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Noble Xenon

Noble Xenon

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    Welcome to r/ChoosingBeggars part 30, where a plumbing and lighting company refuses to pay for someone to paint their $1000 sink. We also have a person who uses God to justify and enable a choosing beggar.
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    1. Noble Xenon

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      1. Noble Xenon

        Yes, I've heard. I'm reporting them for spam.

      2. Cmdr. McNuggets

        Trap Drip is a bot

    2. GoodBrotherGrimm

      The tattoo one comes across as a bit smug and wanky tbh

    3. Ronald Raygun

      The 11 people that thumbed down this post are the ones who are the choosing beggar 😂

    4. Russell Henry

      I would have baked that vegan cake for my roommate.. with a thick, juicy New York Strip in the centre of it.

    5. Adamant Forge

      That CB wanting the PC to play Fortnite stinks of someone who wants a PC just because they want to use cheats. Normally I hate this phrase but this time is applies *GIT GUD NOOB!*

    6. Daniel Gutierrez

      i literally have not heard the name "Vanessa" in forever

    7. Jesus Christ

      I once have a homeless guy my chalupa. I had bought four and only ate three. He opened it up and immediately hurled it it at my face. He was half drunk so it hit me in the shoulder. I then offered him twenty dollars to buy me and my underage friends over a hundred dollars in liquor. He was more than happy to oblige. Although he made a couple of mistakes on the inventory I learned an important lesson that day. Drunken bums want money or drugs, not chalupa. Shout out to my man Henry. Hope you're still out there tearing up that champagne of beers.

    8. Antaya Fairless

      Damn what kind of ghetto farm is that... I train horses and teach lessons and never would it be that cheap.. Nevermind not paying help.

    9. Hayley Wright

      These videos make me realize that I am very good at reading.

    10. Joe Mama

      "She told me that if I have trouble with money issues I should look for a new job." Um, exactly. A job that actually pays and isn't just working for her for free.

    11. Ivy Magaña

      $100 is ridiculously high for a shop minimum. The most expensive minimum I've seen is $65.

    12. Tita Dou

      The cake guy should have made a no-vegan cake, the girlfriend would have know her boyfriend is a freaking liar who said he made a cake for her while he didn't

    13. Loveless Prince

      Vegan cake? Is that a thing?

    14. Stuff_O Nouts

      Hey um, I would like to apply for the dj job, I’ve had 80 years of experience and I will obviously do it for free. Of course you will have to FIRST HAND promote me as promised. If you don’t promote me then I’ll just sue you easy as pie, oh and also give me your phone. I need it more than you, so does my son. He is in the hospital, the child services tried to give him a vaccine, I swear they poisoned him! But yes Hope I get the job.

    15. Darice Norburn


    16. Gusto St. Cool

      LMFAO! That last one was fucking brilliant!

    17. 0XBlondie96X0

      If you're not getting paid for it it's not a job, it's just you being expected to bend over backwards for nothing

    18. revelwoodie

      Ok kids...the tax deductions your parents get for having children is NOT money for YOU. It's money for THEM, to defray the enormous expense of supporting you. You don't get one penny of it. I partially blame the parents for giving him just the $100, because I think it confirmed the idea in his head that this was somehow his money.

    19. l8Os

      Just wait until these idiots find out about Bernie sanders.... they’re gonna love him 😂

    20. the realistically speaking

      Art just isnt worth anything I mean if you're a artist most people wont buy art. That's why I went into biochemistry and gave up art everyone is a CB when it comes to art.

    21. JoJo Bean

      The first one is def a kid

    22. Lyca31

      Must be willing to job for free, must have at least 8 years experience, lol.

      1. Lyca31

        @Joe Mama I like how you think XD

      2. Joe Mama

        I'd actually like to take them up on that offer to photograph their wedding for free. Show up, take a bunch of pics, then after the wedding's done, disappear. Don't answer phone calls, texts etc, just ghost them. They'll think they're getting a photographer for free but then they end up not getting any photos at all.

    23. Nerobyrne

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="820">13:40</a> OP should have made the cake as good as possible, then tell the girlfriend that he made it and that she should call him later. In front of her boyfriend.

    24. Nerobyrne

      you might not be able to get the PC in the first story for 300 bucks, however you CAN get a PC that will run Fortnite for 300 bucks. I mean, the minimum specs are an integrated HD graphics card from Intel .... EDIT: You can play with a group of people who use Android, iOS, xBox, PS4, PC(Windows and Mac) AND Nintendo Switch. There is no reason this kid needs a 1500pound PC.

