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    "How did you know it was him?"
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    Publisert 2 år siden


    1. Dria Orr

      My stomach hurts from laughing

    2. Ryan M

      Man's showing up in a pair of diadorra type trainers or something and still probably has more wealth than the rest of the sofa! Ricky we love you😂

    3. tmyth

      I love how ricky laughs at his own jokes

    4. S A Mack

      the taxidermy conversation never gets old!

    5. Ki11erBailey

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:07</a> Easter egg to Keith in the office, love it haha

    6. tyishia peake

      no cap

    7. The Official Andy Saenz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a> That looks like a scene out of The Eurythmics video, Sweet Dreams.

    8. Pat The Batman Fan

      The worst part about this video is finding out that Ben Stiller owns the Gorn head. 😐

    9. Paul Williams

      The most unfunny comedian I've ever seen!

    10. ImRickyRolls

      nosel.info/video/video/j7BsjobZboh8yMk.html Not click bait!!!!!!!!

    11. ImRickyRolls

      nosel.info/video/video/j7BsjobZboh8yMk.html Watch this!!!!!!!!!

    12. ImRickyRolls


    13. Aidan McFerris

      EXACT "Arthur" movie recall! Scene in the car, only Dudley Moore in the back seat, he begins laughing wildly at something apparent only to him, then he says to the prostitute, "Sometimes I just THINK funny things!"

    14. Lucía Gil

      The last story 😂😂😖🤣

    15. Lucía Gil

      Omg when i saw Tom Hiddleston, i love him

    16. Makeba Zinkulfi

      Never fails to make be die of laughter

    17. Paul Thorpe

      The guys an absolute treasure

    18. Here to comment/watch weird stuff

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="55">0:55</a> seemed kind of passive aggressive here I'm not sure why lol

    19. Cush

      the ozzy osbourne episode was hilarious as well

    20. Chrisbajs

      Ruth Wilson is insanely hot.

    21. LuLz

      Absolutely love Ricky Gervais! And growing up in the same estate in Reading as him is brilliant!

    22. Maya DZC

      "how did you know it was him" made me cry. I lost it😂😂😂

    23. joanne j

      This guy is funny?. Really, wtf, are you serious, neither of them are funny and you know it. Low IQ people find them funny, is the only thing I can think of why this video is even here?.

    24. Lorenc Cala

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="534">8:54</a>

    25. Jacky Jacobs

      Proper dad jokes he finds them well funny 😂😂

    26. CoolCoolCool Noice

      Talking about being called by Stephen Hawking: Ricky: "How did you know it was him?" I died 🤣🤣🤣 🤣🤣🤣 🤣🤣🤣

    27. Ha ha Ha

      Hes sure h a wrid comedian cuz he doesn't have like a thing he doesn't hes just funny

    28. Katie Reed

      Ricky is legendary 🙌🏼🙌🏼

    29. Nick Skyrme

      Not sure Ruth Jones found that very funny-and Euan Macgregor certainly didn’t!

    30. Callum Young

      Turns up to Graham Norton in a pair of Asics

    31. DG Media Fm

      Hahaha you can’t drink and drive 😂

    32. 1000 subscribers no videos

      His delivery is so perfect

    33. H Brooks

      1.2K woke down votes lol

    34. Francis Karma

      He’s so funny & smart, every so called “celebrity” is nervous around him. He’s spot on mesmerizing! Almost addictive !!

    35. Matt Wells

      Nobody: Graham: AHaa ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh

    36. Sid Sivram

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="104">1:44</a> it's awesome seeing how well Ben knows Ricky, and Ricky knows exactly what Ben's gonna say😂

    37. The Ironman

      Love Ricky Gervais

    38. Daniel_


    39. AWelsh Celt

      Just finished After Life. Watched the Golden Globes opening monologue. The man is beyond a national treasure. He's world heritage. Funniest man alive. "I got a call from Stephen Hawkings." "How jah know it was him?"🎤👇

    40. RayRay 2020

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="528">8:48</a>

    41. Stuart K. Seels

      Rebel Wilson is hot. That is all!

