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    Playing a four strings bass... but every string has its own neck...
    Here's a four necks bass / quadruple neck bass! Don't ask why.
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    Publisert 2 år siden


    1. Davie504

      Bringing bass playing to the NECKst level...

      1. Morgz mater Cool

        Hi mom

      2. Christopher Maldonado

        Davie504 bad pun you neckless boi

      3. Griffin Idukas

        LoZ stop speaking in Cold War it’s scaring me

      4. Griffin Idukas

        (Laughs in sanster)

      5. Fola Oye

        Davie504 can you play 10 neck bass guitar ?

    2. jhon Alex zuluaga riaño

      que buen musico eres parsero

    3. Ralva Diaz99


    4. Le Diable en Personne

      He legitmately seems to have a good time.

    5. Kalzong Chogyal

      god among men bro

    6. Vova Syhin

      you need 8 hands mate

    7. Waifu Eugen

      "Show me your stand, Davie Kujo!" *summons 2 neck bass* "Hah! That's your st-" *2 more necks appear* "MASAKA!"

    8. Roman Basnet

      Omg 😳


      I don't see any advantage in this because the normal bass already has 4 strings...pff NOT EPIC

    10. Rali Gamer

      ok wtf

    11. Mel Rodrigues

      Esse cara é monstro.

    12. Mavel Sai

      He smilinnnnnnnnnn

    13. Mr Funreal

      This is just a 4 string bass with stupid large space between each string. Change my mind.


        That's exactly what I said

    14. sunandwarmwater

      siege mode activated

    15. Micaela Ferreyro

      Que genioo

    16. The Chaotic Oboe

      this bass is giving me nightmares

    17. Kuys Emman

      this guy has the amazing string skills! awesome!

    18. pitagorico


    19. Raymond Leggs

      Why does this sound like the score to iron man movie lol.

    20. Chekolynn

      Yeaahh, wooow. You are a genius man!!! So great demostration and interpretation. Greetings from México City :D


      esta mamadisimo

    22. Paul Hansen

      You took a regular bass and made it harder by putting each sting on a different board. Why.

    23. Jaquilyn Geram

      5 neck

    24. Danny espenilla

      i wanna be frend this chanil place subcrabe my chanel

    25. RGGames Official

      That just sounds like 4 string but with extra steps.

    26. Cartman Push

      I don't understand who can give this video a thumbs down? I see thousands of dislikes on tons of videos that are amazing and it puzzles me😕

    27. Wendie Buhle


    28. Doppio Vinegar

      Very Impressive, but can you?

    29. Solo Pencil

      Ije ci nuduk gitar keto😂



    31. Morgz mater Cool

      Hello Davide I enjoyed this video

    32. Rubens Schatz

      I challenge you to do it again with two more hands!

    33. Claudio Molezin

      Parabéns 👏👏👏

    34. Murilo Larrubia

      é muita apelação

    35. Billy Mc Wayne Bareng

      your fingers is an alien my idol .... wooooohhhhooowww

    36. ภูริช สิงห์สังข์

      _-วาว-_ *_WOW_*

    37. Agil Rasulov

      we have to stop him!

    38. Pengamen Nyasar

      apa cuma saya orang indonesia

    39. Jeff Berkeley

      Very cool!

    40. My Phone

      Very good idea

    41. Aditya Adi Putra


    42. Marco Sassi

      who did that!?

    43. Rafael Jan

      Name of the song?

    44. Hov3r ツ


    45. Richard Beehner, Jr.

      That people think of these is one thing, that people build them is another.

    46. Chris G.

      OMG!!!! hahahahaha cool! :) love it

    47. X_ GamerX


    48. Robson silva

      senssacional deixe seu laik aqui

    49. Jemi Jaspee

      why so epiko

    50. Furretwalk 969


    51. Rafael Chagas

      cm e br da like

    52. Ziggen Vox

      What is even the point of this instrument?

    53. Holger vom Scheidt


    54. Tomé Louro

      do a street concert broooo!

    55. Gregory Petrillo


    56. Quân Vũ Bá

      Ai là người VN điểm danh nào

    57. Evil Koala

      Top string sounds like Pearl Jam. Below it sounds like Slipknot.

    58. Endemo K

      Your hands move like tarantulas on acid. Whaaack

    59. Q.C Unknown

      what's the point in having quadruple necks if the amount of bass strings stays the same?

    60. Рысь Криз

      1лайки на все видео 2подписка 3 напиши готово 4 я сделаю тоже самое

    61. LemonyWhistle23 plays


    62. MayoCat


    63. casper14 14

      Good ☺😅👋👋

    64. Rick Delfino

      Very cool but can you play 40 strings on a bass

    65. SUBREK DULU GYUS %%%


    66. Gibran Ferrer

      i just got a guitar add before the video started... disappointing

    67. Evan Harbisher

      Love the playing, but, it’s really just a normal bass just the string are spread apart

    68. B S

      mad skills, goofy invention.

    69. tim kaesemacher

      Like the fretless part the best !!

    70. Janne Toropainen

      Technilly theres 4 strings but they are not attached to each other Me still : hmph no one cared

    71. Alif Samsudin

      Matane cok.!

    72. Hari Baldo

      the 2 necks 2 fingers thing. My eyes.

    73. Andrew G. Olson

      I'll just pretend I didn't see davie smile

    74. Pratik Babu Bhandari

      My finger is not so long

    75. Ágoston Csukly-Ughy


    76. Anime Specialist

      His fingers are longer than my hair.. true that. Lol

    77. wafleverse69

      help me I was practicing bass but I fingered the wrong minor

    78. Sikas Purnama

      amazing bro 😍😂👍🏻🎧

    79. Nic La

      Quadruple SLAPP

    80. Link Davidson

      one of your finest videos, id really like to see more like this these days