RM 'forever rain' MV

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    RM 'forever rain' MV

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    Director : Choi Jaehoon
    Creative Director : Choi Jaehoon
    Animation Supervisor : Lee Jinhee
    PD : Gim Boseong
    Animator : Gim Boseong, Kim Bom, Kim Jihwan, Shin Dohyun, Ahn Jaeyoon, Yoon Jongha, Yoon Juri, Lee Jinhee, Jeon Soeun. Jeong dawoon, Jeong Jimin, Hyun Yujeong
    Editing : Lee Jonghoon

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    Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
    Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea.

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    1. AN ARMY


    2. AN ARMY


    3. oumaima el-akrouche

      lol it’s 2020 and I’m not over this masterpiece

    4. 10 giờ đêm đừng ngủ

      *RM oppa ~~*

    5. Marysol Luna Ramirez


    6. Jin Tae

      So proud❤

    7. Young Forever

      La voz de RM llega hasta el corazón y al alma ㅠ ㅠ Muchas Gracias Kim Namjoon ♡

    8. MaGuItOpAz

    9. • Blosary •


    10. ARMY BTS_BLACKPİNK Ismayilzade

      Fighiting RM👏👏❤❤❤

    11. •Toasted Bagels And Gacha•

      This song is better in the rain ngl

    12. Dania Zanzal

      Adorable! 🖤🌧️

    13. Aishwarya Chand

      I love you Namjoon💜💜

    14. Anjali Thakur

      To me all the songs of this album is like having a friend, having someone who feels the same as you

    15. Anjali Thakur

      It's so good, I'm listening to all the songs of Mono & I always keep listening to it 🎶

    16. Tanzum Alam

      You deserve the best but wish you achieve what you want. Great RM.

    17. Alayna Schwab

      Tears have been shed... Anyone here in 2020?

    18. Jumpsuitgirl

      This song comforts me so much Thank you for your music and your words and thoughts and everything

    19. vmsope

      I really love this song and the whole mixtape it’s just relaxing and such a masterpiece it’s been a year and have now and it stills my favorite thing

    20. Rita jeon jungkook

      كيف يعني الاغنية دخلت لقلبي من اول ما سمعتها هذا دليل على ابداع قائدنا الجميل أحبك كيم نامجون ❤

    21. army forever

      Eu sou aquele comentário em português que vc estava procurando: -) essa música é uma das minhas preferidas)

    22. BTS Love Armes

      Wow I love you so much

    23. Banshee A

      Mono deserves better

    24. Btsmochijimin _Army

      Why this album had not got much attention like others? RM deserves a lot. His music gives so much comfort and makes relaxed. He is indeed the best leader 😄😄😄

    25. Emily of New Moon

      This man Namjoonie plays with words beautifully. He's also a very wise and grown-up man compare to his age. Wish all happiness will come to him. Understand yourself is very hard and sometimes it hurts so much, but it's the right way to happiness

    26. Vimin My angels

      *تروحلك فدوا العشيرة ان شالله🥺💙*

    27. lili blue

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="686">11:26</a> p.m es tan lindo escucharla y volver a los sentimientos que sentí el primer día que lo hice, a veces las canciones encierran emociones, guardan sentimientos, son como las fotos, en ellas el tiempo no pasa. Me gustaría escucharla en unos 5 años, que tal es mi vida, que hice de ella y acordarme de todas la veces que la escuché, hoy tú ***** del futuro recuerda mi promesa. Nuestra promesa.

    28. Bonsiri Doley

      RM ❤️❤️❤️ the way you're working harderrrrr for your teammates, it's really a word of appreciation.. I ❤️❤️❣️❣️💓💓💓💕💕💖💖 you forever and ever and ever I

    29. Bonsiri Doley

      I love you Kim (RM).. I can't even explain it out to anybody because they think I am mad..

    30. BTS ARMY

      Listening to this song is a type of healing

    31. Paty Castro

      Art 💜

    32. Y's Adventures

      Apparently Hoseok's sister helped with the animation for this video

    33. fatemeh hardani

      it bless my heart

    34. Kim Jenelle Mortel

      You deserve the happiness, love and the world. 💖

    35. Taehyung's Bag

      Thank you to this man, who saved my life when I thought I could never be saved.

    36. Taehyung's Bag

      Bighit : “ Music and Artists for Healing” No kidding

    37. Kary Schz

      Está canción es una hermosa canción, demostremos el amor que como ARMY le tenemos a todas la canciones..!!!

