ROAST BATTLE CLASSICS: Kim Congdon vs. Dan Nolan

Roast Battle

Roast Battle

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    Belly Room favorite Kim Congdon takes on joke assassin Dan Nolan in this Comedy Store Roast Battle classic, with judging from Jeff Ross, Frank Castillo, Joe Dosch, Mike Lawrence, and Earl Skakel.
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    Kim Congdon: kimberlycongdon
    Dan Nolan: dannolancomedy
    Jeff Ross: realjeffreyross
    Frank Castillo: frankccomedy
    Joe Dosch: joedosch
    Mike Lawrence: TheMikeLawrence
    Earl Skakel: earlskakel
    Brian Moses: racebanning
    DJ Coach Tea: Coach_Tea
    Autistic Thunder: AutisticThunder
    Saudi Prince: SaudiDoodi
    The Wave: AllNegroWave

    Publisert 3 måneder siden


    1. Roast Battle

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    2. Kim Capri

      Kim is fast, funny, and clever. Dan is wickedly smart, but he used the cavity and cultural joke before in another battle.

    3. Ray Davies

      Kim Congdon is the worst. So arrogant.


      Sounds like a couple plants in the crowd. Definitely more laughter from a few individuals when the jokes didn’t really hit.

    5. Mario Villasenor

      So the guys won Idk how many times but these thirsty fucks still give it to the bitch that has all her jokes written for her

    6. Forbearance Bear

      Why were all of these filmed on a potato?

      1. Vapelife X

        Is good potato. 😂

      2. BeatsDown Gaming

        Such originality. Nobody had said that before.

    7. Samuel Pena

      This was a nice ass one

    8. Out of the Norm

      Yeah she smashed him. South USA is flaky as fuck compared to NYC, the judges were pretty weak about actually judging and it felt kind of inside base ball style and like the dude to the left of Jeff Ross wasn't really focusing on the roast as he was polishing Jeff's balls under the table to ensure he could feed his family for generations to come.