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    1. Life OD

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      1. Static Mic

        wtf was this shit

      2. هلال hlal


      3. هلال hlal


      4. #3rdbeepracinggarage

        Bro yall should take 2 turbos, make one fixed to a exhaust manifold then take the cold air off that and feed the hot side of other turbo so your using alot of lbs to spin the next turbo, will be alot of lag but I bet it will produce ALOT OF END BOOST

      5. RockenTravis

        You should use the turbo on the passenger side to feed the other 3. Or have em feeding each other in a line


      11min video with 5 adds

    3. Christian Rossman

      TEAM OD

    4. Christian Rossman


    5. Alex Gray

      "Now me and the mad scientist gotta rip apart the block. And replace the piston rings you fried."

    6. bmxscape

      youre better off with nothing instead of wd40 as lube lol fuckin idiots

      1. Jeremy Clarkson

        @bmxscape It's a joke, the point of the video is that they don't care what this car does. How is that so hard to understand?

      2. bmxscape

        @Jeremy Clarkson how is that the point? the point is they're trying to go faster by dumping wd 40 in and that's not gonna work. they are TRYING to go FASTER, did you miss that entire portion of the video?

      3. Jeremy Clarkson

        That's the point genius...

    7. yoko yoko


    8. Cameron Riccio

      With a proper clutch the mazda would be way faster

    9. Grant Mills

      Sounds like a diesel on meth🥴

    10. Ethan D.

      0-60 in eventually

    11. Quick Rider

      ricer vs him

    12. Fco Ernesto Berumen

      need another driver, it dosen't matter if it hit the rev, limiter shift! don't keep it in same gear

      1. Jeremy Clarkson

        Clutch slip my friend, you can't go into the next gear...

    13. Waqas Dar

      Just Remove this ugly camel weight so called turbo. I bet you will win. Free advice

    14. Brody Cox

      Does he not know how to shift

    15. chubs_0 NUBS_2

      That is not a 10 Sec car...

      1. Jeremy Clarkson

        It's a joke...

    16. chubs_0 NUBS_2

      Theirs literally no turbo noise...

    17. chubs_0 NUBS_2

      duck taped turbo 10 sec car????????

    18. sebastian spalla

      Son unos idiotas al pensar que con cuatro Turbos y va a ir más rápido los Turbos hacen más rápido le aumentan caballos pero también incluye el motor la rapidez y la cantidad de caballos del coche no sólo son los Turbos si no el árbol de levas la la parrilla y también Las ruedas que le proporcionan más agarrar el coche y eso hace que la salida sea mejor el BMW si te das cuenta tiene unas ruedas un poquito más anchas y por lo que veo el mazda que tienes no tiene muy buenas ruedas anchas lo cual hace que el BMW tenga un mejor arraque y por lo que se ve el BMW tenga un mejor motor

    19. Camron Patton

      This video was a waste of my time

    20. 石仔仔


    21. G4gazhotmail

      Something is wrong with that, it sounds like it's kicking out loads of pressure but not going any where, are there leaks or something or is the backpressure too much?

    22. Quebrando a Matrix

      you have to run for lemons with mazada

    23. J.Peter Randall Barrios Niere

      intro song?

    24. Edy


    25. คุณานันท์ โสภา

      R.I.P clutch...

    26. Binh Nguyen

      I think you added like 5hp with the turbos

    27. Toast

      What the fuck is with all these adds, im sorry but im going to use an add blocker

    28. Luis Lovell

      The Supra its insane

    29. Juan Vega

      He can get more power with only one turbo and good tune surely

    30. Austin Sabie

      it needs a boost cap

    31. OffAnder


    32. Ashton Gruhlke

      When the back of the turbos arent piped

    33. Maryam Ramzani

      That is mazda 323

    34. Waltteri Oksanen

      That not a supra

    35. YDA Brazey

      *Clutch has left the chat*

    36. Benjamin Jean

      Shift you idiot

    37. Alex Morrison

      Change gear u twat...

