RANDOLPH Reacts to Logan Paul - GOING BROKE (Antonio Brown Diss Track)



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    FINALLY reacting to Logan's AB diss. The storm in the UK meant I was stuck at home in Nottingham. Back now though, so enjoy!
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    1. Randolph

      I know I miss a lot of the meaning behind the lyrics since I don’t know much about ab/American football. I say that a lot in the video. I’m just commenting on what I do know. Enjoy

      1. Dayton Seith

        I like Randolph but this was so frustrating to watch

      2. Gavin Isliker

        With the mr whole money going broke part he means that he is going to win and he will be broke

      3. johnathan.r.sellers

        And you don't know much

      4. Dumb and dumber advice

        Randolph my name is Randolph

      5. Paul Stringer

        It’s ok bro I’m from the USA and time is different in the UK so it’s fine bro keep up the good work

    2. Zaeem Mitha

      personally don't like logan but this was heat

    3. Marilyn Ruano

      He paused it at the girl to check her out

    4. TheNinjaBoy11

      Bro u just don’t know a lot, that’s y u don’t understand

    5. HoodieJae

      Madden covers usually get cursed ..

    6. Zayntp3 The Great

      If you kbew who ab was you would understand these bars hit hard

    7. OTB ACiDz

      Logan paul: makes good song 99% of people: oh its surprisingly good Ksi sub reddit: "you weren't meant to do that"

    8. Yeyeh I hshshsb

      All your bars lame

    9. Bayar Otgonbayar

      My guy don’t realize the visual and the disses since he doesn’t understand who an is but if he did understand he wouldn’t say that this line is weak

    10. OTR-GASH

      Lol I spent 10min listening to you talk throught the whole thing!!!! You fucking owe me 10min of my life back!!!!

    11. Spiro The goat

      Stop pausing

    12. KNG David

      Ab is a famous football player

    13. DerpyCow DerpyCow

      This is the only time I will cheer for Logan

    14. TSO flitzy

      Man doesn't know what the madden curse is

    15. Swayingeagle 480

      Imaging making diss tracks an that den his looses 😂😂😂😂 that would be sooo bad for him

    16. Te nam Is ocean man

      The storm is so annoying though

    17. C4D3T 2205

      Randolph Ciara is pronounced key ra

    18. Tecca

      AB signed with another team got in a fight with the General Manager then got dropped from the team and everything went downhill from there

    19. Abdullah 2460

      Sounds decent 👍

    20. Glaithius

      I’m not a Logan fan at all but this diss track is better than anything Randolph has ever put out 😂

    21. MrIgnition100

      dunno but his flow sounds kinda borrowed

    22. Abdelrahman salama

      im american and i know nothing about ab either

    23. FixDylann

      This track better than every track you dropped

    24. Meo 42

      If you understand US Football the diss does hit harder

    25. Zac Ballarin

      Is this a reaction channel 😂😂😂

    26. Wyatt Link

      AB was one of the best receivers in the league, he got dropped because of rape allegations and he’s just went completely off the rails since

    27. SmooveTing

      imagine logan and jj on a track together

    28. Rizen Couz

      Why don’t u try a dis track bud since u think some of his bars are shit

    29. SwiftyFN

      Ok ok ok . He said I’m from the UK give me a break but I’m pretty sure most of the people who live in the UK know what American football is. Let’s be honest. You don’t like sports. Living in the UK can’t be an excuse

    30. The supersaiyan gamer ssj

      Bro Randolph I wish you can do better than him

    31. Andy Inahuazo

      These bars are pretty much only really fire if u knew who ab was because I got fired up bc of this diss

    32. likliklik _

      so logan is wearing a patriots #12 which is Tom Brady whom is AB’s last pass

    33. Raw Beginnings

      It is a diss video on a football player. You shouldn't be making a lot of comments that you are making, due to the admitted fact that you haven't a clue behind the reference to them. You are missing a lot of visual disses that you haven't a clue about as well. These people that make reaction videos are ridiculous, if you haven't a clue about the facts in the videos, don't make the reaction video. Dislike-leaving video early-moving on--won't be back.

    34. Khristie Sosler

      I haven’t rly ever liked Logan Paul that much but this guy shouldn’t be reacting to this diss track and calling is “not hard” if he doesn’t know half of the shit that’s being said in the track

    35. jack kossoudji

      This man just a hater

    36. I_WinForFun_

      Randolph says he he’s from I’m but non of this has to do with American football except for when AB gets knocked out but come on man 🤣

    37. CC 11

      Ayo who’s that blonde girl For research purposes....obviously

    38. Chris Cuba

      Bro u should've put the link to the diss track in the desc now the popo gonna get ya

    39. Samster0y

      Logan Paul is gay

    40. iNtensifi3d

      Ab is Antonio brown

    41. Serial Music

      You can’t say the bars aren’t hard when you don’t know what they mean

    42. Harvey Gallagher

      Come on you reds didn't know u support forest best team ever

    43. BZLS

      I think it's decent

    44. Nicolas Quiñonez

      This guy reviewing this but ain now shit

    45. RB24NFL

      He is a football player not soccer tho that has been being werid and vontaze burfict is a football player

    46. stoney

      the actual video starts at 2:01

    47. Benjamin Costa

      He was the best Wide Receiver in the league

    48. TimCJ

      Ngl kinda crazy how little people from the UK know about the NFL lol

    49. lol.

      All because of a bengals player fr

    50. lol.

      English people don’t understand football and ab so if don’t really matter

    51. Jeremy

      I didn't know who ab is until logan called ab out. 😬

    52. Drew Carpenter

      This was one of the most uneducated reactions I’ve ever seen

    53. N8TRO

      He was a football(America)player that got kicked out and since then has gone crazy and got arrested multiple times and is going crazy

    54. Matthew Hewitt

      do your research

    55. Olivetti HD

      You are the last person that should’ve reviewed this did track😂

    56. Michel Ehrensperger

      This Song is trash

    57. Cj Hamel

      for not knowing a lot going into it he picked up on most of it

    58. Adrien Velimirovic

      You basically didn’t understand the track but the punchlines were good

    59. Cj12 Fifa

      Ksi won’t react cause he wouldn’t wanna praise Logan I’m guessing? I prefer ksi so not tryna hate

    60. TRB

      Logan paul is very slowly becoming the youtuber everyone likes but people dont want to admit it