Rarest Features Only In 5% Of Humans



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    Rarest Features Only In 5% Of Humans! Do you have any of these rare body features or know someone with one? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch genius inventions you didn't know existed nosel.info/video/video/pXxte4iqm3qRk6s.html Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf
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    1. SSSniperWolf

      do you have any unique features??? I don't lol

      1. Amaya ortiz

        I can gleek

      2. Amaya ortiz

        I have an x on my hand

      3. Elayna Velazquez

        I am part of the one % with the tongue thing not the 3 leave clover my friend can do the 3 leave clover with his tongue

      4. Adrian Gonzalez

        Hi have a missing dumb plz nobody like this I was born like that😰😰😭😭😭💔

      5. •Gacha_Tina•

        I have the hole in the ear

    2. Lily Hunter

      OH and my grandpa had a missing toe like someone cut it off because it was infected and Back then they didnt have a treatment oof his little little toe

    3. Eine Panambunan

      I have one

    4. BaguetteSlippers

      I'm sorry being the Gravity Falls fan I am-- <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="321">5:21</a> IT'S FORD'S DAUGHTER!!!

    5. Boey Zi Feng

      I think <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="530">8:50</a> is just holding the bottle backwards using your hand

    6. TMS Grade 2A

      nope i dont

    7. Elena Acevedo

      I can do the tounge thing

    8. Jaiden Elisoff

      I have a. Y not a x

    9. Serenity Davis

      When your one of those ppl that have that whole in their ear... I'm actually proud, but then not proud of it....its kind of weird ppl ask you “Did you get a piercing...?” Me: “Why would you--- oh”

    10. Jamie Swan

      I have X’s on both my palms

    11. I AM NOT Albert

      I have the x on my palm

    12. Leah Gray

      There's an albino girl that goes to my school.

    13. sofia v. guerra

      i have the x in my hand

    14. FireFox2008 Sellers

      If gleek but not on command just when I talk it comes out

    15. Rafael Zaragoza

      I can write with both hands and I always write with my write hand for 8years until I was 9

    16. Blue Eclipse

      When I was in kindergarten, my teacher told us that if we thought of a color, our eye color changed that color. It made me feel so special until now when I am writing this..LOL

    17. Narrow Ben

      Is this where the new hair started

    18. April Rigopoulos

      I have hazel green eyes

    19. April Rigopoulos

      I have alot of them its crepy

    20. April Rigopoulos

      Omg I think I have an x on my hand

    21. lmpoint09

      I have an X on my palm to love your videos I love you so much🥰

    22. Legendary Lola Plays

      People always get likes for random words sooo. Grass

    23. Jessica Gray

      I have no haned

    24. Jessica Gray

      My graphics has no fum👌

      1. Jessica Gray


    25. gachacorn 64

      I am soooo close to being able to hold a water bottle backwards also my unique features include: I can shake my eyes, I can focuse on things that go bye very fast, to pour a cup of water perfectly while I'm dizzy

    26. ToyTrap Animations The hazbin hotel lover ÒwÓ

      I have elf ears UwU

    27. Latesha Berry

      I have the x

    28. mickeylee31


    29. Estefania Bautista

      I just realized that I have two different colored eyes so my right eye is so so much darker than my left and the left is a light brown that has a bit of green!!!! Yay I have a unique feature bro ima tell everyone

    30. shay0190 shay0190

      I have a white streak down my hair that was there from birth

    31. Arrianna Wissink

      dude i legit can gleek up to 2 feet away from me

    32. Jennifer Walker

      I have to different ears one is rand and one is pouted

    33. Jennifer Walker

      I can separate my toes

    34. Enna Sanchez

      I know how to use the toungh thing iam not liying

    35. Rych El. LA

      i think i have unique features....

    36. Eva

      I have heterochromia iridium. Around my pupils are brown and on the rest my eyes are green.

    37. Rych El. LA

      i have an x in mah palm i think.

    38. PastelCat Draws

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="46">0:46</a> i have both for some reason...

    39. Bell Anello

      I cant do this ✋ on my right hand

    40. kracinda

      I do

    41. Tina Sawyer

      My friend has the hole near the ear

      1. Tina Sawyer

        And I have the x on my hands

    42. Pinkwolf Playz

      I have a X on my palm UwU

    43. Moira Kat

      I have a blonde streak in my hair

    44. TIK TOK

      Yes i have unique features sssniper wolf

    45. Jordan Harris

      Same with the teeth

    46. FluffyCloud

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="228">3:48</a> spit sprayed out of my mouth 0-0 it wasnt on command though ;c

    47. Jaylene Melendez

      I have that ear thing

    48. Tanajge Bowen

      I have six figures

    49. Gabriella Carrasco

      The patch on the girls head is like noya from Haikyuu

    50. sad pigeon dog

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="322">5:22</a> OMG GRAVITY FALLS IS REAL!!!!! ITS LIKE UNCLE FORD

    51. Gacha girl

      I have a x

    52. royal high roleplay Funny sometimes

      Yeah I can do the to

    53. Shayna Andersen

      i can twist my tounge all the way around!

    54. Hamna Nasar

      My aunty has two thumbs but they are on the same finger

    55. BigMac Playz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="181">3:01</a> E.T. Looking like

    56. Malik Hoff

      Lia's Unique Feature: Glasses.

    57. Malik Hoff

      Brown eyes are underrated

    58. Malik Hoff

      Hi Friends, It's Leek

    59. Readerreaper

      I have an x on my palm’s

    60. Eric Alvarez

      I have it!

    61. Oscar Nolasco

      I have a hole in ny ear in the metal part

    62. Ocean Pretty

      And having toilet paper during corintean

    63. Ocean Pretty

      Yes I do I have to hair colors that are SUPER RARE

    64. 19771998beata

      I have the X feature and I know that BC I marked it on my palm and i also can gleek open command and that all I have😂😂😂

    65. Pumkin Spooks

      XD I looked at my palm

      1. Pumkin Spooks

        I have an x

    66. Olivia Spitler

      I HAVE THE X

    67. Hollow Titan

      My friend's dad and I can gleek

    68. Little Dove

      I thought being able to make your tongue squirt was normal lol

    69. Lillian Cox

      I have an x on both

    70. Georgia Elkins

      I can gleek not coman but kinda

    71. The loser The Loser

      I have the straight palm line ;-; and I have the absent thingy O havent watched the whole vid so it might say edited

    72. Georgia Elkins

      I have that line in y wrist

    73. itz legendary twins

      i have a straight line going through my palm


      wait i think can can also geek wat ever its called

    75. autumn grimes

      I can do cross eyed


      i feel like i have the X

    77. Xxcloud_girl xX


    78. maya arbiture


    79. Catherine Griffith

      omg im a rare hoomen i haas le x in my palm :D

    80. legrand hall

      i have an x!!!!