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    Tease your brain with a huge portion of 22 cool riddles with voice! These puzzles will work out your brain and help you stay concentrated during the day. Even though they might look too easy at first sight, some of the answers will surprise you. Start your day with these tricky puzzles and get your logic boosted.
    00:14 - Who is the killer? A mind-blowing puzzle that will test your logic and detective skills!
    01:32 - A set of fun picture puzzles to test your detective skills and boost your logic! It moves from easiest to hardest, so even a kid would solve the first one; however, you will have to rack your brain hard over the last one!
    02:45 - A blood-freezing crime riddle that will blow your mind! Turn on your brain and try to solve it before the time is up!
    04:02 - Who is more stupid?🤔 Test your logic and general knowledge with these quiz questions that will make you boost your brain ;)
    05:07 - Where is the terrorist from? Turn your logic and attentiveness on to solve this tricky brain teaser!
    06:19 - Who is his wife? Test your critical thinking and logic with these short visual brain teasers!
    07:19 - Whitney went abroad for the first time in her life. She closed the door and left the office. When she came back to work in 2 weeks, she immediately realized that somebody had been there. How?
    08:09 - Who is a woman? A set of visual puzzles that will train your eyes and improve your attentiveness to the details!
    09:45 - Who is the spy? A difficult puzzle to test your critical thinking and increase your IQ!
    10:37 - How did the criminal escape? Boost your brain with this logic puzzle that will speed up your thinking ;)
    11:57 - Which woman is a man? What do you think? Write your answer to this tricky quiz in the comments below!
    TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last visual quiz!
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    Publisert 5 måneder siden


    1. Adelmund Oppo

      12:00 A is the man because woman use a lot of shampoo to clean and wash their body And men use only 1 shampoo to was their hair, body, etc A only have 1 shampoo so A is the man

      1. Infinite Cookies

        Guys if you look closely..A has nail polish on..so does C..so I think it's B but do not hate on me just because I pick B..yes I know girls have hairs on there legs too I'm just saying

      2. Khloe Love

        Leg b because the hair


        No it’s B

      4. Prabhat Sachan

        @7-Second Riddles yes

      5. Niya chan


    2. T. Lalhmangaihthangi


    3. felix odiri


    4. Mo A


    5. sethuni shehara

      A. Men us a 1 shampoo and women us a lot of shampoo

    6. Dina Putri


    7. Eves Dichoso

      The man who was down there the tall one who was holding a bag and swinging it.

    8. Zhaney Pillado


    9. Jennifer Rondina

      .b I think? Well you never now🙂

    10. Meera Seeyna

      Like if u hate it when he says comments

    11. Meera Seeyna

      B which is the women

    12. Meera Seeyna

      The girl with no beard

    13. Patricia William


    14. Meera Seeyna

      I think it’s c who’s his wife

    15. Meera Seeyna

      The man with black t shirt air port riddle

    16. Zayome Davison

      At first I thought it was a scam but after he sent me $6235 to pay my bills and deb bigpyptools.store?/zwd0eP

    17. Julieta Capiz


    18. cherish Temple

      Why do we have to write in comments

    19. Palwasha Khan

      A is the correct answer

    20. Palwasha Khan

      The 4th one

    21. Palwasha Khan

      B is the correct answer

    22. Main Reef Specialties


    23. Zoe Downs

      The girl in pink she had a wedding ring on her hand so the guy was getting married to her

    24. Whitney Washington

      The daughter

    25. Pyae Wai

      Its the black guy

    26. Lawrence Cacananta

      3:31 the guy wearing black looking at the window

    27. Lucila Gonzalez

      Cleaning lady

    28. Dawson Epley


    29. Gulfraz Khan


    30. Fiona Qween

      Those two down there is a woman look at the beard

    31. Jade Maryan

      I know it was the black man with the hoodie cos I he was looking away from us

    32. Io DG

      the black man with the jacket

    33. Sophie Mayenschein


    34. taga daya

      The hoody man is suspicious

    35. Zella P Bella

      The guy is black hoodie is susoicous

    36. Viktoriya Shnicer

      I think b because there was hair

    37. karanam ramesh

      The one with the black Jodi

    38. Betty Mcree

      Legs B.

    39. Mia Zimmerman


    40. Tray Sad


    41. Tray Sad

      The man in the black coat!

    42. Skye PresentsHoodTmz

      It a B stupid

    43. Derek Couch

      C or B

    44. Helene Leonard

      middle it has hairs on the leg

    45. Louagebahi2019 Mex

      I don't like the idea

    46. Khloe Love

      On the bottom

    47. Khloe Love

      Preson in the black jacket

    48. Cathy Avendano

      Who look suspicious The guy with a black hoodie

    49. Angelo Paragas

      The a

    50. lambang Saribuana

      I 'll click C

    51. kayleecarla seraspe

      i think the b B man real man

    52. Maricon Talaue

      Legs I saw hair in the foot

    53. AJP

      The one in the ment to say

    54. AJP

      I think the man is The one

    55. AJP

      I'm a boy using my sister and my phone I think it was the right on holding the bag of money

    56. Shasta Glein

      Im think is b because he has a hair at his feet

    57. Jennifer Corea


    58. Jennifer Corea

      The two on the bottom