Ricky Gervais uses Golden Globes monologue to roast all-things Hollywood

Washington Post

Washington Post

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    Actor and comedian Ricky Gervais joked about Jeffrey Epstein, Felicity Huffman and more at the 2020 Golden Globes on Jan. 5. Read more: wapo.st/2QvjCgZ. Subscribe to The Washington Post on NOsel: wapo.st/2QOdcqK
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    1. johnnymcblaze

      "We're all gonna die soon" the most important bit, glossed over by everyone.

    2. M 9

      “Shut up. I know he’s your friend, but I don’t care.” Damn 💀😂

    3. Matthew Sherwen

      Best speech I've Hurd In such a long time

    4. Z 65

      Say it like it is Ricky! They all look terrified in they're little bubbles.

    5. Memento Maxolga

      Bravo, Ricky, bravo for this staight up roasting of hypocrats ! They all were shocked ,didnt know what to do and pretended they were laughing.

    6. surojeet chatterjee

      Full support for the speech from India. Ppls should speak on their working field not on other fields using their public figure. Fame is not a criteria of education & knowledge. 😂😛 same applies to Bollywood stars as well.

    7. Samina Fazlani

      Brishit humor

    8. Pedro Rivera

      Yes. Finally a man with balls👍💪

    9. António Pinto

      Legendary level.

    10. Eric Nelson

      He's reading from a monitor and what he said was written by hollywood .If it was written by gervais and his actual words they wouldn't allow that obviously ,wake up.

    11. Leonardo Ramírez Guardado

      So akward so true.

    12. Stephen Buffery

      Hanks look says it all

    13. Lars Hansson

      What an enormously good speech.

    14. Tony K

      ten im to natrel kokotom, a ten ubohy Tom Hanks, kokot, I use to like Tom Hanks after this he is my biggest enemy

    15. Littletime

      Tells celebs not to pontificate just after pontificating about child labour

    16. Nelda Baer

      This is once that I wanted to actually hear the f word!!

    17. Cherise Davidson

      The GOAT 🐐😂😂😂

    18. Long John Silver

      The UK has the biggest and greatest number of Anglophiles in the world...first in and the last to leave...The English Redcoats have landed....😀

    19. Larry Sutton

      Its a healthy sign, people are stoping getting their information about news & politics from celeberties, & get it from legitimate news sources & education. It seems to me people are getting better at critical & objective thinking.

    20. marvinc999

      How many of the audience members have even HEARD of ISIS, I wonder ?

    21. Sue Smith

      that was the best...….loved the look on all the hypocrite's faces

    22. Updated8SecondsAgo

      Ricky needs to be protected at all costs, he’s a treasure

    23. magicvibes79

      Check out Isaac Kappy exposing Hollywood's pedos 4 months before they trow him off a bridge.....isn't that so Mr. Hanks.....

    24. magicvibes79

      Booooom hahaha what a freaking cool punch in their faces....

    25. Paul Vargas

      I love this...we need more of it

    26. Thisis Fun

      LOL, the Washington Post trying to spin Gervais' speech as he's telling it. You SJWs in the media are relentless.

    27. JOHNNY REB

      About time somebody put those self - important morons in their place! How somebody that lives in the middle of a Mini Sodom and Gormorah can stand up on a stage and preach to the rest of the country is unbelievable!!! Once upon a time that is exactly what celebs did they got up accepted their award, Thanked God, their family, and their agent but that was quite awhile ago! Before most of them got self absorbed with themselves!

    28. Classical Music11

      The best thing I've seen in ages. So refreshing to see something like this nowadays.

    29. Super Kyle

      0:37 My God I can't believe you said that........oh yes I'll have one of those crab cakes

    30. Guy Guy

      Lol best part of the whole boredom show.

    31. Dragonblaze

      Love this guy to bits man, spitting the truth.

    32. Cato

      Well done (!), Washington Post. You cut the sensitive (!) parts...

    33. Jesse Galvan

      Yeah I didn’t see the awards because I thought the actors were gonna do their stupid political speeches. Maybe I will watch it next year if they grow up.Maybe

    34. nitin pradhan

      truest and humane thing ever said

    35. nitin pradhan


    36. Neel Ghosh

      Gervais didn't criticize the HFP for lacking diversity, he was mocking those who claim that everything is offensive and lacks diversity.

    37. Omar YAHU

      Loved it

    38. François Leclerc

      Just another poppet telling the sheep what they want to hear

    39. mrmarvel8

      Epic middle finger to Hollywood... HILARIOUS!!! Unfortunately their heads are too far up the their asses to understand the jokes (facts).


      absolutely king move

    41. K. West

      I LOVE how Social Media has exposed Hollywood Hypocrites... Remember when people thought they weren't so stupid???

    42. BrainiacGaming

      Fastforward 1 month Later at the Oscar and noone listened

    43. razmik gasparyan

      hehe he fucked up all stupid bitchy (stars)

    44. Will Reply

      People don't like celebrities. People just like whatever other people think is cool.

    45. Brenda Backes

      There's nothing but crap coming out of Hollywood. Los Angeles is the cesspool of America and these are all kings and queens of their own delusions. I wonder how low the ratings will be next year....

    46. ridow300

      Came back here after watching some clips of the Oscars 2020. I loved the Joker but who the hell joaquin Phoenix think he is lecturing what is right and what is wrong to the public and the masses.

    47. Phil Andris

      Hey Joaquin Phoenix! Check 2:40

    48. Richard Levesque

      He got balls, an hero to tell what is f wrong

    49. Michael Sevens

      The truth can actually be comical... Ricky Gervais was spot on. I cannot watch these awards anymore. If they followed Ricky Gervais plan, I might start watching them again. I use to look forward to them. I don't need anyone in Hollyweird to educate me on things in the real world.

    50. muddyriverdogz

      Similiar to Washington inviting George Carlin.

    51. Al Marcel

      Truth hurts..

    52. Sweeney Todd

      This isn't a roast. It's a news report.

    53. Karenina Beltran

      Priceless!!!'SO MUCH TRUTH IN JEST!

    54. Natasha Trendell

      You left out the Harvey Weinstein dig at the end.

    55. J Keilman

      AWESOME!!!!....I’m watching him more!!

    56. Mike Toyo

      Who on right mind would invite him for host in 2019?


      Gervais didn't criticized The Hollywood Foreign Press for lack of diversity.... But how ridiculously diversity is forced upon the entertainment industry. I mean there is now literal qouta filled by different ethnicities neglecting their talent. Thats why he demanded Diversity in No. Of Dead Actors. Beacuse it was too white

    58. Ar D

      2:40 - Joaquin Phoenix, this includes you too. You should've listened.

    59. Elvis Presley

      Wow! Them morons needed to hear that. But, they'll still follow their illuminate ways

    60. Jack Green

      Gervais also flies on private jets and is a hypocrite