      1. Stuart K. Seels

        @Josh Lawson Indeed!

      2. Josh Lawson

        Stuart K. Seels white Lizzo

    42. Ali Nourmohamadi

      My cheeks heart so much , I giggled for about <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="555">9:15</a> god damn minutes ! 😂😂😂😂😂

    43. Gary Schumacher

      Revisiting for my millionth time, this is one of the better compilations on the net.

    44. Carlos G

      Ricky is literally the very best comedian these days (once it was Rowan Atkinson and Monty Python). I'll miss him sorely when he's not around since he's made my day many a time!!!

    45. Jewelie Dee

      Oh, please, God, don't let Ricky be one of THEM! (All the tin foil hat people know what I'm saying.)

    46. Anasyub


    47. Artem Konstantinovich

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="331">5:31</a> you can see the hatred in Ricky's eyes

    48. rhinotron666

      His laugh is infectious

    49. Sydney Prescott

      His band partner looks like Joseph Gordon Levitt

    50. Ann Wardley

      Proof that a great sense of humour keeps us looki g younger than our years

    51. Lewis Borley

      One of a kind he is.

    52. fuckkkingtasty

      Ricky is the best thing to come out of Reading, along with the M4!!

    53. Evelyn Winters

      For some reason, Ewan McGregor really seems to not like Ricky ha

    54. LiberoAzzurro

      "Hello tiny Tim"

    55. Urszula Gromadzka

      No tzeba zrobic innym Kamasutra duzo miejsca, nie z czego ludzi sie smieja w wogole

    56. severiano calma

      good interview

    57. Iks Igrek

      ...running about with the used condom 🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    58. Oscar Pye

      Ewan McGregor seems so boring

    59. Ba Sil

      Ricky Gervais Is The Sexiest Man Alive

    60. Odalis Tapia

      Paying respects to a legend

    61. dimrill

      if you look closely, The Lord will appear on the sofa a couple of times. I surprise to be sure, but a welcomed one

    62. Anjana Devi Kumar MHT

      Ricky Gervais is a true talent. Rebel Wilson is so annoying!

    63. doina dragomir

      rick is sooooooooooooooooooooooo genius

    64. Jeff Embertson

      Sore throat with a giraffe is SERIOUS. lol.

    65. inge görhan

      fu,,ing ni,,,,a

    66. Karen Stark

      Ricky has no driver’s license.... “you can’t drink and drive, so what’s the point?” you say he’s a drunk, i say he’s saving lives.”

    67. Fish Munga

      How close does old mate wanna sit next to Ricky?!

    68. OnCharm Lee

      You need to distinguish fact, realization, and truth for your good understanding of the genuine truth. All the physical phenomena are just the temporary realizations of truth through material.

    69. Kevin O'Connor

      Prior to this I had the great misfortune of watching Jimmy Fallon. Unlike Fallon who doesn't let his guests get a word in as it's all about him similar to James Corden Graham let's his guests talk and as said by Helen Mirren he puts them at ease.

    70. Adam Sanchez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="330">05:30</a> well done Ricky for savaging TT's dire anecdote. Numpty.

    71. Wyatt Staggers

      I am on a Graham Norton marathon right now

    72. CoralCarne372

      Ben: I love Star Trek Ricky: Oh Such a Nerd Ben: I have the Gornhead from the original series Ricky: LIKE THEY KNOW WHAT THAT IS 😂😂😂😂😂

    73. mike travis

      I never rated Ricky Gervais at all. To me he was one of those people you either love or hate. Then I watched Afterlife and was totally hooked. It made me laugh and it made me cry. Now I have a very different opinion of him.

    74. Gswaggamer

      The way he cracks up over his posts about Jane gets me every time.

    75. emrah ç.

      There are more funnier moments. The one with Daniel radcliffe and jessica is the best.

    76. Jom Alvarado

      Ricky is a treasure.

    77. sobreaver

      Ricky is my favorite lazy abs workout :P

    78. Sounds that Heal Us


    79. Sydney Prescott

      He looked like Bowie in his "pop career "

    80. nishkarsh asdhir

      he looked like bowie