Rep. Adam Schiff Passionately, Courageously Lays Out The Case Against Donald Trump

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    On the second day of Donald Trump's impeachment trial, lead House manager Rep. Adam Schiff showed remarkable courage and poise in presenting the case against the President. #Monologue #Impeachment #Comedy
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    1. Rod H

      Schiff is an embarrassment to our country

    2. Anti Woke

      Schiff is so stuning and brave.

    3. JA MES

      Orange man .... “gasp” ... bad

    4. Natalee Steele

      "And if you dont know now you know" *MIC DROP* 👏👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥

    5. Event Horizon

      Your Bernie-Bashing shows your REAL character... You still want low taxes as a rich, and Bernie Sanders would be an interference in that. You are not better than the republicans, Stephen. You're just saying what you think people want to hear. Actually... You are like Trump himself. Just a different audience.

    6. --

      I thought it was shameful for Chief Roberts to proclaim "... to remember, in equal terms, that they addressing the world greatest deliberative body". Really? The greatest deliberative body? Our grandchildren will one day ask "was it your generation where lying in public for the whole world to see was commonly acceptable? How is it that there wasn't appointed a judge to at least try to keep the obvious lies to a minimum?" History would have been made and America is probably better for it.

    7. Captain Deadpool

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="411">6:51</a> Is this John Olivers and Stephen Colberts secret love child?

    8. Al Rivers

      Haha, you suckers lose again. What ever happen to Russia gate as well, and ooooohhh, it's Mueller time. Your show is as pathetic as the democrat party sour losers.

    9. John Reid

      Liberal crybabies!!!!!

    10. Movie Fan

      OMG, national politics really the only thing you can joke about? i am outtahere

    11. Chris Thompson

      TRUMP 2020

    12. Chris Thompson

      Trash! 💩💩💩 VIVA LA TRUMP!

    13. Loralye2


    14. Lightning Von

      Trump could offer Russia Alaska in exchange for support in the next election,” Schiff said, “or move to Mar-a-Lago permanently and let Jared Kushner run the country.” Colbert’s response: “Wow! Not even in Adam Schiff’s worst nightmare scenario do Eric and Don Jr. get any responsibilities LOL

    15. Basit Shah

      First time I heard the word pettifogging was on O'Reilly vs Stewart, I remember it because I've watched it a 1000 times I think.

    16. Steven D. Bennett

      Aww, so sad the House screwed the pooch. Maybe they'll do better next hoax.

    17. Marquesha Walker

      Big made it all the way to WASHINGTON!!

    18. Dantana G

      Schiff and his team of losers are going down. The democrat media complex cannot save them.

    19. Mark Ross

      Adam schiff is a blowhard loser who is always wrong. passionately and courageous or deranged and obsessed? i think the latter.

    20. Jame Franco

      Who in their right mind did not realize this trial was over long before it was even dreamed of.19 Republican Senators were needed only 1 said I will think about it, then He was forced out. Did anyone hear any Republicans show the slightest interest in voting against their Party? We have 5 Aces Dems have no cards at all, why not kill our party. Payment is due-Steyer and Schiff!

    21. Jame Franco

      What kind of party goes into a trial 100% guaranteed to lose, dragged in by a fool trying to set his future run for Chief up. A disgraceful bunch of fools-specifically Billionaire Steyer who thought his 45 million could buy himself the House and it did(thank you) but it didn't buy his madness over impeachment.Schiff pushing like a novice. Was there anyone-

    22. Buzz Miller

      Shifty is a disgrace to this country. He is heading a partisan effort to remove a duly elected President. Hey Libs! Imagine it’s 2012 and Obama is being impeached without bipartisan support after 3 years of non stop attacks from Republicans and most media outlets. Are you pissed off? You should be

    23. Armando Morales

      Nobody lays out the case to impeach the President more eloquently than all the late night “comedian” propaganda host....🤦🏻‍♂️

    24. Ian Sinclair

      lol @ America with their dumbass President and the morons who still support him ..this is so funny to watch..a once great country is now the worlds joke..i especially like listening to Trump supporters..what planet did those dipshits come from

      1. Monica Sheldon

        We really care what you think LOL #Trump2020

    25. jleoni32

      Is Stephen Colbert a Russian Bot?

