Richard Hammond goes on a road trip in a Tesla Model X



1,7 mill ganger376

    After buying a Morgan Plus 6 not too long ago, Hammond has decided to have a go at the electric side of motoring. He has borrowed a Model X from Tesla to head to the Lake District with his wife, Mindy, and it doesn't quite go to plan. Let the range anxiety commence!
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    1. warren mckay

      Did anyone notice the Speedo pixled out? Hammond old boy you slipped up because at some points I bwas able to read 75mph and maybe a bit higher. Nice. Electric car anxiety.

    2. moveaxebx

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="323">5:23</a> - what was that? Hammond looks like scared girl. :D

    3. njohns

      Love this video, would definitely watch more of Hammond and his wife doing more mundane things. As a Tesla owner of a similar Model X, I have gone through all those same emotions, especially pulling into a supercharger with 0 mi remaining. Happy to see that Hammond is really one of us as well!

    4. Jan Bloem

      Far more road noise thán expected

    5. Adam Hampshire

      I'm sorry Mr Hammond, your attempt to blur out the speed was an epic failure. 70 mph, well, sort of! In the words of Clarkson, 'Hammond, you idiot!'...🤣

    6. Christopher Dobey

      Who else watched until the end?

    7. Allan Francis

      Sorry mate but your wife is a bit of a piece of work.

    8. Allan Francis

      His wife hates it

    9. Edward Meah

      I'm surprised she's letting him drive🤷🏽‍♂️


      Richard Hammond touches the screen like a real boomer

    11. Dan Barnsley

      He keeps blurring out his speed lol

    12. Peter Allen

      haha the blurred out speedo.......

    13. James Frost

      Keep the camera on your wife. Things last longer are better? You know about that? So funny, she just told us Richard dosent last long in bed... When Richard got out of the car to recharge it, did anybody notice how huge the car is??? That is a very tall car.

    14. GazDoran

      How strange that the speedo randomly turned blurry after you recharged on your journey to the lakes. Should may be get Tesla to take a look at that! 😉

    15. Paul Drage

      i liked how they blanked out the speedo when Hammond was doing more than 70mph

    16. TheBajamin

      Europoors think this is a "long journey" lol

    17. Bryn Smith

      Love the blur added to the dash as Hammond exceeds 70 mph on the motorway 😂😂😂

    18. Aaron Odonnell

      I love how excited he gets over little things.. There’s a joke on the end of that sentence somewhere

    19. Joel Jose Varughese

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="211">3:31</a> Tesla down shifting

    20. TechMantra

      So the future is waiting for panini's to cook whilst your car charges?

    21. Ronak Kaoshik

      Don't blur the speed😒... You were clearly overspeeding😂

    22. A P

      Didn't have time to watch till the end, did he crash it?

    23. Zev Mo Green

      There is a HUGE center screen with the reverse cameras... looks left, right, behind, never there

    24. anuma nuva

      Are you sure that wasn't Jeremy in drag?

    25. D Kat

      This is absolutely awesome. Nice to see Hammond with his family at work. I'm assuming the daughters didn't want to be put through the horrendous journey. I know I have a daughter too. 😂 I don't know if this has convinced me to get an electric car. Still not sold on the low build quality I can here in the materials . But I appreciate the technology

    26. MegaJackjack10

      The road noise in that thing sounds obnoxious

    27. arod2882

      Slipstreaming a petrol tanker in an electric car is definitely funny! 🤣

    28. FlexUrbanExploring

      No way i live in Tebay haha could of pulled in for a cuppa and a charge up 🤣🤣

    29. MrExionne

      I’ll be substituting for Jeremy. “ Hammond you idiot!”

    30. Michael P. Bisceglia

      The woman sucks...

    31. Jairo A Jaramillo

      Absolute credit to you both for posting this. Mindy is a star in the making!

    32. douglas todd

      Petrolhead traitor gets in battery car ,genuine Petrolhead wouldn,t give them house room.

    33. LET005

      Don't stand behind the Tesla... it makes you look small(er)...

    34. Slim Steve

      I dont like electric cars but that acceleration is amazing.

    35. Sylphslayer Minxmasher

      The Tesla Model X is my dream car.

    36. The Gaming Channel

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="517">8:37</a> Hammond is breaking the speed limit so it’s blurred lol

    37. Jason Lowder

      OMG, I wish Mindy had have been on Top Gear.

    38. David Bittner

      1) Infrastructure is constantly growing. 2) you can charge at NON-Tesla chargers... assuming you have the right adapter/cable sitting in the back (or front) of the car. These days, there is only one you really need for accessing other EV chargers... unless you find an antique one somewhere. 3) You've been aware of, and covering, this type of thing for a number of years... how can you honestly be so ignorant of what's out there at this point in the development of EV's and charging infrastructure? Didn't you crash and burn an EV not that long ago?

