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    What's the one thing that everybody consistently associates Snoop Dogg with? That's right, the classic French dish Lobster Thermidor. We challenged resident Bon Appétit super taster Chris Morocco to recreate Snoop's famous lobster recipe using every sense he has other than sight.
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    Recreating Snoop Dogg's Lobster Thermidor From Taste | Bon Appétit

    Publisert 6 måneder siden


    1. Bon Appétit

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      1. FacheChanteDeux

        Than you to Chris for humanely killing the lobster.

      2. bunnyhoney

        Stop boiling lobsters alive, everyone who does it, how cruel are you?!

      3. Sellinga coerwa

        Snoop Dogg is a "chef"? ...ok Bon Appetit, ok

      4. BassManBobBassCovers

        This is so tough. Most chefs would not be able to pull this off.

      5. TheXJill

        FYI y'all should pair with prizeo with the prize being a test kitchen visit or doing a back to back with Carla. I think you'd make a lot more money because people could bid 5-20 dollars that can't afford 1K and higher. Just a thought.

    2. francesca grunderson

      big respect for carla for making this three times, looks pretty hard (i always wonder who makes the ones he tastes every time)

    3. Bdellovibrio O

      Using a cru-designate VSOP Cognac in a sauce smh

    4. NAMLAZ

      as a french guy to see a recipe that's been a french classic for almost 150 years attitrubuted to some famous stoner because he tweaked couple things is midly infuriating even tho i kinda like snoop dogg

      1. NAMLAZ

        but tbf i don't think that even snoop would call it "his" lobster recipe... i mean if he's a bit honest and humble

    5. Frances Jordan

      Anybody else freaking out because he never rinsed the poo off????

    6. Camilo Ferreira

      remember when we could go to the supermarket so freely? the good ol' times

    7. emily sarah

      throwback to shopping without a mask... and fear.

    8. QuackCalledQuest

      Lobster ingredients: *Lobster*

    9. Paulismyhero777

      "It looks almost identical. 80% for appearance"

    10. Madison Mullins

      "what that it's like a pisces?" PFTTTT LMFAO I DIED

    11. NappySquirrel

      Does Chris wear the same shirt for all these episodes??

    12. Mokofin

      For those wondering, "Thermidor" was the name of the 11th month of the French Revolutionary calendar.

    13. Maddi

      My favorite thing is while he was talking about breadcrumbs they censored his swears with an image of the cracker he was supposed to be using.

    14. goebbleroni miep

      I need that show where they try to figure out which alcohol it is That would be so cool

    15. livamour

      Is it normal to have that green gunk on the lobster? Is it poo?

    16. Briar Bear

      80% for appearance made no sense. Considering the words “almost identical” were used by the grader.

    17. Marcel Imperatore

      Best epi ever, love Chris, love Caarla evenn more

    18. na dazz

      Carla: Looks almost identical! Also Carla: 80%

    19. Abeille Magique Dans Coquelicot

      Chris : "Hmm those breadcrumbs aren't great, U think I will first toast them in the oven, oh it's dark well that's okay it has sugar in it, I'll probably cut them this size it looks pretty okay no problem, Nice!" Snoop Dogg :"CRUNCH RITZ"

    20. chuchuchuchia

      I really hope those lobster innards were saved and enjoyed

    21. marina kasparov

      I feel like he should have maybe two or three hints like in who wants to be a millionaire where he can either phone a friend/ask someone else’s opinion or maybe even have a question answered out of three options he thinks something might be?? Idk

    22. marina kasparov

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="370">6:10</a> WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THIS

    23. J.r0d

      Snoops would be medicated

    24. Sergio Melendez

      For April fools they should make Chris try and re-create one of his own recipes

    25. Joel Abhishek

      *Lobster* ☑️ Lobster

    26. Otávio Werson Yago

      Chris getting paranoid over a baguette is my spirit animal

    27. Eljan Rimsa

      This lobster is named after a notorious theater play - perhaps this should given him the hint that some riots are going on against French cooking tradition.

    28. Jackson Hall

      I love how he has a lobster blindfold on

    29. Layla Abdush-Shaheed

      Carla robbed him on appearance. That was a 90% match!

    30. Der Nesor

      wow this looks identical 80%

    31. Ni Ai

      I'd say appearance is 90. Why did you give him 80? He even expected it to be higher than 80, which is true. It looks 90 on camera, it looks 90 off camera.

    32. just an average bisexual

      *im just watching you eat and make delicousness and healthyness food while eating unicorn sparkle icecream with a bit of suger on top*

    33. Sam Graham

      Chris: I NEED SPOONS Also Chris: dips his finger straight into the sauce

    34. Justin Collins

      Is no one else going to comment on how he didnt wash the lobster after gutting it? You can see the green bile and intestines everywhere and then he eats it

    35. Michelle Thomas

      Chris says it's wrong to put parm on lobster and I just think of Beverly goldberg

    36. PapaJoeB

      appearance should be in the 90s for sure!

