Really Stretchy Ice

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    Frozen Beard:
    Yoda Dog: pB7bhjX2qhsq/
    Bike Jump: pB7UXMjJg2nW/
    Flipping: pB7Y_5UvHooV/
    Cat Doughnut:
    Cat Vet Trip:
    It Meant Everything To Me by Le Gang
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    Escape by Niwel
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    1. Airagog 101

      that cargo ship timelapse was one of the coolest things ive ever seen

      1. Hello There

        Me too

      2. gamen met Joey


      3. XBY Shoolps XD


      4. Rona Hona


      5. wolverineiscool

        the plane thing was my coolest thing ive seen

    2. Kenn vincent Valdemoro


    3. Lucas Moser

      I hate this intro so much... and the outro too

    4. Animals Collection Channel


    5. Sofia Andrade

      That poor cat could not get through the chair☹

    6. Xander Divinagracia

      I felt bad to the minesota guy

    7. :Dont Touch My Hair:

      Love how the thumbnail is the first clip you dissapointment😇

    8. Kingz99

      I live in Minnesota and I have never done that in the dead of winter.

    9. Browny On Wheels

      the guy bought a plane and put it in the middle of a forest? How?

    10. Xire_C

      Bruh that timelapse was the light of this video

    11. Ari Bodic

      Legend says, That parachute man is still spinning to this day.

    12. Drew Sampson

      no one: the demogorgon in starnger thing going through the wall 0:04

    13. _Enttäuscht_

      Is anyone going to talk about the fact that the guy on in the glider thing is flipping all around in the air? That’s... scary qwq

    14. Arly Destura

      😲 waaaaa?

    15. LPS GENNA


    16. Sfl0wer

      3:03 My attempt at sports.

    17. Abby Slone

      The second one made my hips hurt

    18. J a z z u

      Esto es UPDT versión gringa

    19. Yanblox Games

      1:00 thats so easy

    20. Yousef Eclipse

      And you watched this video and in the 1st second you said............... WOW!

    21. Violet_Gacha

      That’s fake. *That ice is a payed actor.* (I know this is an over-used comment.)

    22. Halloweenboi spirit

      The water is now slime..

    23. Moh Gamer

      1:29 AHHHHHHH A YETI KILL ITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

    24. Christopher Strausbaugh

      So satisfying 🥴🤤

    25. Ayesha_974

      If I see that ice one day I might take it home...

    26. Uncle John

      Oh no! Your pet is stuck and can't get out! What will you do? > Record and giggle as your pet tries to squirm free to get free social media likes Actually save their poor souls

      1. Uncle John

        Look, it's a comment that isn't bad! What will you comment? Yeah, that is pretty bad > shut up

      2. AyyBasha

        Uncle John shut up

    27. Undertale lover 69

      1:59 the person doing the time lapse should sing the Aladdin song"I can show you the WORLD!"

    28. Michael Saw

      What wth

    29. Michael Saw

      Poor cat

    30. GTX Z

      1:00 Lord voldermot founded...

    31. Оладушек 15

      0:05 Я с тиной в бочке также делаю

    32. Time Goes On

      2:26 The man who bought the plane will survive if there's any apocalypse.

    33. Y-O-K-I

      I live in Minnesota. It’s not at all like that🤣

      1. AyyBasha

        Y-O-K-I At least not this year. Last year was awful tho

    34. MiraiKim

      It looks like there's a glitch going on with the cat and chair vid

    35. FoxGamingOfficial

      2:29 the plane was found there not bought and placed there

    36. Jacqueline Haywood

      Poor cat

    37. Danielle Long

      My mom: eat your green beans Me: no My mom: fine at least have a banana Me: 0:48

    38. 「 A u g u s t 」

      It must of been really cold-- the ice

    39. Labanyabati Nayak

      So no one is gonna talk about this guy 01:14 who sounded like the wandering oaken's trading post man in the Frozen movie

    40. SUB TO THE EGG

      Night staff ch fake slash road emissions realistically usurpation austerities disgusting hibiscus

    41. Eve Wolf

      Sorry, im so sorry, but... Atiny, i know you are here, can you hear the begining of "horizon" at 2:52? i just-

    42. Pastel Princess

      0:12 *me*looks like jelly

    43. Howard Shinhyung Kim

      Pooh the stretchy ice

    44. Nolan Hembree

      0:17 I think i'm just gonna sit down and- AH! Karen! Karen i'm stuck! Why are you laughing? There is nothing funny about this!

    45. Fallen Nathaniel

      It's fucking slush

    46. kavin kumar

      1:00 *voldemort enter*

    47. Mario Márquez Alcaraz

      There is a spanish canal that have better videos than you is called : Tu ración diaria de internet


      it's a happy pupper

    49. Pro_Gamer123

      0:27 It annoys me how he can’t get into the chair through the small hole..

    50. Shehniza Khan

      Just help the poor cat

    51. Aman Redden

      At 0:44 is that really a DEER 🦌??? 🤔🤔

    52. D'angelo Lauw

      do the steps to get chance to win!!

    53. Hank__ Bk

      0:43 the banana just warped out of existence

    54. Ashton Mcdaniel

      1:29 go take a warm bath...

    55. 2Cool4U

      Why was the stranger things theme playing in the nose one

    56. J R

      2 hours of Minnesota Me: ROOKIE NUMBERS

    57. il0vetac0s44 The legend

      Ant your channel is great

    58. Imogen

      me at basketball: 1:12

    59. Gacha Fire flame

      Banana 🦌

    60. I miss you, Everest