Reacting to THE HELIUM SONG Reactions with Miniminter! (KSI, Crypt & More!)



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    1. Oli Inch

      Can you realise the same song but without the helium

    2. Evan Howells

      Anyone else notice the advert on jj's video was for hair regrowth😂

    3. Mzungumfupi yt

      Maybe you guys can do a song in the future on sulfur hexafluoride, it's the opposite of helium. I think it would sound sick!

    4. Waste Disposal Unit

      Simon ft lil dicky

    5. Codi Leigh

      It does sound good high

    6. Waste Disposal Unit

      Usually people are joined by, not joined with randy

    7. Amelie Stopps

      You should feature jj on your next song

    8. itsEevee

      omg i wonder why they did the helium song on helium... weird

    9. Olé Hancock

      Sound like d block

    10. sameer Sheikh

      Simon shouldnt care about their opinion if he raps Let him do his thing if hes good at it and he'll probably go somehwere

    11. -Winder-

      I can’t listen to the song normally now because I watched it on x2 now it just doesn’t sound right

    12. LK32

      It’s not a good concept if you have to explain it constantly, and just adding helium isn’t a concept it’s a gimmick. Either just rap or don’t bother man

    13. jed loveday

      I think it a shit song my view each to there own

    14. Alfie HD

      Better than all of jj’s songs. 😂😂

    15. Littlest Hobo

      Its class watching Simon's face when they get to his part.. he is so gassed, like a kid at Christmas lol. I really liked the song btw.. i assumed it was going to be a bit jokier and cringier than it was... but nope! it actually bangs and i LOVE the hook. Similar to luxs Christmas song, that surprised me too, but this is more a proper song though ... i see a comment below about doing a theme for your podcast.. you should both definitely do that and clip a bit of it for your intro and outro

    16. 0xAlfiex0

      Everybody like this comment to see Simon to do it seriously !!!!

    17. Kanashi Senpaii

      Randolph talking alone would probably make it a 30 minute vid

    18. THB NeckBeard

      Instead of helium you need to do the gas that lowers your voice. Its the only thing that would compliment this lol

    19. OJBABY

      So is nobody going to talk about Simon being dressed as Naruto?

    20. Max Evans

      Why are crypt and Randolph the same person

    21. Sam Brant

      They use KSI instead of other youtubers for click bait lol

    22. Adam Field

      Jokes how their first song together is better than any of KSI’s songs 😂😂😂😂

    23. a b y s s

      When JJ's reaction has more views then the actual song. Cmon guys go stream the song!!!

    24. Filbertnut

      Gulag song

    25. Thicc_Drey

      I though Randolph is Crypt

    26. Monika Heller

      Atleast give the links to everyones channel in the description ._. Feel like your giving no credit

    27. Paul Schmeltz

      get a warzone song and make vik spit

    28. tyler morgan

      Make a song to the war zone beat

    29. Josh Pollock

      Just do a song based on poo 😁👍

    30. soiung toiue

      that must of felt so good for Simon when his best mate whose a top ten artist rates his flow

    31. TooPro47

      I fuck with you guys but this song ain’t it

    32. Ben Higgins

      It's so bad wtf

      1. soiung toiue

        I actually agree with Crypt totally the helium sound is jarring af and the song would sound better without it, whether it's 'the point' or not. Sorry.

    33. 12345

      Randolph is bad sorry

    34. Kalidas Vijay


    35. Shadow

      This video is them exposing jj 😂😂😂

    36. William white-_-

      Make a cod song it would be sick

    37. MisterTrash

      Helium is the theme we get it but it still is annoying asf

    38. Jack Barnes

      Wouldn’t be the first time a parody song has smashed it, didn’t mans not hot get number 1

    39. XvCiiA

      Tropic: Corona 👏

    40. Aaronthegenerator *

      make a warzone song

    41. Brannan Bowkett

      ngl shit song

    42. David Bainbridge

      Everyone knows about 911

    43. Pavel YouTube

      Why is Simon always so bitter

    44. Txla G

      Ok let’s not lie THIS SONG BANGSSSSSS and tbh I think dis song is better den some of ksi’s song. Simon should get more confidence this is sick. Make more I beggggg

    45. FLOWERHUNTER 101


    46. Brodie Hager


    47. Devil

      You could use warzone as a theme

    48. Adam

      I actually agree with Crypt totally the helium sound is jarring af and the song would sound better without it, whether it's 'the point' or not. Sorry.

    49. SoaR Ren


    50. Another One

      The helium is what makes it unique 👌🏼

    51. Vidavinci

      Randy you gettin a bit cocky mate, you are talented as hell bro, but there are other talents man Simon I get you, you're actually really cool, and damn you killed it man! KSI showed really genuine feelings and he can really unite people, even if he doesn't comprehend on his own way Love the SIDEMEN ❤

    52. the Staggster

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="356">5:56</a> ?

    53. y2jose285

      Did anyone see the ghost behind Miniminter behind the door?? 👻

    54. Freddie Liddiard


    55. OBJ Jordzy

      The song is so wank

    56. StandOut Productions

      Is it just me or when there is the hot air balloons, i can see a celebi hot air balloon!?😂If they did it on purpose fair play to Randy and Minimeter

    57. Cel

      JJ's face when he saw Simon rapping- and Simon's face when he saw JJ's reaction. THIS FRIENDSHIP IS EVERYTHING

    58. Harry Stewart


    59. Carl Kelly

      48 minutes long fucking hell

    60. Daud11

      Make a song again together

    61. ABhayG

      Does anybody knows randy meaning in Hindi

    62. Cxyra GBs

      Is it just me that picked up on the lugia ballon

    63. Excalibur 1122

      Many areas are not in full lockdown anymore as far as I know but my area still is

    64. Presley Llewellyn

      Don’t react to your self u bearded pig

    65. Andy Saghbini

      Let’s get Randy more monthly listeners than RiceGum.

    66. TheDarkNight21

      Do a warZone song

    67. MFARRAR05

      Make a warzone song with Randy, Simon, Josh, and Vik

    68. દિ પ


    69. Josh Wells

      Minter and Randy

    70. jamie games!

      U said a relavent topic soo simion x randy minecraft track coming soon lol

    71. Jason Hales

      Love the helium song, it is great to just see people having fun and raping. Hope to see more from you all just having fun.

    72. Enzy

      Pls make a non helium version of this song

    73. Football Galaxy

      the whole randy and randolph thing is genius. i wish more rappers would do that so we can see a more fun/casual side to them

    74. Slogoray


    75. Morgan McCauley


    76. Østen Lunde

      Do a song with a pinched nose

    77. Jozza XD

      Rap about bpl clubs

    78. The Enigma

      Has anyone ever released a song and let anyone who reacted / criticized it add notes, ad-libs etc to the song itself? Seems like a fun concept

    79. Zochhuanawma Zote

      Randolph why dont you go to music like rapping... I think you are the best from you tuber according to rap..

    80. YWR_ ryfomann

      It wasn't good