Ricky Gervais Banned Ice Cubes At His Shows | The Graham Norton Show

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    Lewis Hamilton, Elizabeth Banks, Ricky Gervais and Kylie Minogue will be back this week! Who's excited?!
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    1. Amanda Huntridge

      That would be my late dad who used to get front row seats and have a complete Shakespeare and a torch to follow the words. Word would get out amongst the actors and they would be acting for him. Such style my dad

    2. DM

      Who's the broad?

    3. Jordan

      Ricky Gervais: "I'm like a right little fascist."

      1. Spartan Fruze


    4. seerpou

      who else thought of mr simmington in curb your enthusiasm?

    5. Cum grano salis Veni vidi vici

      All of them are British???

    6. David Aspinall

      Ricky - when it is me I can't get it wrong. Also Ricky - I allow plastic glasses

    7. Isha M

      Binging Ricky's Graham Norton videos after Golden Globes lol

    8. KW

      Thought he banked the rapper....

    9. NorthMountainFairy

      A choice between ice in my beverage or an evening watching Ricky Gervais, I’ll take ice, every time.

    10. Jiminy H. Criquet

      I'm so glad to hear that Ricky reads Ibsen and Shakespeare

    11. Nixer Doyle

      He's not really in the same league as the best stand-ups but he really wants you to think he is.

    12. Jordy Johny

      I jus got clickbated

    13. IIWelshGrimreaperII


    14. MK Hunter

      I totally mis read the headline 😂

    15. reece wynne

      I feel like I have an extremely unique story, I actually lived in the city of the pied Piper for a year! The town is called Hameln and it's in Germany about 40 minutes from Hannover. The town mascot is of course the pied Piper, but what's even more bizarre is he is AMERICAN! The town is weird folks with a population of around 57,000. Makes you wonder how people wind up there from other countries. I'm South African btw

      1. reece wynne

        @DeathWish your praise is misfounded, I did not compliment you child.

      2. DeathWish

        @reece wynne thanks man means alot 😂 I'm not trying to make you feel bad, I'd of insulted you if that was my mission...

      3. reece wynne

        @DeathWish I truly truly pity you. How old are you? And why do you waste your time trying to make people feel bad rather then taking a look at yourself?

      4. DeathWish

        @reece wynne I believe the story, I just said its not as uniquely special as you might think.

      5. reece wynne

        @DeathWish you dont believe my story? I promise you the town is real, and I lived there for a year. The mascot is also American, there are only facts


      Man this show is so uptight and boring now.

    17. Lowland Joe

      The merr

    18. Lee McDaid - Donegal - HD Movie Clips

      The audience's reaction at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:00</a> when Ricky (jokes, obviously) about being a "Fascist"... I find more than slightly worrying. Have the momentum/marxist/communist/ genocidal zealots really wormed their way into the minds of so many people? This is not good

    19. harman

      I literally thought the title was for ice cube 😂😂😂😂😂

    20. Y A

      Ice Cube

    21. Jeffrey Yelverton

      What a diva...

    22. Exit 25 GSP

      Tom Hiddleston is pure elegance 💫

    23. Debajyoti Bose

      Irrational hatred as James May would say !

    24. Mind Milk D20

      It wouldn’t be so quiet if he was funny

    25. rezneba101

      That black dude needs to floss

    26. lar

      I can't ever tell if the interviews are new or old cause Ricky always wears the same hahahahahahahaha

      1. Nixer Doyle

        He says the same stuff repeatedly too.

    27. Tony Dalston

      Sounds good to Ricky ? AKA the priest- 1980s man ha ha ha - ha ha ha - ha ha ha - HA HA HA

    28. JenieMV

      The person that took the play...maybe they were HH or deaf. I tell you one thing, I think I'll do that myself.

      1. YTFlove4ever

        What is HH?

    29. Miranda Twumasi

      Grahams facials expressions and sarcasm are so legendary lmao!

    30. syg B.

      Am so confused why its diff guests two diff eps same date only ricky is the mutual one? Even the description in this vid is for the other guests!!!?

    31. Charming nowhere to hide

      He IS a right little fascist.

    32. Jim Jimmy

      I thought that said “banned Ice Cube “ as in the rapper.

      1. john wedgbury

        i suspected it meant ice in drinks, because i read properly.

    33. Persiansweetcat1

      I was waiting for the camera to go back to Tom 💗 god I love this man

    34. tmlcrosbyfan

      Was Ricky on the show twice in one week? Or this just a re uploaded interview?

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        He IS a right little fascist.

    35. Ratonhnhake:ton

      who is that ali g wannabe?

    36. The Graham Norton Show

      Ricky Gervais FORGOT He Met Elizabeth Banks At The Golden Globes! nosel.info/video/video/kmqqqqqWrmSVwqs.html

    37. behind you

      that's a little racist isn't it? what did Ice cube ever do to him....

    38. Usama Muhammad Ismail

      Okay you got me from the title 😕

    39. Simon Edgbaston

      Alway's loved Ricky 😂

    40. whois wat

      i dont know why i thought the title said he banned ICE CUBE the rapper from his shows......didnt make sense lool

    41. Smurfette101

      This is an old episode

    42. bofooit gojo

      The man who does not know when to die, does not know how to live. Ruskin Unto This Last

    43. Neil Johnson

      When someone says "ice cube" it's the rapper that always springs to mind first!

    44. John Caputo

      There is now a short-term, high-risk, high-return market for smuggling ice cubes to Gervais shows.

    45. Ryan G.

      No joke to compete the clip.

      1. bofooit gojo

        ◔ ◔

    46. tourvella

      Watch and learn. He drinks beer. No ice required.


      He IS a right little fascist.