    26. Belinda

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="572">9:32</a> Foolish - Ashanti

    27. charlie renegade

      Did we loose ;(

    28. nicholas dispenza

      another weak attempt to look like anti-trump puppets who know something not nothing like is the case LOSERS

    29. Heil Honkler

      Any single one of you NPC’s want to name a single broken statute or impeachable offense? I’ll wait.

    30. Suzette H

      Concerned about 2020. Donald Trump can win if he CHEATS. As he did in 2016. As he always does. Trump is Russia's puppet. Saudi Arabia and China want him in. Rich corporations want him. Trump has help from foreign countries, he's a traitor and a criminal, but he could still win. IMPEACH Trump to save our country and democracy. This is very serious, it's not a game, and it's not actually even funny.

    31. Jesm Hearron

      How much more do the Senators need to hear, the proof is right in front of them.They listen to Moscow mitch. I hope that the weak ,no backbones. and deserve to lose their senate seats.

    32. hoboroadie

      The pettifoggery is getting pretty darn thick on BOTH sides of the aisle.

    33. A Grant-Blackwell Muze

      Disband GOP. Easy peasy

    34. Animated Tigress

      That court sketch artists deserves a raise for the quill

    35. BlackMuddyRiver

      Puked a tiny bit at the grassley pic.

    36. winesap2

      Don’t the republicans ever feel pathetic sticking their tongues up trump’s ass?

    37. Meister Rhovanion


    38. Meister Rhovanion

    39. Meister Rhovanion

    40. Sharon18042

      Impeach Trump!!

    41. Kathy Jeanmarie

      Dont get too excited...true nature is revea ling ...Adam schiff is impressive to you?..He performs equally well as you...😎 peace deal signed today.. Israel palastine.. your idiot viewership listen to you... Clearly a disturbing sign...

    42. Richard Alexander

      Trump wouldn't have threatened heads on a pike unless he was worried some Republicans might vote against him. I've always said that the only way I could see Trump getting impeached was if his mouth irreparably turned Republicans against him...

    43. Ken Guarino

      All you Trump haters are just as out of your mind as the deceiving Demon-Rats! But you fools keep bashing him and you will cry again when your beloved loser Dems lose in November! --Just like you did when b-face Hillary did and you cried with her!

    44. Denise Cullen


    45. FlameAdder

      "Petticoat Junction, what's your function?" Nice little double deep cut there

    46. Aaron Holley

      Just think about it these guys want no Witnesses and yet they have nothing to defend their position. This trial is not about Joe Biden this trial is about Donald Trump and the American people's democracy we the American people just want to know the truth good or bad We As Americans deserve this and demand this so let's stop The Lies & Alibis

    47. Andrew Turner

      Watching this made me realize that I don't think I've ever heard Bernie Sanders say a single word in Yiddish.

    48. Andrew Huseby

      I wish Stephen made more jokes like the 1% 2% milk thing for Bernie, it's a lot funnier because that's exactly how Bernie is, the age stuff is getting pretty old and it doesn't really make any sense because Bernie is sharp as a tack, that stuff makes more sense for melting brain Biden

    49. Osunga Okello

      Dershowitz was like a professor in a fantastic Harvard law class.

    50. Adam Nixdorf

      Democrats were all for corruption in the impeachment hearings. It was a complete shit show. Yet democrats were fine with republicans not getting to cross examine anyone. They were fine with Republicans not getting the chance to make their case and call anyone up. So yeah, Republicans are corrupt by manipulating this trial, but democrats are no less corrupt for what they’ve done. Democrats talk about really wanting the truth, and that Republicans should too. And we do. We want the truth about Joe and Hunter Biden.

    51. Adam Nixdorf

      Democrats were all for corruption in the impeachment hearings. It was a complete shit show. Yet democrats were fine with republicans not getting to cross examine anyone. They were fine with Republicans not getting the chance to make their case and call anyone up. So yeah, Republicans are corrupt by manipulating this trial, but democrats are no less corrupt for what they’ve done. Democrats talk about really wanting the truth, and that Republicans should too. And we do. We want the truth about Joe and Hunter Biden.

