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    1. Remy Richardson

      I'm not a *BEGGAR,* but $20 is $20.

    2. just a plague doctor

      The woman and the Tv was so nice

    3. Hi World

      These people kinda piss me off. Like honestly some of them are scammers and can go drown

    4. KleinStyle

      the white screen after dark mode reading, you really are sadistic, aren't you?

    5. w e s t c o a s t

      Dutch people: grATiS

    6. NurturingTalents

      I can understand the WiFi situation kind of. But CB was a bitch.

    7. Natsuki

      Ok I know it would be wrong even if it wasnt cheap but $20 for a full body colered is a steal

    8. Rocky Pikmin

      If someone asked "Free?" I'd just say yeah sure

    9. Ultimate Drawings

      As someone who does frequent drawing commissions I deal with this quite often. Most of the time though, I give my prices and people just never answer. Afraid of confrontation I guess 😂

    10. Alina Naz

      “Falana dhimkana” Thats my sister right there😂😂

    11. KoopaZoombaz

      What’s the outro song ?

    12. KangrRoo

      Bad boi Ya Boi

    13. Idiotica Maskimus

      FREE CAKE WHEN I VISIT LA? WHAT A GREAT PRICE! AND RECIPES FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE! Choosing beggars never appreciate kind offers unless they need to put no effort to it.

    14. Bas Barbeque

      "Nobody will buy your garbage" Says the person who not even 5 minutes ago was interested in buying the same "garbage"

    15. Lukas Langrock

      Tbh I really like that 10ct draft

    16. Anonymous Hetalian

      the first guy is ridiculous? like idk facebook but 300 isn't a lot of people. seriously i have 300+ followers on tumblr and i don't even make content

    17. Epigone


    18. blaze

      Damn 20 bucks for full body colored that is cheap as hell

    19. SmackinOVHs

      Me:so the iPhone 11 is only 150$ CB: so 1 dollar and 50 cents seems good 🙃can I pay now

    20. Kythlo

      That looked awesome for 10 cents lol

    21. saya

      buyer: I make more money than you make in a month also buyer: cant afford $20

    22. William Yang

      You wanna see this, go to minecraft on the play store and see little Indian kids complaining to Mojang/Windows on how they should make minecraft for free.

    23. Sneeki Soviet

      That lady that absolutely railed that guy on the TV set is an actual hero.

    24. Strikal Ikal

      sometime people just aint using their 100 percent of their brain to think...just like my grammar here...

    25. KG Gaming

      Im glad i found this channel

    26. Matthew Ray

      This video in a nutshell: Guy: I’m selling __ for 20$.(great deal) Buyer: THATS SO EXPENSIVE do it for 10$ Guy: I’m sorry, this takes me 10 days to make. 20$ is an amazing price. Buyer f**ing piece of sh*t you so greedy

    27. Zach Osterman

      Is that cuphead in the background

    28. irish potato

      furrys beg the best when looking for free art

    29. Little Pocket Studios

      I love your work, can I buy it? *sure, 15$* free? *no* .....looked like shit anyway

    30. Biological Gmail Account

      dIdN'T wAnT iT aNyWaY

    31. Dawn Draws

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="230">3:50</a> Yo hold up, 5k dollars to study graphic design? We could learn everything we needed for free using the internet!

    32. Steve Roodenrys-Brown

      That TV story is so fake

    33. MTI Plays

      "That raps up like a Disney movie climax", *ad plays* and then we see a sexy demon😂 Edit:spelingg

    34. rydevr

      Top posts from r/ on Reddit. Where

    35. Akash Shetty

      Watched this entire video only realising in the end that, 'CB' meant 'choosing beggers' and this whole time I thought it stood for 'cheap bastards'

    36. olivia hye

      People should know how hard for an artist is to make a single full body, colored, shaded drawing. It's not something that you make in five minutes, it takes HOURS. Why should we give you our work that takes a lot of time just for.. 5$? 10$? You're being the CBs here. Artists deal with this every day just because people say we're "overpricing" our works, but we're not. If you're comissioning something, then it'll obviously be more expensive, because it's something that you get to choose how it looks. Stop being so fucking annoying and just pay if you're going to buy it, if you're not interested you don't have why to call it a scam or some shit. Because it's not a scam. You're just a CB just like all those other people. :)

    37. Ten’s butter

      Watching this on my period is unhealthy for my wall.

    38. Ziude

      I feel like a lot of these people end up as used cars salesmen

    39. Callie L

      “And have a wonderful rest of your days” Did.. did Damien just tell me to enjoy the rest of my life? Am I gonna die soon?