    38. Russell Taylor

      This man take 35 years to shift up 🤦🏽‍♂️

    39. Bryan V


    40. El payo Largo

      Pero si no anda no?

    41. vanfamco

      Throw that car out of an airplane and it will go fast. Easier too.

    42. MANDRAKE 157

      Quad turbos fakes

    43. isaac c

      Does anyone know the HP😂😂???

    44. Dat Gringo Beats

      Why is this car so slow tho

    45. TRVSH BOYS

      I think my 07 gt would win

    46. curlyhead _c79

      What tf are those turbos

    47. Jay Mendoza

      So fake oh my god 🤦‍♂️

    48. cezloo

      Is this mazda 323 ?

    49. Rylan Caleb Quiachon

      I can tell he is not trying to win the race. He is not shifting gears and just says "NO I LOST". It's because you didn't shift. But overall, good job on modding.

      1. Jeremy Clarkson

        He can't shift lol

    50. mac n vape mac n vape

      He didnt even bother to shift gears. He was having a giddy kid moment and forgot how to drive (Each nitros shot).

      1. David Lazarus

        you're aware that clutches can slip, right?

    51. Mark G

      Once a year or so I think, “what’s up with Orion? I go a check out a video and quickly realize it’s the same lame crap as always. I guess the 3 mins or so of this video I could stomach is my fill for the year. 💩

    52. LS Santana

      Nunca ganhei um like.

    53. Suzukiboii gsxr-1000

      Sadly it's pushing 0.25 - 0.5 bars of pressure haha and it's a quad turbo haha y'all know nothing about turbskies

    54. Samuel Sullivan

      yo orion you should bring this back but this time compound the turbos

      1. Samuel Sullivan

        ie. two cylinders feeds one turbo that is used to spool up another turbo.

    55. Niklas Vasold

      Digga wo ist der Ladedrucks 😂

    56. True American Gamer

      Definitely put a super mint clutch in and dyno it

    57. Taylor Wyant

      You guys know how to properly tune and build a car ? Not just rig.

    58. Abraham 2jz TRD

      Is an mk3 supra you asshole

    59. Ssi Arief


    60. Bikerboy Official

      Ma che cazzo di problemi avete una macchina con 4 turbine che non va un cazzo e neanche buoni a cambiare americani del cazzo

      1. Jeremy Clarkson

        Vedo che sei proprio furbo

    61. SA HIL

      That dude just don't know how to change gear😂😂😂

    62. Reynaldo Mejia

      Y hacele los cambios pedaso de inútil vas a reventar el motor 😑

    63. Reynaldo Mejia

      Es una mierda esos turbos yo creo q mejor le quedarían al supra hermano más q desperdicio de dinero

    64. Paulo Henrique


    65. BOLLNAS

      Fake turbos vs Real only one*

    66. ควย ฯ

      เล่นเหี้ยไรกัน 555555

    67. DJ SAK TV


    68. CHAEDAY FF

      4 turbos 100hp Supra 0 turbos 300hp+

    69. Lucas Ponizio

      Krl 4 turbos Esse vai dar pau em foguete

    70. Pedro Oliveira

      Please, rematch with a better clutch! ahhahhahahhaahaha

    71. Phutipong


    72. JackAttackHero

      I literally live 20 min from evergreen state fairgrounds

    73. lamoni davis

      That car is so shit

    74. Juan Garcia

      Más falsos los turbos jajaja

    75. Nobelynx

      This is so funny! I own a 2001 Protege ES and it's my baby, I love it so much

    76. Cesany JDM Garage

      Sacale los turbos y correrá más jajajajja lol

    77. Josh Grant

      whitey shifting... and c'mon! double clutch it.... but all in all. that car is the slowest quad tubo car ever 😂😂😂

    78. TomCatJr442

      They need a open and shut valve to operate like a solenoid



    80. Mark Povtarev

      You need a bigger intake on the turbos