Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2-3 ● All Goals and Full Highlights ● English Commentary ● 23-04-2017 HD



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    Real Madrid vs Barcelona All Goals and Full Highlights | 23-04-2017 HD
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    1. Martin P X

      This is the difference between Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.😃😃😃 I've seen this match for many times because of that little man called Leo Messi.

    2. BTS world

      Goat messi

    3. AB IS LIVE

      Messy and ronaldo both hard Like here 👇👇👇

    4. mahir Daiyan

      Best ever el clasico match

    5. Shiv Kumar

      Nice 😄😎broo

    6. DYN4M1C_D0GE

      Ppl from china are for Barcelona!?!??!

    7. Hendra Gunawan

      Woi banci itu ada bayarannya

    8. Aashfaq Sanim

      Whenever I feel bored, I watch the match repeatedly

    9. Naat in one

      Bercelona deserve win this match One of best player Messi in the world ❤️🇮🇳 Sérgio ramos world's number one cheater 😠

    10. Matin _T

      20k dislikes. 20k real madrid fans😂

    11. Shahjada Eamin Sarkar

      messi is always best...

    12. Anak ayah Ais

      Messi kasian di incar terus

    13. Michael Weiss

      The king of football is messi

    14. るーな3108


    15. Твой Хан

      Barcelone best !!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

    16. Qunaalius Jensen

      Barca in santiago bernabeu: *win* Barca in Camp nou: *draw or lose* 😅😅

    17. Rohidan j jHidan

      I Love Messi


      He gonna be booked he don’t care 🤷‍♂️

    19. Abhimanyu Sharma

      Refreshing memories i watch this match with my real madrid's fan friend and when messi scored that goal he was pissed off🤣

    20. Pritam Roy

      Messi lover ❤️❤️

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    22. Yukar Nato

      Who won??

    23. Shadaab Shah

      Who won the title in this season?

      1. Mouhamed senegal


    24. alexxan

      I miss these El Clasicos that were basically Ronaldo vs. Messi

    25. Muhajir Al-kamal


    26. Nikola Koloski

      Picki real

    27. Dr Ram Banerjee

      These game won't happen again

    28. bd cleshar

      I love you Messi💓💓

    29. Mahayo_ Gamer

      Very nice wender full match

    30. kota koteswararao

      I don't how many times i saw this video

    31. Dr.T.L.Xavier

      Great . Thank you for Posting. Pls Subscribe me too.

    32. Majid Maulidin

      Ingat sepak bola karna ada covid -19


      Messi - The BOSS 😍

    34. Saul A

      Rakitić is underrated

    35. Valentin Maidana

      barcelona !!!

    36. σpu mαddч

      When Ronaldo failed to goal he get angry,shouting etc etc..But when Messi fails to goal nothing will change in his face,no angry no shouting no nothing..❤️❤️ Love From India

    37. みなみなせ


    38. rita hasnat

      Thank u Messi for always winning

    39. Emily Hesky Dex

      The game btn barca and Rm is war, body to body, to die or alive and to see who is big

    40. Rayhan Uddin

      Messi is the best ❤❤

    41. ANYG-_- ReUuzAki

      Fuck barcelona

    42. Maximillian Ford

      Seeing Ronaldo have a sook after every Barca goal is so funny

    43. Technical Generation

      "You cannot write script for this little mam..unbelievably"

    44. রূপা দাস

      I am Indian Lovely video and Lovely GOAL for messi

    45. Wandee Amphai

      Amount of salty ronaldo fan over here is crazy but qt the same time the amount of messi fanboi being bad to ronaldo is also crazy I respect both

    46. Iwenk Angkelsem

      Does anyone pay attention to James's celebration? something was wrong there.. I think.

    47. Jamshid Rakhimov

      Бир узи Реал ни Кутини ёриб ташаган Месси.

    48. Rosa Basto

      Mi idolo elmejor los que levan a cr7 son putos

    49. Sahbaz Ahmad

      Messiiiaaaahhhh love u

    50. Pratham Arora

      will ramos ever stop getting reds

    51. Amisha Mallick

      Messi and Ronaldo both are absolutely amazing, mellifluous 💖💖 💖

    52. Cristiano Mufakir

      Me as An footballer It was Not Fair Game From start😞

    53. The hunter Boy

      Unbelievable messi👌

    54. Masoom Raza

      Lionel Messi did score a splendid goal

    55. wilbarid al hijaziy

    56. Khalad Masud.


    57. Michael Smith

      The craziest thing about this game is that Ronaldo and Messi both missed sitters


      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="437">7:17</a> why was zidane celebrating

    59. Luca gaming

      Fucked real Madrid BESTER Football player is Messi

    60. Juma M omary


    61. Jannelle Ginete

      Ronaldo is bad because he push his fans

    62. Jannelle Ginete

      Ronaldo is bad but messi is good


      "He is the best there is, the best there ever has been, possibly the best there ever will be".

    64. Ralph Muskinyaar

      “James Rodriguez writes his name in the history books” Messi deletes him from there lol.

      1. Legend Arti

        Lol yeah

      2. Arunesh Tomar


    65. Catherine Eshun

      i think footballers along with training take acting classes lol


      Fcbarcelona best club wold messi suarez viva viva always

    67. Deceased Prodigy

      Good times......

    68. Kawin Sae Jang

      rolando run so fast

    69. Kawin Sae Jang

      Rolando run so fat i like rolando hime becusese he good at footbal

    70. 1990Thunderbolt

      FC Barcelona: BMW! Real Madrid: Mercedes Benz!

    71. حجی ریکانی

      messi 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘

    72. حجی ریکانی


    73. حجی ریکانی


    74. Aijaz Saim

      Zidane is silent even at 84’ voz he know messi

    75. Ganesh Yadav

      Love Messi from Nepal

    76. Sai Ganesh 693

      Messi 🤘

    77. Athole Thorie

      Marcelo purposely hit Messi.. Wtf

    78. don don


    79. muhamad iqbal

      Sergio roberto 🔥

    80. علاء عبدال عبيد

      احب اقولك