    40. Vincent Wei

      If I ever have a conversation with a choosing beggar online, at the end, I'll just say "Welp at least I got something to post on Reddit"

    41. Mr Blin man

      Ok the xbox one made me slightly mad just because how tf could anyone just expect someone to give them something for free

    42. SilentOnion

      E ruption

    43. ZoruaZorroark

      $20 for a fullbody colored, thats pretty reasonable compared to what i usually see

    44. Mr Me

      When a r/choosingbeggar gets what they want: *-S T O N K S-*

    45. skylight311

      I just fell into the Beggar Videos part of NOsel and I. Don’t. Understand. It’s funny but like why do these people think that it’s ok to get someone’s hard work for free. 🤦‍♀️

    46. EndXenoc2

      The dude who sells his vocals should just send him a copy or a screenshot every time he sells a gig.

    47. 7h4r5hvin


    48. Joel S.

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="709">11:49</a> more internet gaslighting, he left out the part where he said the "service fee" was jacked up to $6 (not including the tip for the delivery driver) so the free delivery wasn't really that "free"

    49. Purpuranitrum

      I bought a hand drawn shirt for 50$ (in my currency) and it is the most amazing shirt I own and I am mind blown that someone spent hours upon hours of drawing for me. I was surprised it was only 50!

    50. Missa

      As a graphic designer that logo one made my blood boil. The amount of effort and hours spent alone aside from the cost of school, Adobe software, materials, etc is not even worth replying to those kinds of messages. You're literally asking people to give up their life (which time essentially is for humans) to create something for you with little to nothing in exchange? Right, sure. Minimum I would ever do for a single logo is $100, absolute minimum, and that would include a select amount of colours, renditions, etc.

    51. crisp1e

      In the first one, just screenshot his message and post it on his page

    52. Artistic Tones

      ιи тнє ιитяσ нσω уσυ ρяσиσυи¢є∂ fιℓαиα ∂нιмкαиα ιѕ ʝυѕт αωєѕσмє😂 (ραкιѕтαиι'ѕ αи∂ ιи∂ιαиѕ ωιℓℓ υи∂єяѕтαи∂)

    53. Dionis Morari


    54. Dionis Morari


    55. J watkins

      That woman has $50 for a second hand lamp but can't buy data for her phone...

    56. ilCuriosoneDelWeb

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="624">10:24</a> This is some r/instantkarma shit lol

    57. Shadsy The Hedgehog

      That one about the man and his TV is a joke. Why is she acting so shocked over a price increase? It's worth more if it's actually usable, And then she gets a woman to yell at the poor man and force him to sell it for 20 bucks even though the woman doesn't even know the man

    58. Shadsy The Hedgehog

      Actually the one who was selling the Xbox One is an extortionate POS. Xbox One is not even close to being worth 700 ish dollars

    59. Shadsy The Hedgehog


    60. Bleh :p


    61. Tux Draws

      Bruh do upfront bitches really not take into consideration that we artists spend our limited time on this earth, and our art supplies we pay for, and our dedication to the art

    62. Chuan Hua

      That B logo is actually quite good for 0.10

    63. Risto D.

      Idk man, many of these look fake, staged, 1 person on 2 acc, whatever you wanna call it.

    64. amber flaaffy


    65. Mariocat99

      I like how the beggars are getting madlad'd *tried to find a good spelling. I know it does not make sense.* back at them

    66. Michael Edmunds

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="275">4:35</a> anyone else think that is actually still worth more than ten cents?

    67. FoxBoss_ Taki-kun

      Who read that long discussion Thingy? xD

    68. Littencat 008

      My Netflix is ********** Edit: oops I guess NOsel blocked it!

    69. Joe Gregor

      Free burritos on burrito day sounds alot better.

    70. Goldacid Animations

      That one choosing beggar hurts my will to be a Graphic Designer.

    71. pheniks0

      i simply would made the full body, but then slice it thru the middle you pay half, you get half

    72. shiibunnio

      Please let me to rip off the dicks of these people and choke them with it.

    73. A for ART

      Haha falana dimkhana

    74. Krozaint

      Should i get my .50 cal and shove it to the beggars mouth?

    75. tHe GuY wItH nO nAmE

      imagine an entitled parent trying to sell something to a choosing beggar O.O

    76. Noah Bagel

      If you continued to walk north you would eventually be walking south

    77. Alaina J

      "The woman I spoke with couldn't have been more than maybe 5'3" and about 140 lbs but it sounded like Mount Vesuvius had just erupted" Never mess with us short people. It won't end well 😁

    78. xd_eagle_eyes_

      Yes I would like you to make the price cheaper, more than it already is. :/

    79. BenderTender