    48. MariaRosa Marino

      I find this man revolting Ricky G

    49. James Blip

      "I was the meh"...........

    50. Untainted Indigo

      I was thinking the rapper Ice Cube that why I clicked but, it turned out to be a major click bait.

      1. DeathWish

        No...it wasn't clickbait. You just misread it. Dumbass

    51. Sahil Sharma

      You said you wouldn't do a play but you did Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    52. Sharon I

      MORE RG

    53. Barn Crow

      If you did longer than a 45 minute gig the ice would melt. But you don’t so you will never know

    54. Erik W. S.

      Why are you inviting transphobes?


        Hi bro

    55. Shounak K.

      Oh, the other 'ice cube'

      1. DeathWish

        @earthly firefly5 the hell you chatting

    56. sarcasm maniac

      That was quite confusing!!!

    57. Jason Mistretta

      Yea, wise move by Ricky Gervais. I'd be tempted to pelt him with Ice cubes for his crappy jokes. Oh! He just doesn't like the ice cubes rattling in the glasses? My bad.......

    58. Kelly Konoske

      Anyone that knows his problems with eating sounds shouldnt be surprised by this.

    59. DreamGirl

      I was confused by the title . I thought it said he banned 'Ice Cube' (the rapper) from his shows!! 😄😄😄

      1. Salty Sea Of Tears

        SO... There are more than one Ice Cube? The title said ICE CUBES. Not ice cube.

      2. Linda Sullivan

        Me too!

    60. Fab Col

      Where's Ice Cube?......Click bait.....

      1. DeathWish

        Learn to read dumbass

    61. Sokka2Me

      What a drama queen

    62. Iyad Naseer

      Tinie has the best skin

    63. Jeff White

      When is Graham going to have 21 Savage on his show? 🇬🇧🤔

    64. John Luu

      I'm gonna be honest with you, I thought Ricky Gervais banned Ice Cube from coming to his gigs

    65. Juno Jay

      I just imagined he got repeatedly been attacked with ice cubes. 😨

      1. Cosmo

        We can dream

      2. O Madden

        Me too lol

    66. Jay jay pinky

      Ricky is a tit

    67. 45Boobie45

      not one of you meth heads mention how hot ruth is


        Hi brother

      2. stvp68

        45Boobie45 I was wondering who that was. Great hair!

    68. Sovereign Sentience

      who is that smouldering beauty to Ricky's right ? tia .

      1. I don't want to hear it I don't

        Mrs Coulter

      2. Anti Everyone

        Her name is Ruth Wilson :)


        Sovereign Sentience no idea but thats generous

    69. katherine EGJ

      USA here. I watch so much Graham Norton on NOsel! He is hysterical and great at interviews. Here(USA) a talk host will have 1 person at a time. It’s amazing the UK gets four A list guests each show!

    70. Raskolnikov32

      He was so going to say 'millions'. "I can walk out on stage to mm...mmm...mmm... THOUSANDS of people."

    71. Aboe Bobington

      "...a very challenging role." Lol

      1. Mutale Malama

        Aboe Bobington His sarcasm and wit and delivery and timing is incredible. Been making me laugh for over a decade. Gem of a man

    72. Linda S. Martin

      Can you please return to putting the full episode up, pretty please?!!

    73. amal zuhair

      Ricky Gervais must have rows on rows of the same black shirt and blue jeans in his closet

      1. Hugh Jass

        By day he's Ricky Gervais, but at night he becomes... THE FATMAN

      2. shakka ding

        Like the red t-shirt Tom Scott wears

      3. Tony England

        @AR Me personally, I have no problem unless they're on clothing and made of plastic. As a kid my sister teased me by touching my face with them and made me (physically) sick just to amuse her friends. I'm sure everyone has some kind of phobia.

      4. AR

        Tony England so are you also fearful of the button on the iPhone?

      5. Tony England

        @Tanuki Man Steve Jobs was koumpounophobic, (as I am) hence his dress-sense and his Apple products.

    74. franklingoodwin

      I read that as Ricky Gervais once banned Ice Cube from his gig 😄 That would've been a whole different conversation

    75. One Zook Nation

      What a monster.

    76. King Peppy

      Getting the lines of a play wrong, lolz; he's getting the two drink minimum wrong.

    77. jjjuwu

      The guy at the theatre could have been deaf but still wanted to watch the play... So you never know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      1. Vincit Omnia Veritas. TAS

        jyu97 Nice try. 😂🤣🤣😜. But if he’s reading he’s not watching the play is he? 🤣🤣

    78. Brian H

      Reminds me of Kevin Hart saying how he did a stand up where they were also serving crabs and its just the constant sound of breaking shells every other second

      1. Delphi Michaels

        That was very early in his career when he couldn’t be as picky about venues, he said.

      2. Brian H

        @Linda Sullivan good point

      3. Linda Sullivan

        Well, Kevin also state he was hit with a buffalo chicken wing. No food period

    79. Pixels Hysteria

      To be fair to him whenever I'm in the theatre and I take a sip and the ice cubes rattle I'm so self conscious about how distracting the noise must be. It's not much better than a notification sound on someone's phone but obviously a drink is more understandable in the theatre than having your phone on.

      1. Deathbrewer

        What gets me in the theater is when some old person is crinkling the plastic trying (and failing) to get some candy open for like 30 minutes straight, lol. Has happened to me more than once, to the point where I want to just get up and open it for them, lol.

    80. CypherGaming

      in that clip.... that aint lewis hamilton.... its tinie tempa LUL

      1. Dr. Kaustav Nayak

        And it's not Elizabeth Banks either, that's Ruth Wilson. I guess they meant in a different show this week, who knows.