunbee

      it's kinda ass to make a video with Etika in the tags and then assume that H3 discussing the very culture and platform that lead to his death is the equivalent of making a 3 AM challenge with Etika's ghost.