Quick & Simple Breakfast Recipes With Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

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    Here are a few recipes to help make your time inside a little more enjoyable.
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    Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit - po.st/REpVfP

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    1. Carlos Orellana

      your food is fucking shit u bitch

    2. James Sarrasin

      lol eggy bread. growing up we called that french toast :P

    3. XIIIth Station

      What is your diet secret? Im new. You don't seem to limit sugar.

    4. XIIIth Station

      But isn't apple juice high on the glycemic index?

    5. sharma


      1. sharma

        @misolou fout thanks for your time.. feel free to comment on that video . My friend just started his channel

      2. misolou fout

        I feel like that first dish is supposed to feed an entire European family but it would just feed an American me. I might have a small portion leftover for second breakfast.

    6. Alluceo Ave

      When he said the best breakfast is in America my heart swelled with so much pride. I love this man.

      1. misolou fout

        It's French toast... WTF IS EGGY BREAD!

    7. s i l e n t _ t h u n d e r r

      why am i watching this at 1 am on a school night

    8. Mike Cervantes

      He spoke nicer to an avacodo than everyone else in his lufe

    9. Mr Bacon head

      LOL I thought that was a pizza

    10. Dayyan Lord

      Yo, what kind of avocado is that. Lanky AF.

    11. Shaun_Belligero

      "and that's why America has the best breakfast food" And heart surgeons

    12. slightly_murderous_sorcerer

      I’ve been making French toast wrong my whole life

    13. Dayyan Lord

      What pan is that. Please tell!


      I wonder what he eats if hes traveling on the road or doesn't feel like cooking

    15. Ma Victoria Quinto

      In our cointry we use avocado as a desert...and it is so yummy..😋😋😋

    16. Sergio López

      It's delicious. Thanks for inspiring

    17. Ysmael Sanchez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="30">0:30</a> help anyone plz, Im latin so i want to know the meaning of KN, whats that (in spanish)? PD: Im not a chef just want some new options for breakfast n.n

    18. Lape Is Anus

      To have a kitchen that large, I'd need to combine my kitchen, living room and dining room.

    19. s

      gordon can you make me breakfast

    20. JaJose Joseph

      It's French toast... WTF IS EGGY BREAD!

    21. James Crowder

      I feel like that first dish is supposed to feed an entire European family but it would just feed an American me. I might have a small portion leftover for second breakfast.

    22. Dawn Davis

      It all looks yummy

    23. Mystical_MTVR YT


    24. Sam Ya

      America? Best Breakfast? Big no no

    25. Ket Veimau

      did he call french toast “eggy toast”?

    26. 8 9

      i thought that was a pizza from the thumbnail

    27. Colombian Muscle Papi

      Even with Corona Lock Down, Ramsey is still a DICK. Nothing changes. This guy is straight HELL.

    28. Captain Leafy

      Americans when we watched this video: 😊😊

    29. Ryder Orion

      I was excited to hear of a new breakfast I never heard of... Eggy Bread.... then I realized he is just making French Toast 🤦‍♀️😂

    30. Sweet Wish

      How about a vegan breakfast?

    31. Derek Jeter

      If those were hashbrowns what the heck in life are those things that McDonald sells?

    32. mr. ampalaya

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="184">3:04</a> no! the best breakfast in the world is in the philippines

    33. Alec Law

      Hey you Mr Ramsey, any chance you can do some sugar free recipes?

    34. Alec Baldwin

      *quick and simple*

    35. Timothy Hass

      That’s French toast my dude

    36. Timothy Hass

      Does he just not cook the oats or what?



    38. Anna Sousa

      Se eu comer essa quantidade de gordura no café da manhã, corro direto pro banheiro com uma dor de barriga daquelas 😂

    39. Dimitrije Aleksic

      Im wondering how many years did it take to get this amazing in cooking,litteraly when you cook i Can feel the unbelivable smell of the dish you Are making

    40. Leon Weißofner

      How is that man not fat, i guess hes doing it like a drug dealer, ur not gonna take what ur selling.

    41. Osh

      That avocado was the Wish.com version

    42. j_wdx

      *_Some Say He is still in a hurry_*

    43. becibooable1

      Looks crap

    44. Tony

      A bowl of cereals is healthy than this. High cholesterol, high in fat, too much grease. Once in a while is ok, but not too often.

    45. Daphnee M

      Its Burntt!!!!

    46. YBMTech

      i just made this and decided to take this to my family and fell and the hash brown landed on the wall.... want to cry

    47. SecretLars

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="737">12:17</a> "They look expensive." They are, have you seen the price of avocados now? They're so expensive even the Cartel have switched from drugs to avocados and lime because it's more profitable.

    48. Leonardo Ramírez Guardado


    49. sean newton


    50. coin paradise

      Bon Appétit

    51. TheProtege00

      I was watching a few other videos that have millions of views on how to make hash browns and they all have a much more time consuming process on how to make them. Its wash, drain, rinse, and repeat a few times. Then they dry them after. Wonder why thats necessary when Gordon does it much faster and they still look great.

    52. Ashlee Benedict

      If you want to have a heart attack by the end of the week...

    53. Cj Reyes

      Fact:Gordon ramsey son lost to him 490 times

    54. Sayee Saran

      best breakfast is Idli isn't it?

    55. Summer N

      Who things Gordon should do a reacting to tik tok food hacks ❤️

    56. miko foin

      I remember him saying if he wants all the kids in one place he just says he is making eggs Benedict

    57. Potted__Planter

      I love that Gordon has his own adds on his video so it’s just continuing his video

    58. Scott Suiter

      Glazed bacon is not an American thing but good twist.

    59. Mrs Biggles

      What is he calling the dish with the oats?

      1. miko foin

        Who else is watching this at 4 am for no reason?

    60. Jimmy Vicencio López


    61. Peril Hydra

      What kind of grill is that?

    62. Patricia Yiu

      Thanks for the inspiration 💗

    63. Wambui Elizabeth

      I already love your cooking gordon

    64. samuel samaroo

      #GOAT -I just made this for my wife and two kids, and just earn the title of “chef dad “ Thanks Gordon .you crushed it with this hash brown recipe! I substituted sausages for the bacon!

    65. xshawnlan 123

      what is kN?

    66. Theo Sergiou

      How many does this feed?

    67. Nienke Dijkhuis

      In the netherlands we call the third dish ‘wentelteefjes’

      1. SickLens

        Can u sub at me please

    68. Sahara Maharjan

      He peeled the potato and onion better than my mental health

    69. Erica Berg

      That hash brown looks delicious

    70. Lama Karpfen

      Why do you season it before squishing the liquids out of your potato onion mixture?

    71. maya white

      Can we appreciate that he put something else than salt and pepper *We finally got to him*

    72. Indian Man

      Aaloo Paratha with lot of unsalted White Butter is best breakfast in the world.

    73. John Rafael Tongol

      Who else is watching this at 4 am for no reason?

    74. Terrible Day

      Сначало показалось ,что он драники готовит

    75. Tae Tae

      Not tryna brag but i can make milk and cereal!✌🏻

    76. C-xw4

      Let’s be honest no one search for this

    77. Skersaroony

      When you don’t even have potatoes

    78. In-N-Out


    79. H F

      It’s not the best breakfast of the world. It’s too fat & cholesterol except the oatmeal