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    Attention all chocoholics!
    Looks like we’ve got a new challenge on our hands!
    One of these mystery plates has a chocolate treat and the other, well, you’ll see :)
    Let’s put your love for the chocolate to the test with this delicious chocolate challenge!!
    Be sure to share this challenge with your fellow chocolate lovers! And don’t forget to subscribe to 123 GO! CHALLENGE’s NOsel page so you never miss out on our awesome content!

    #123GO #chocolatevsreal #foodchallenge
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    1. bronwyn daniels

      You are the best

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    3. Kim Rowell

      I like that video

    4. Ida Royani

      Kak jangan pake bahaha ingris dong ga ngerti aku nya wkwkwkwkwk

    5. Nicole Wimberly

      7 see

    6. Norberto mi .

      Do more chocolate videos pls do more pls 🐔🦄🐩😘🤩😋💜💖💕😍📱📲

    7. Norberto mi .

      Omg I'm a big fan 🐔🐓🐩🦄💕💖💜😂🐱🐈


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    9. romano perez


    10. Hassan Lakhder

      Îýî8? Et 9tgğū 4e 😃😁😂😃

    11. LUNA kpoperBTS

      How did Emily get her hair cut and then it went back

    12. Saya Madred


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    28. Frost Bite

      Don't you hate it when you accidentally eat real metal scissors and they start cutting up your insides? Happens all the time.

    29. Rasha Almaz

      Wait didn’t Emily cut her hair how did it get longer in a second

    30. Mariah Munroe

      I like how the title says good but they give them inanimate objects

    31. ansi ansi

      Can you make a fast and slow challenge

    32. Galaxy Babies!

      Lana is kevs gf righy?


      Hahahaaaaa nice one.....Subscribe to my NOsel channel account for more about Maria series, Ringo, Selina, Comedy and current issues across the world....

    34. Sally Rochford

      , 😂

    35. Genaro Herrera

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    36. مينا اكيوت

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    37. multitalentedboi Check this

    38. Eduard Isaku

      Its so tasty

    39. Carol Watson

      I love you em

    40. Gauresh Sumeir

      I love your video

    41. Urmila Dwivedi

      Amazing almost everyone likes chocolate and if you like chocolate click the like button 👆 👍👍😀😀

    42. Karen Rose

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    43. Punnapa Kumprasit

      Can you give me some money some moneys

    44. mixio hili

      I'm leaving on Thursday

    45. Rizza De guzman


    46. Tyasia Belin


    47. Omar Bravo

      Haha so funny

      1. mixio hili


    48. Mikko Bustos-Castillo

      How did her hair came back...

    49. Tu Tio Ben


    50. maryam jawad

      زناایتزتزپبپترت. تاهلممنزب ی

    51. Nurul OriSuzan




    53. Muhamad Faoza

      kan namanya 123 goindonesian tapi ada yg bahasa inggris gi mana sih

    54. Misty Cupcake

      Hannah lips are big and she eats on the side of her lips

    55. Keith Mizell


    56. g felder


    57. Itzel Rodriguez


    58. Unicorn squad Oh

      Lol her hair were short now it’s back to normal LOL it’s a wig

    59. Mari Luna

      How come her hair was not that when it was the next round

    60. Gerril Aqbil


    61. Premendra Bhagat

    62. Premendra Bhagat


    63. Cambria Kennedy


    64. DJ Wolfy


    65. Alexis Hernandez

      I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    66. Virus AimBoT Hacker

      This is fucking stupid

    67. Kayeceyah Yu

      Red its so baad

    68. HIWOT B

      I am Hiwot's daughter. And I 💘 Love😍 Your videos. #Amazing

    69. Itai Lunga


    70. Gloria Vera


    71. Eni Pond

      I looove chocolate

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    73. Waddles World

      Hannah is eating too much chocolate

    74. Cheyitfkdk Coopergfskgjf

      Nannie is shining and Anthony yeah

    75. Laura Layton

      How do u break a credit card

    76. Vitalie Iovu

      I LOVE 123GO😍😍😍😍

    77. Zido Wael

      hi 123go

    78. Anna Williams

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    79. Andrew Boardman

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    80. Jeff Lam

      The kind of video that fully follows NOsel's rule