    38. 벼리디자인-그려서 막 퍼주는 채널

      Attractive Attractive Attractive Attractive Attractive Attractive

    39. genius infires Min Suga

      I'm still here 😁💜

    40. Elexus Williams


    41. BTS v sara Algerian army

      Algerian army WE purple you our leader

    42. BTS v sara Algerian army

      Algerian army رانييي جييييييت

    43. BTS v sara Algerian army

      Algerian army مطغيناااش خلاص ليوم ضربونا بعين

    44. moonie unnie

      غاجلي لعزيييز راني بدلت كونت و جيتك Algerian armyy

      1. BTS v sara Algerian army

        وين نروح نلقاك غير نتي واحد ما رآه يستريمي دوكا

    45. Mooun Ira

      مرت نامجووون لحقت للآمفي تاع راجلهاا Algerian armyy

    46. bouth eina

      I'm so proud of you Moonie oppa

      1. moonie unnie

        احححم احححم

    47. bouth eina

      Algerian armyy

    48. ikram_ bangtanBoys

      Oh my god i love this song Algeriaan armyy

    49. Bts Army

      ارميز بتعرفوا ..اول شخص اقترح مفهوم حب النفس رابموناه ومع فريقه بي تي اس عملوا احسن انجاز بهاد المفهوم ..انا افتخر انوا قائدنا وقائد فريقنا لازم نفتخر كلنا ارميز ب بي تي اس

      1. bouth eina

        اكيييد كلنا بنفتخر اننا ننتمي لهاد العائلة لانو عنجد بتس والارمي مرة وحدة ومابينعادو

    50. Bts Army

      RM♡ LOVE YOU نحن معك ندعمك ونحبك يا احلى شاعر ♡♡♡

    51. Bts Army

      ارمي بليز سترموا اغاني رابموناه ..لازم ندعم كل الاعضاء يلاااا فايتينغ ...هي الاغنية صارلها كثير وهي ثابتة

    52. Lotfi Ferrioune

      wiwi wisso 03 ستريم لحياة افضل Army Algeria

    53. Lotfi Ferrioune

      شويا حماس لبناات راكم ميتيننننننننننننن woooooooooowwwwww بعدوو راهم جاو الشواكررر Army Algeria

      1. BTS v sara Algerian army

        راني جيييت

      2. moonie unnie

        فااايتييينغ سييس

    54. Nesrine Taetae

      Our best leader Namjoonie I luv u ALGERIAN ARMY

    55. Nesrine Taetae

      Taehyung's wife Nesrine luv u Namjoonie ALGERIAN ARMY

    56. nounou nano

      algerian army ماتفقدروش الامل و ماتستلموش

    57. Nesrine Taetae

      راهي وصلت نسرين مرت تاي ونتوما ALGERIAN ARMY

      1. moonie unnie

        Im here again

    58. yumi djihane

      The MV is so beautiful

    59. Maya Baradei

      Precious words and a great deep feeling , I am really in love with his mind. He deserves toooo much love and respect .💜💜💜💜

    60. Koki Stan

      مطر لابد !! تبكيني فيها الاحساس بزااف

    61. Koki Stan

      Kim naMjon I love you so muCh From aLgeriA

    62. Koki Stan


    63. Koki Stan

      Algerien ARmy

    64. Meriem karmouz

      Please come to algeria

    65. BOU BOU

      Kim namjooooon

    66. BOU BOU

      Our leader the best

    67. BOU BOU

      Algerian armyyy

    68. Fella Bts

      RM♡♡♡ Dz army♡♡♡ ALGERIA ♡♡♡

    69. Fella Bts


    70. Fella Bts

      Kim Namjon ♡♡ Our love ♡♡ Best leader♡♡♡ Algerien army

    71. Fella Bts

      RM♡♡♡ I love you ♡♡♡ From Algeria ♡♡

    72. Fella Bts

      Algerien army ♡

    73. kim sara

      Algerian army

    74. Aya Omari

      Algerian army

    75. Mr. Mister

      I have seen people say that Nam is not at the level of Yoongi and Hobi just because he does not rap quickly: this only shows the absolute ignorance of many people about rap. Speed ​​does not show the artist's skill and Mono is proof of this.

    76. 궁디

      진짜 들을때마다 목소리 좋아서 반한다

    77. moonie unnie

      Rm is myy monster ♡.♡ Algerian armyy

    78. Kim Youna

      Algerian army

    79. Lotfi Ferrioune

      we can Army Algeria