r/Choosingbeggars I'm Dying So SHOW ME YOUR ****!


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    r/Choosingbeggars Is this the cringiest pickup line in history? This insane choosing beggar tells a girl that he's dying from cancer (yeah right) and so he deserves to see her in her birthday suit. Does he honestly believe any girl would believe that nonsense? If you enjoyed this video, let me know by hitting that ๐Ÿ‘ like ๐Ÿ‘ button!
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    "Sneaky Snitch" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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    1. rSlash

      Bad news [cough cough] I'm dying from butthole cancer SO SEND ME MONEY ๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿค‘

      1. LunaMoon567 !

        deepfried craig itโ€™s a joke

      2. LunaMoon567 !


      3. The Blue Fox

        just a joke

      4. The Blue Fox

        Whats Your Paypal

      5. Alinked

        I can pay for the yugo care

    2. Desu Neko

      Anyone who disrespects the physically but not spiritually dead legend that is Stan Lee is about to get fucking assassinated by me. I'm going to heck anyway, I have nothing to lose!

    3. Zellie C

      I can feel my blood pressure rise with each episode... YOU NEED TO PAY FOR MY MEDICAL BILLS BECAUSE YOUR CONTENT IS IS EFFING ADDICTIVE

    4. Banana Blitz

      5:36 omg i need this offer its such a good deal the psvr alone is 400$ here

    5. Andy Ngรด

      These people need to learn the basics of haggling: There's no point in insulting the seller or criticizing the quality of the item - you either want the item or you don't. Haggling for 25% of value is insulting the seller, a good haggler can maybe get 50% off. Aim for getting 50-75% of listed value.

    6. Cosmic Mitama The Ultimate

      As a crazy Marvel fan, I'm extremely offended by the guy in the first story, he's not into Marvel and I don't know what he would even want it for.

    7. Carrot Cake

      I'm seriously considering putting "I dead now" on my gravestone.

    8. Vilde Lindhjem

      People shouldn't be obligated to tip anyone, their work shuld be obligated to PAY their staff.

    9. Doug Smithart

      That last one was a choosingbegger and entitled. If say there's more crazy than anyone could handle alone.

    10. Slippery Fish

      "I'm a huge Marvel fan but who's Stan Lee?" #RIP Stan Lee

    11. Becca Taylor

      The first guy face meet palm

    12. Chara Cipher

      Creep: you are my pussy cat doll Me: *projectile vomits on my wall*

    13. Mr. Vader

      3:36 that msg looks fake

    14. R C

      Drinking game idea...take a shot every time someone says โ€œsurprised pikachu faceโ€ in the comments

    15. Trevor MacPherson

      Lmao "grunt". I'm using that from now on.

    16. neil A

      I think people make these up.

    17. dan voyer

      DUDE !!! you owe me a mouse i hit the like button so hard i broke my mouse ... you should buy me a new one !!

    18. Zlox


    19. Steven Palmer

      When it becomes christmas the... ๐•ฎ๐–๐–”๐–”๐–˜๐–Ž๐–“๐–Œ ๐–‡๐–Š๐–Œ๐–Œ๐–†๐–—๐–˜ ๐–Š๐–’๐–Š๐–—๐–Œ๐–Š!

    20. im jeshua :P โ€ข 500 years ago

      Nobody: Beggars: f u Fu DooNT IgNore MEE

    21. Retard

      Nobody: Rslash: you bundle of sticks

    22. Curb Your Insanity

      That woman wasn't a customer, customers pay for shit.

    23. Poetic

      How can you claim to be a huge marvel fan but not know the guy who literally CREATED Marvel lmao

    24. sports 18

      I wish i had the chance to buy that comic

    25. Abood

      I got into Marvel very recently like A couple of months before Endgame Recently and i found out about Stan Lee when he passed away a big marvel fan who doesnโ€™t know Stan Lee is not a marvel fan at all

    26. gabriel gomez

      if all thse choosing beggars cry over christmas stuff... what do they do the rest of the year? "you just ruined presidents day!"

    27. Arterra

      This man be disrespecting Stan Lee heโ€™s probably laughing in heaven rn this man deserves to pay for his sins

    28. Naruto Dog

      The one where the guy was asking for nudes, he could of just said he was having a stroke

    29. The Bros

      The ps4 vr set up thats an amazing deal?!?!?!

    30. Taty Mqx

      The first story with the comics is like the kids that wear bands shirts cause they are "cool" but they dont know the band name.

    31. Carissa Marie

      I know who Stan lee is and I dint even like marvel stuff

    32. Slate Frei

      With the one about the bike he should have just told him the address of the closest police station.

    33. Robin Sequira

      Last one's def trying to take advantage of that "the customer is always right" bullshit.

    34. Heyward Shepherd

      I'm pretty sure you grandma gave it up for Stan Lee too.

    35. Bored Fox

      6:46 "Um i'm a male"

    36. Person with Bad ideas

      I'm always so cringed that my family never pays tips. I mean maybe that's because we don't go out so much but God I always feel so bad and want to pay something but I litteraly have no money.

    37. anna needs help

      military spouses are very entitled

    38. therachelsam

      Threatening people is the best way to get what you want, of course.