    25. Xman

      I remember going to game stop to buy a game. My girlfriend (who never wants or ask for anything) was looking around so i decided ill just buy her a system and get her in to games. I asked which she like xbox1 or ps4 and she said she use to play xbox years ago but like ps4 (since i have it and got her into overwatch,slightly at the time) so i told her im buying it for her. She argued against it and said she doedsnt need it. In the end i bought her a ps4 pro and 3 games. Not once did she asked for anything or beg for something different. Just thanked me and said i didn't have to do it, its to much and mostly upset she couldn't get me anything. Morale of the story is, dont beg for things or ask for something more expensive. Work for it yourself or if given, accept or decline it and dont complain when someone being nice.

      1. Xsavi Xander

        @neilburg You didn't get anyone. You're coming off as a sad, pathetic loser making baseless assumptions.

      2. neilburg

        @Xman fkin gat'em

      3. neilburg

        @Xman I don't go on reddit (its for losers). I will watch for it on my youtube feed I guess, will it be on r/weebs, r/niceguy, or r/neckbeard things? notice how I respond to what you say? you need to learn communication skills, or the new body pillow will cheat too.

      4. Xman

        @neilburg oh remember to look for this one the sub reddit posts too

      5. Xman

        @neilburg ok well have a good life again. Or sit here talking to yourself. Whatever floats your boat

    26. Buttered Toast

      Only $33 some odd thousand in debt from my Bachelor's degree. Shrug.

    27. Dio Brando

      If exposure actually amounted to anything, I'd be rich on all the "offers" I get. 😂

      1. 𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠

        I never said I agree with it, you're putting words in my mouth and nothing either of you said takes anything away from my point. Take my last comment and add "or stupid." then if that makes it more accurate.

      2. Nerobyrne

        @𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠 so the vast majority of people on the planet have no skill or talent, therefore, paying in exposure is like paying with air.

      3. Dio Brando

        @𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠 Being well known is not the same as being well marketed. Plenty of artists considered famous now never saw profit from their work, but it's the modern artists who knew how to market themselves that made bank in their lifetime. You think Picasso ever worked for exposure?

      4. 𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠

        If you were actually given real widespread exposure to millions of people and you didn't get rich then you have no skill or talent.

      5. Joe Mama

        The trouble with exposure is that everyone else will want it done for free, too.

    28. Erick Poorbaugh

      I'm pretty sure that that last line was supposed to be "This IS your home now." not "This is YOUR home now." That is, the CB's now trapped in the bizzaro dimension where asking twice gets you free stuff (putting the accent on "your" makes it sound like she won the tattoo shop to use as her home, which is a valid enough interpretation, but in light of the maniacal laughter and creepy circus vibes, I'm guessing the poster intended the "trapped here" interpretation).

    29. X_Andy24

      Eat your cereal

    30. X_Andy24

      How do you not have more subs? Your content is good

    31. Allison Lambson

      As someone trying to become a freelance artist, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been drawing and someone (strangers or acquaintances, never friends) has said “Oh, you’re so talented. Could you draw me?” I used to be too much of a people pleaser to say no, but now I always insist payment. I learned first hand exposure is worthless.

      1. Rafiq Animated

        Same here, old friends will come out of the woodworks like "Yo I heard you were drawing, mind drawing me some shit and not pay you dawg"

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    42. Captain C.F. Angi

      My mom only gave me $5/$10 biweekly as an allowance, I would have loved to have $20 every 2 weeks! I feel so bad for that persons parents

      1. Just Seff Stuff

        l8Os Same mate

      2. l8Os

        I got $0 for allowance

    43. Aerodil

      My roomates and I had to get rid of two junker cars that we had to use for a little bit. The tow people wanted US to pay $75 USD *EACH* for them to tow the cars. We were able to sell them for $50, but know damnn well they will drive to the next state and sell them for at least a $1,000 or so.

      1. Weasel

        I don't see the issue. Towing a car comes with an expense.

      2. Joe Mama

        Yeah, we had a car break down, was pretty much the same thing. Guy wanted us to pay him $75 or so to haul it off. Instead, we hauled it to the scrap yard and they gave us $100 for its value in scrap metal.

      3. Nerobyrne

        ok, so, why didn't you guys go there and sell them, then take a train back? I mean, you already knew that they were worth about 1000 in the right market.

    44. Supershrooblogs Supershrooblogs

      I honestly wonder what happens if your too stubborn to pay your bills or just don't pay them at all. What happens, Do you go to prison or something

      1. Joe Mama

        Usually, you start getting phone calls from collection agencies, and then you get your utilities shut off. If you are renting, you will get evicted. If you have a mortgage, the bank will foreclose and take your house, forcing you out.

    45. EnterName

      Love you Noble Xenon!!!

    46. nlick

      Epic video I hope you are ok

      1. nlick

        Omg epic

    47. Cmdr. McNuggets

      Just a normal day in a normal planet