    52. Josh James

      He's full of Colberts meat

    53. Josh James

      Shiff is a hero. A meat filled hero sandwich!

    54. Adam Nixdorf

      Yeah, President Trump hasn’t done anything impeachable 😂 can’t wait for him to be exonerated and re-elected. Stevens meltdown will be even better than in 2016

    55. Katie Garrett

      I agree! Adam Schiff is the man! And Hakeem, right on play on playa

    56. Michael R.

      Meanwhile , There are literally thousands of people waiting in line for a Trump rally that doesn’t start until tomorrow evening... In 30 degree weather.

    57. Chadwick Bowen

      Chief Justice is a straight beeeeeitch

    58. Colorado Mnt Chef

      Out at 2 back at 10 that sounds like service industry!!!! #cheflife

    59. Elizabeth Henning

      Call these senators and tell them you and 70% of Americans want witnesses: Romney: 202-224-5251, Murkowski: 202-224-6665, McSally: 202-224-2235, Gardner: 202-224-5941, Collins: 202-224-2523, Burr: 202-224-3154, Alexander: 202-224-4944

    60. Sam Smythe

      "World's greatest deliberative body". Self proclaimed of course, every other country just laughs at you. Oh god, the downright arrogance of the yank!

    61. Joe Martinez


    62. Peggy Trawick

      Mitch McConnell is now Moscow Mitch

    63. Peggy Trawick

      Donald Trump will be impeached and removed from the Oval office and from the fake grass court

    64. Peggy Trawick

      Republicans used to be conservative. But now they are throwing pizza boxes on the floor

