Red Bull Gushers Taste Test | SNACK SMASH

1,3 mill ganger217

    What happens when you cross Red Bull with Gushers? Find out on today's episode of SNACK SMASH! SM#002
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    Publisert 7 måneder siden


    1. Robert Livesay

      Campaign to make this a thing anybody

    2. Big Mike

      I love how casually he shotgunned that Red Bull

    3. Backfromthedead Again

      This was great i had fun but i gtg its not you its me

    4. Marc Fisher Jr.

      Red bull gushers smashed with jagermeister, aka Jager bomb gushers!

    5. Cody Juergens


    6. Hudson H

      *BIG BEEF* is my favourite josh nickname, followed by J-Sizzle and Chriiiiis Morocco

    7. dbsrbso

      Pretty sure something like this already exists fyi

    8. MissLilyputt

      Can I just say, I love the cat shirt Josh has on. It looks like Lil Bub.

    9. Haydn Teddybear

      That star fact was wrong D:

    10. Pete Artieda


    11. Giraffe FlavoredCondoms

      I've ironically been super allergic to red due #40 since I was like 6 :(

    12. Arianna Rose

      i was thinking filling it with a syringe like donuts, but....... i shouldda known Josh ain't that precise

    13. shelbywade765

      Caffeinated candy.... please produce this so I can give you all my money.

    14. Daddy McGinnis

      Rub some bacon on it

    15. arcade gamer

      Do you invent the mountain dew doritos

    16. Bi Bitch Anonymous

      Josh is that one chill stoner in class who comes in on presentation day for the final project, meets less than half of the requirements, ends it with a small existential crisis, isn’t even wearing clean clothes, but somehow still passes with a b+

    17. Quinn MacDonald

      Josh I have a question are you ok mentally Im kinda concerned

    18. Matthew Martin

      Josh! You need to do jalapeno poppers and cheese cake

    19. Shaggy IRL

      I wish they actually made these cause I wanna buy them

    20. Erin Dwight

      Is Josh secretly a Kyle?

      1. Unknown't

        that was never a secret

    21. jedi tom

      This sounds like what every collage student needs

    22. TLynneHicks

      Lmao who is this man? He's kind of insane

    23. Strum

      Is that a goddamn Jets hat?

    24. Sam Russell

      I wanted a gusher flavored red bull tbh

    25. Adam Eaton

      Can’t get to sleep drink a red bull

    26. Ethan Brock

      Redbull has semen in that why u like so much

    27. Myles Lacher

      i thought he was gonna make gusher redbull, like a red bull flavored like a gusher, really wish he did, ould have tasted amazing!!

    28. Brayan Hercules

      Why does it have to be Redbull, why not Monster?🤔

    29. Inspiring Journey

      More like all the flavors of bull testosterone

    30. HennyGod 23

      Is that a New York jets hat???

    31. fahmida sanje

      @jeffree star must watch this as he loves redbull

    32. Kitthevash

      I havent seen that much crisco used since my 7th grade sleep over at uncle Phills

    33. Orange Juice

      When it’s sugar time- Josh:you just want a little bit *dumps half a bag in* Lol


      Doritos And Chocolate Chip Cookies, "( The Nacho Chip )"

    35. Gabe Nordstrom

      Josh is swole

    36. Mysterous Gamer

      "But kid gushers, their pure inside and filled with goo" -Mythical Kitchen Who gave that the green light

    37. Matthew Hendricks

      Do toaster strudels and Ruffles cheddar sour cream potato chips

    38. Crushed Velvet

      "If you're a small child that needs energy on the go.."

    39. Manasi M.

      Josh is a Miranda??? Josh, explain!!

    40. Kristine McKee

      smash together Tacos and Cheetos or Beef jerky and Recess Pieces

    41. Antonio rick

      My favorite part to watch in the video his biceps

    42. Savage 7486

      REdbull is made from the guanara fruit

    43. Malady Wynter Pond

      "I love the good smell of spite in the morning."

    44. Ruby Estrada-Sanchez

      ACTUALLY you need to RUB SOME BACON ON IT. No crisco for me sir

    45. Ani Mcenroe

      Fanta brownie!

    46. TheNovaGoose

      "I use this as sunblock" Ah, this explains why Josh is always shiny!

    47. Bodhi Berube

      Can the next vid be his workout routine because this man is eating Red Bull gushers but still looks jacked

    48. Lucknesh Kumar

      Do skittles and redbull

    49. Heaven Fuller

      Gushers dont have gelatin and thats why i like them

    50. malcolm champion

      Yo j-sizzle uploaded again

    51. Red Line Together

      Bruh I got diabetes from just watching this

    52. Will Reynolds

      you could also rub some bacon on it.

    53. Zȩȵɉȶɧ Rɉȵǥɱȧƨȶȩr

      plot twist: Josh actually knows what he's measuring, he's a scientific and mathmatical genius who in mentee to the Kingpin.

    54. TheCazinator

      Alright so, the general theory is red bull is flavored with lingon berries, or at least something similar, but there is no known flavor of red bull.

    55. Parker French

      What about Gatorade and gogurts

    56. Scythey-sama

      I would buy those at the store

    57. Daylight Studios

      Can you buy these😳💯??

    58. SaydieBugga Boo

      Ugh i love this dude. Love his dry humor. So cute and funny! Keep being you!

    59. Rusty Rose

      Bacon wrapped meatloaf

    60. that one weirdo

      And this is where his Redbull addiction began

    61. rubioalvin

      Alright... where can I buy this . This is such a good snack for the gym

    62. Humam Al-Fdeilat

      Why dont you make them like you would ravioli? Maybe partially freeze the filling to make it easier to handle?

    63. ZoeZoe 817

      The kiwi apple Red Bull is gross af, but I love the original Red Bull

    64. [REDACTED]

      I love the taste of normal red bull

    65. Shawn Red

      Flaming hot cream cheese spread

    66. Sam Bromley

      Only calling you Big Beef now.

    67. Not Important

      Big beef is the best nickname ever

    68. Gregory Martin

      I would legit purchase red bull gushers lol

    69. NewMoonlight

      ADHD is not caused by anything you eat, it is a difference in brain function and brain chemistry that you are either born with or not. Please don't continue to perpetuate the lies that ADHD is something that can develop after birth.

    70. Dr.Fatty

      I think I like this channel better than the main Channel honestly and I like the main Channel a lot

    71. Ta aD


    72. Katie Atkins

      waiiiit I actually need these for my jagerbombs😫

    73. momo666

      Pizza and Cinna Stix

    74. t.puffs

      Sick personality bro

    75. Martreca West

      You and Claire need to do a gourmet makes together

    76. redthorne1129

      Red Bull just tastes like Skittles....:D

    77. azraelsduality

      I'm here for Big Beef

    78. frostfenix47

      Love the facts that popped up. It was like watching pop up video on VH1 but a million times better

    79. brandonjanssen8

      I'll pay you $500 for a box of those

    80. RainbowAlpaca

      My mouth was watering SO MUCH from watching this!