    37. Andrea Jiménez

      Me literally wanting to scream IT'S JUST CRUSHED RITZ CRACKERS is the epidemy of anxiety

    38. Stephi

      That Whole Foods is really pretty

    39. Eric McManus

      Please say the word "like" a few more times. You didn't say it enough.

    40. Eric McManus

      Dude. Look at the way his mask is flipped up at the bottom. That's the oldest trick in the book when you want to make believe you can't see.

    41. J SMITTY

      Carla looking like a SNACC here, bon appétit. 😍

    42. Jason_P_Lind

      *LOBSTER* [ ] Lobster

    43. Rachael Durkin

      Chris and I have VERY different ideas about what we find upsetting...

    44. Serom

      Having to figure out crushed up Ritz is the breadcrumbs is almost unfair lol

    45. Weardo

      What does the test kitchen do with all the food that doesn't get eaten? Asking for a friend

    46. Brick Attack

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="400">6:40</a> did we just find every masked serial killers identity

    47. Ismael B

      We didn’t need to see the lobster being killed :(

    48. Ben Davidson

      Ripped on appearance after she already said they looked the same.

    49. xShaaMetalheadX

      The editing in this one is great. The Ritz cracked censorship on the cuss word. The lobsters whispering to Chris when they came out of the oven.

    50. Ashraf Docrat

      Carla’s “do you have a cold?” was absolutely savage and I love it.

    51. Tam Ponderosa

      It’s hilarious to watch Chris, blindfolded, picking through a lobster and tasting EXACTLY LIKE A LOBSTER OR CRAB EATS. 😳

    52. Ana Georgescu

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="311">5:11</a> the trauma!! by the end of the series, Chris will hold a grudge against all cheese

    53. YoungHoli718

      Chris guessing skills are so on point, his taste receptors (lol if I may) are very accurate. I would trust him with anything tbh great chef and a great person all around 100 overall rating. I like watching his episodes the most on this channel!!

    54. Victoria Em

      *the ever-so-slight zoom on the biscuits and shallots* ThE LEVel of DiSREsPECT. 😂😂😂🤧

    55. Casper Senrich

      I think you forgot to take off the rubber bands before you boiled it !!!

    56. Brenna Grace

      "Can you tell anything looking at it now?" "What? That it's like a PIsces?"

    57. omore

      These comments are fire! LOL

    58. Sam Godsey

      "I'm not Claire-- I'm not going to sit here making bread crumbs all day..." LMAO Don't do that to my girl.... but youre sooooo right!!!! HAHAHAHA

    59. Vianney

      I would have given him at least a 90 on appearance!

    60. Bernard Vu

      This is the dish I always cook in the Sim4

    61. Dave Z

      hes never made bread crumbs ?

    62. nailripping

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1835">30:35</a> O.O what

    63. bonob0123

      for a great taster, he missed everything that wasn't obvious: scallions, black pepper, shallots, gruyere, white wine

    64. bonob0123

      the man has a hard time with scallions

    65. Unknown -soundcloud

      No canibutter?

    66. Alexandria González


    67. Will Maastricht

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1685">28:05</a> my man was censored with the Ritz cracker

    68. No Problem

      80% on appearance?? I would never doubt Carlas judgement, but this is just strange to me considering they apparently looked identical as she said

    69. Shauna

      I love Chris so much more every episode haha

    70. Gary

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1835">30:35</a> love how he’s eavesdropping in the convo of the two lobsters souls 🦞 🦞🗣🗣👻👻.

    71. Tom Idelson

      I love Chris so much!!! So funny, so clever, so talented, so sophisticated and swears like truck driver!! LOVE HIM!!!

    72. Piriathy

      thank you so much for explaining what a roux is! I love when y'all explain what these cooking things are, these little terms we hear so much they lose meaning (like umami, I used to think that meant sour, now i think it means nothing, foodies just say it)

      1. bec

        Umami is a real thing, it’s kind of hard to describe but it’s the kind of savory salty flavor, like in soy sauce.

    73. Sarah Vanderhoff

      Learned about Chris: Favorite movie is Top Gun Fan of... Snoop Dogg???

    74. HMan

      What do you mean who's had it and who's making it? I eat lobster thermidor every year at our family's lobster cookout as an entrée to the two or three boiled lobsters coming up... Also, who boils a lobster with a rubber band still on?! Dude that's gross, the entire pot will taste like rubber... Are you really that afraid of a crustacean 1/100 your size?

    75. Thomas Elbo Jensen

      "They look almost identical"... And then she gives him 80% in appearance..?? WTF?

    76. Justine Chiasson

      Did he just kill the lobster? Maybe that’s normal but like.. 😱😰😥😨✋😅

    77. oo oo

      He is so funny. Love.

    78. Hugo Hugenotten

      Carla looks hot!

    79. Eli

      “I’m feeling like white wine is the answer” Me, everyday.

    80. Sarah Dempster

      Okay but I’d really love to see “guess that alcohol” with chris and Delaney... just think how hilarious that would be