    65. Teresa Taylor

      I love Stephen Colbert

    66. Jazz Haze

      A diatribe by Jazz Haze: Why aren't the Democrats making life difficult for vulnerable Republican Senators during this impeachment trial? Diatribe, also known less formally as rant, is a lengthy oration, though often reduced to writing, made in criticism of someone or something, often employing humor, sarcasm, and appeals to emotion. -Wikipedia Why aren't the Democrats making life difficult for vulnerable Republican Senators during this impeachment trial? ….I saw that headline or one similar today. Sadly, IMO the article did not seem to address the question. I think there are very many answers to that question. I haven't gotten a phone call from a pollster asking me for any reasons. If I had been called, I would have said plenty. - From Wikipedia: "Cynicism is an attitude characterized by a general distrust of others' motives. A cynic may have a general lack of faith or hope in the human species or people motivated by ambition, desire, greed, ... " What I'm about to say might sound too cynical for your pleasure, but my sporadic lack of faith in the human species is going to be at the heart of many of the reasons I list here. Again, the question: Why aren't the Democrats making life difficult for vulnerable Republican Senators during this impeachment trial? I think it's quite possible that very many people don't really care about the outcome of the trial. I think much of our society is far too busy shopping on Amazon to care much about the future of democracy here in our United States of America. And besides online shopping, I would imagine that there are far too many other fun things to do with one's time; like playing games on your smartphone or iPad; like walking your dog; like waiting in line at McDonald's for fast food; like drinking a six-pack of beer; like watching football, or like being on Facebook. I suppose some people are busy trying to stay awake while commuting to their second or third job so that they can try to make rent that month. But I suppose the trial is of interest to some in that it's plenty of fun enjoying the real life, reality-show, circus of it all. Some have surely picked their team and are tuning in to CNN or MSNBC or Fox News for highlights and box-scores. But making life difficult for some Republican Senator? That's not fun. That takes effort beyond holding the remote. I think it's possible that our society has become far too addicted to entertainment for entertainments sake. Why be concerned with the particular outcome of any show? There will always be another show on in 5 minutes, so why get too invested? In fact, Netflix will just take you right to the next episode without even having to touch your remote. I saw a poll today on January 26th, 2020, that said two-thirds of Americans claim they are paying attention to the trial, but only 12% of America is actually watching any significant amount of the trial. I understand the lack of time in our busy days, and even the fact that it takes effort to sit through something so detailed and methodical as a Senate Impeachment Trial. But IMO lack of time and too much effort needed are not reasons to not pay attention. However, I think there are very real reasons to not pay attention. One reason; we've been told to expect a particular result, even though the solemn oaths taken by Senators should preclude this. The Majority Leader of the Senate told us what to expect-And the Press did nothing to dissuade him from his mission or message. He did his own spoiler before it even aired! Reality shows have taught most of us to expect cheating and back-stabbing and misdirection, and to accept the fun of watching it play out to no certain good end, but we're not supposed to know how it all ends, for crying out loud! And another reason not to watch; a sense of powerlessness-Haven't we all been disappointed enough with politics and our one lousy vote? Another real reason people don't pay attention is that many have lost the ability. An impeachment trial takes focus and detailed mental tracking of a broad storyline to its conclusion. Many people are far more interested in an emoji, or a tweet, or a sound bite with ellipses at the front and end because they don't have time to read an entire sentence. I believe an emoji is not a well voiced opinion, fact, response, or even much to look at. They are something we used to teach little kids with before they could read actual words. In a post to a NOsel comment section earlier this week I wrote that I am not a bleeding heart liberal. I said I am more complex than that. Just now, before writing the last two sentences I thought for a while to consider if that was true. I believe those statements are true and that I understand the need for some conservatism and I certainly see the need for liberalism. I think The United States of America benefits from both ideas. To stick to some things that are traditionally working, like rule of law seems to be a good idea, and to be willing to change things, which is what liberalism affords, might include the willingness to have actual election reform. Election reform won't happen in the United States. That is my easy prediction. I am not alone in this thought. Corporate America has quite a hold on the purse strings. If you're lucky enough to be reading this in a NOsel comment section you don't need to weed through pop-up ads that will block your view and distract you once again from the train of thought you were trying to ride. But if I were a journalist for any publication with a major website, you'd be blinded by moving ads. Distraction is huge in our society. And we accept it willingly. I suggest trying to have a 5-minute conversation with any 7 to 10 year old child. It won't happen. They'll be bored out of their minds before 2 minutes is up. If there isn't something to look at, something to track with their eyes, something to be distracted by, they will lose interest. Verbal discourse is not entertaining enough for most children. Heck, I think you could run the experiment with adults here in America and find that 40% were unable to track a conversation for 5 minutes. Certainly if they had their smartphone within reach they wouldn't be able to not look at it repeatedly. Have I pissed you off? Have I offended you? Sorry, but living in a free society means you might get offended once in awhile. I'll be perfectly honest and say that I'm hoping some of you are pissed off. And I'm hoping that plenty of the people that read this feel a sense of slight self-loathing due to their own willingness to be distracted by corporate America's teases. Be glad that I'm not anyone you've ever heard of. If I was writing this and had it published in the Atlantic Monthly or the New Yorker, it could be said I was being was paid by liberal media. I am not paid by any corporation anywhere. I am writing these words on my own free time. I do not have the advanced skill set that published writers of this free country's press have. I wish I did. I do not have a managing editor, although I do plan to have my wife look this over before it leaves my house. I think America is beautiful. Beyond my imagination beautiful. I've travelled across this great land have seen next to none of it. Yet I know America is beautiful. Beauty is everywhere around us. And not just natural beauty. All one need do is hug their child, or call their mom on the phone, or visit their good friends, or make dinner with their wife and then feed the kids, or watch a sunset (or sunrise if you're that lucky), or mow the grass in your front yard and breathe the sweet air for the next 15 minutes. Beauty is all around us, and I sure hope that never changes. But I am hoping that things change. I'm hoping things change for the better. Do I have opinions about what things might help? Sure I do. Do I think my opinion matters? Yes-Just as much as the next person. If we are too busy to take notice of what's going on and try to do something about it because we're too busy shopping on Amazon then we'll deserve what we get, and it won't come with free 2-day shipping. Do I think Democrats should make life difficult for vulnerable Republican Senators? …Naw… Life is going to get plenty difficult for all of us after they vote to acquit President Trump. Do I think America will still be beautiful tomorrow? Yep! I hope for many beautiful tomorrows. A man once said, 'you may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one!'