    39. 0ddHappenings

      Stan Lee is my cat!! No joke I named my cat after him especially since we got him from a no kill shelter around the time that the actual Stan died R.I.P man

    40. Jesus Christ

      A big fan of Marvel comics and doesn't know who Stan Lee is. It's like being a catholic priest and not knowing me. Pathetic

    41. CAP298

      $3 take it or leave it

    42. I Live On Reddit and Stuff

      When they said air forces I'm pretty sure they meant either all white air force ones most likely or all black af1

    43. mvgaea

      Long time listener, first time poster. Man....I totally face-palmed when the one choosing beggar who wanted to buy the X-Men comic said they didn't know who Stan Lee was. Like seriously? Even if you didn't know that he was one of the FOUNDERS of Marvel Comics and was responsible for creating X-Men, Spiderman, etc., you would at least SEEN HIM cameo in just about EVERY Marvel movie up to Captain Marvel (because he passed away recently. RIP, man). Oh, and that guy who said that he was "dead" and somehow manages to post from beyond the grave (as a youtuber once said, "I am dead, I became a skeleton, and I wrote this." ) Anyway, really enjoy your readings and your Puppy Bloopers, rSlash! Keep it up.

    44. Wolfie_Titan 705

      To be fair , for the first one if I had that comic ID NEVER SELL IT its sounds amazing

    45. hunt faulk

      bruh military spouses are fucking annoying, not to mention they ass was at home cheating while me and my boy literally slept in the rain in like 50 degree weather.

    46. Liz S.

      "I'm calling the police for harassment and piracy!" Arg! Shiver me timbers! Come pay your tab or I'll make ye walk the plank!

    47. Lex Nunn

      Saying you're a big Marvel fan but not even hearing about Stan Lee would be like saying you're a big Nintendo fan and not knowing Sakurai

    48. Stacy Marie

      So, I've been raised to always tip your waiter, as any decent human should do, and one night as i was eating my dinner with a friend out on a date night, i spotted not one, but *two* long black hairs in my food. I have short/shaggy light brown hair. That was not mine. And as a germaphobe, i ran straight to the restroom to vomit. With a horrible left over taste in my mouth and seeing as that me running through a crowded restaurant caught me some side-eyes, my waiter (oh so kindly) came beside my and my friends table and asked if something was wrong. I looked up to him and I felt so incredibly horrible. I told him "I'm so sorry, I'm not one to complain about much but..." And i pointed out the hairs on the plate spun into brocolli and mashed potatos. His jaw dropped and his face twisted in a look of disgust. (It wasn't his either by the way, he was bald.) He immediately apologized to me, saying how disgusting that was and that he will handle the situation. He comes back about 5 minutes later after yelling at the chefs (you can see them through a glass window behind the bar of the restaurant) and he came back with our bill. My friend and i decided to split it prior and so i was shocked when i saw he took off the entire meal for us. Both of us! This was fantastic, i was so grateful. Until i realised something. He wasnt going to accept my card. I never carry cash on me, i always feel like ill be robbed. I looked at him pitifully and i asked him how i could tip him (this man deserved it!) And he just shook his head eith a smile and a dismissive wave. I left the one dollar bill i had in my pocket, and left with the worst feeling ever. To this day i feel bad about how i couldnt tip the waiter one of the few times they truly deserved to be tipped! He was so kind and such a sweet understanding soul. Very easy to talk to as well! I hope if i ever go back to that restaurant i get him again as a waiter and then, i will tip *generously.*

    49. DomGom

      That Stan lee one was as bad as saying Iโ€™m a huge fan of Sonic but whatโ€™s sega? or I love Mario but who is Nintendo?

    50. weird person

      The first one hurt me on a level I didn't know I had

    51. lฯ…ะธฮฑ

      Wtf is a bob/bobby lmfao?

    52. Alex Finnigan


    53. Koichi Number 1 Waifu

      I wish I could've dealed with the guy and his Ps4 etc. Wouldve payed atleast 350-450 since thats more then cheap...

    54. morgimoo_tomlinsonxox

      Now the comic would be more cause Stan is gone RIP STAN LEE ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    55. The Cammunist

      As someone who actually has cancer (Not terminal, currently recovering after chemo. Might have to get surgery then I'll hopefully be clear.) I fucking hate people who lie about having cancer just to get shit. It makes me want to just punch them in the face.

    56. Andreas Noveus

      it's magical how is he dead but still can text other people

    57. Carrie

      Tbh it really scares me that people like this exist.. I just cannot fathom acting this way especially to a complete stranger. Wtf is wrong with these people

    58. jamie quade

      this one dude was stalking my social media, and when he messaged me, he seemed nice at first, then he mentioned my bf, and said he would do better. I told him I wouldn't be leaving my boyfriend. then he tried again saying he has heart cancer and wants a gf. I ended up blocking him because the spam I would find whenever I put my phone down was too much.

    59. Alansar Trignot

      6:40 - 6:49 R/ihadastroke

    60. Night Fox

      ya know what I always found weird? in USA you ALWAYS tip. and yet in UK its not a necessity, I have never known a none entitled person getting upset over not getting tipped. and in Japan its even considered rude to tip. I love how different each country is with simple things :)