    39. Neptune

      This stupid bitch doesn't know what legend she's talking to

    40. Danny Daniels 254

      Richard> Its better when some things take long Mindy: And you know about that? Ouch.....

    41. InertiaBand

      love how he blurred the speedo out ahaha

    42. Richard Anderson


    43. Black Obsidian

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="449">7:29</a> was that a Blues Brothers reference

    44. Ryan Howard

      She’s got a bad shoulder m8 looks like you need something with a little lower mileage on er’

    45. miron Karamazov

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="91">1:31</a>, the car won’t start

    46. Jqmes Geev

      Anyone notice the speed at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="508">8:28</a> ?

    47. Ethan Taylor

      Love at how 8.35 it blurs the speed due to him going above the speed limit

    48. MackDaddyBolan

      it's funny he's going 5 mph over the speed limit and he has to blur it..... LOLOL

    49. Jani Beg

      Mindy should be put up for sainthood.

    50. goofygomez

      Not exciting hahaha

    51. Steve

      Mindy has a dirty laugh 😘

    52. jaasir wazir

      This is not an essential trip

    53. Carlos Cristino

      You've had an experience with an electric car before and almost killed yourself 😬

    54. 99percent

      Notice how at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="507">8:27</a> - literally just after Hammond told us he was within the speedlimit - the speedo is constantly blurred and actually says 77

    55. TheHayabusa09

      Jezuz, she looks like your mom!

    56. John Key

      Hey, Mindy you married him. I doubt that behaviour gets better with age :-)

    57. Kevin G

      Hammond's wife is awesome haha

    58. Aldwin Cerdon

      Hammond driven 10 million cars already, but in this car he looks back to reverse it.

    59. The Epic Car Show

      Tesla model X has a woopie cushion button. Hilarious fun

    60. Martyn Hearn

      Please can we have more Hammond and Mindy?

    61. Ian White

      The blurred out > 70 is amusing ;-)

    62. Chris Alvarez

      Oh wow! I didn't even know a Rolex "GMT Master Reduced" existed! Well done! ;)

    63. Trab Ali

      what a horrible/rude woman

    64. Glyn Taylor

      I would of left her on the motorway somewhere, sorry

    65. jakub krutina

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="517">8:37</a> the speedometer is blured Xdd

    66. nigel humphreys fsuk

      hahaha poor mindy has a lot to put up with lol stay safe and charge the car hahaha

    67. Shane Sambo

      I don't know why you act like a child that is driving with his mother! I don't know whats funny about it!!

    68. Sir John McPoopington XVII Jr

      Just for info, the collective noun for Tesla owners is Testicles

    69. Blacktie Title

      Blurred out speedo at times. Lol They look like to much of a pain in the arse. Rather do that journey in Dodge challenger hellcat red eye! More character!

    70. padam19

      Love how they used to mock motorway services to bits, and in the future all their road trips will involve several of them.

    71. QuantumS1ngularity

      Guys, fellas, mates, boys, dudes, brothers... our automotive guru's are now officially old. Looking at the way Richard is excited over a Tesla charging up is like years ago when my grandfather used to get really excited i was able to videocall my cousin via skype (b4 MS bought it) on the phone or when my grandmother experience heated and massaging seats for the first time. Also kudos to Mindy - being a passenger while Hammond is driving an electric vehicle and says "Right watch..." @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="491">8:11</a>; pretty brave.

    72. Beejee Pacha

      I like how hammond doesn't look at the rearview camera, like a real driver

    73. Ian Robinson

      I drive a model X as part of my job and the range anxiety can be terrible. We have a long way to go before these become the norm.

    74. Vjop

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="515">8:35</a> watch the mph on the car Infront of the wheel and they blur it out as he is going past the legal limit 🤣

    75. Emran Gasi

      Love how they blurred the speedo. Driving over 75mph HAMMOND.. 😂😂

    76. Peter Siperki

      She's like Clarkson, the face expressions and the comments, classic

    77. Blade Runner

      what? the guy doesn't know how to turn around? jesus! give me a break. put something on that is of some use. unconvincing job of trying to be stupid. stopped watching after first few minutes.

    78. NOmad SZ

      Hopefully they have improved the sound deadening local airport car company had early X and the road noise from the front tyres into the cabin was headache-inducing and after two hours could not wait to get out of the bloody thing.

    79. Nicopter MG

      So sad ! Nobody to show u, or explain u, the potential of this car ? So many good stuff you don't know about it, and how to use it ...

    80. cars8569fabio

      Absolutely love hamster and his wife. They are a trip. Makes me want one now as well.