    67. Joe Neumeister

      The ONLY apology needed is an apology from the POTUS for all his lies, his crimes, his adultery, his tax evading, his inhumanity, his FOUL mouth, etc. etc. etc. This is NOT a debate this is a trial about a man who continues to destroy America and Democracy. These spineless Republicans have no morals if they choose to keep this walking American stain in office... History already has entered him in the book as one of the WORST Presidents America and the World has EVER had to ENDURE! TRUTH vs LIES, MORALS vs IMMORAL, choosing GOOD over EVIL... The REMOVAL of Trump should be the peoples choice, not a bunch of paid off /threatened spineless men/women who don't seem to care about the welfare of America and the American people!

    68. XR40

      So,...Colbert is now an outright shill. Don't care if anyone loves or hates Trump - This is pathetic partisan BS...

    69. dawn alli

      Vote every spineless ### ## # ##### out!

    70. Joseph Traina

      After listening to Colbert I'm certain he and Schiff have something going on.Anyone who listens to this and doesn't realize they use KEY WORDS and PHRASES needs help.Exampl. "PASSIONATELY ,Courageously PLEASE !!!!

    71. Deeb Scarecrow

      The democrats broke a dozen laws the way they held their house impeachment process. They did not let the republicans ask questions and would not allow cross examinations. They had closed door sessions where Republicans could not attend. Nancy said she understood the gravity of impeaching a sitting president and that it should never be done done unless it was a bipartisan effort. She broke her own rule. It sounds like your arguments against the president could be made against Nancy and the house impeachment process. I’m trying very hard to stay neutral through this and to not let my political leanings be an issue. From what I have seen so far by watching the process you really have to be willingly ignorant to not see the the misuse of power by the democrats through this process. Hate is very blinding, don’t let it take over your intelligence. This is not about we win you lose. This process if played out could mean disaster for our future. No president will make it a term without being impeached by the opposite side who may have the majority in the house. Love Trump or hate him. You can not deny all the man has accomplished in 3 years. We all need to stop this stepford lockstep allegiance we have for any party. We need to stop being pawns.

    72. Impact Church

      Ridiculous analysis

    73. brian richmond

      HA! Ole Schiffty and the rest are rightly getting fried to a CRISP by the defense. Ya'll have no case. I'll never vote dem again all they do is P-R-O-J-E-C-T which is accuse Trump of everything they are guilty of. Done.

    74. Tippersnore

      Sackless Trump toadie.

    75. Chocolate Giddyup

      Adam Schiff is a sociopath. He voted for all of Trump's military spending bills and AUMFs. I wonder why if he is supposedly "the resistance" to Trump? Ah, he's backed and funded by weapons manufacturers liked Raytheon. He's basically a neocon.

    76. Joe Johnson

      Oh so

    77. Steve Miller

      The house Democrats might just as well put "Trump hurt our feelings" on the articles of impeachment. "Now we feel better because we impeached him" - signed Nancy, Schiff, and all of our minions.

    78. Lisa Gulick

      Where is Barbara Jordan when we really need her? She would take no shit from those legal posers!

    79. Westernman Fisher

      The National Socialist Democratic Party is a National Disgrace ! A Scourge on America ! The Domestic Enemies foreworn to us by the Founding Fathers. They have become TERRORIST using SEDITION ,TREASON & TRYANNY to over throw 2016 election & gaming the 2020 election , because they can't win. Using coups and manufacturing fake facts such as the Russian Witch Hunt ! Corrupting the FBI, FISA court . Spying on TRUMP. And LIE , LIE , LIE . And hiding the fact that Biden ran a play for pay ( quid pro quo! ) for his son (caught on video). And that Obama did just what they accuse Trump of doing . The Commander & Chief needs to activate the Military to Arrest these SEDITIST TRAITORS , send them to GITMO for water boarding ,Military Tribunals & Capitol Punishment .

      1. brian richmond


    80. BigMommaLovesYou

      The Senate showing decorum, 😆😂😆😂😆😂😆