Robert Downey Jr. Explains the Process of Working on Marvel Movies | Joe Rogan

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JRE Clips

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    Taken from JRE #1411 w/Robert Downey Jr.:

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    1. Chad Carlson

      RDJ is wearing the time stone.

    2. Chad Carlson

      Possibly without exception *pauses to think about Captain Marvel*

    3. dcbsmt

      I absolutely LOVE Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

    4. Filthy McNasty

      I loved Civil War. I'm glad to see Downey had that much respect for Evans, hopefully vice versa. Goals. Thanks for the video.

    5. gogo dodo

      I am so happy Tom cruise never got to be ironman

    6. All Andy

      Could someone explain what “from soup to nuts” means?

    7. darkwing dook

      ye, rdj doesn't know marvel comics.

    8. despot reality

      Joegans head is blinding me

    9. AC3

      The way he talks about getting together with everyone, Sean Wallace did that stuff, as did Amin shimmerman from DS9. fanstastic people.

    10. McNiggly Brosephsons

      Joe "soup to nuts.. huh" Rogan

    11. Christian Greathouse

      This is not the RDJ I grew up knowing but I do love this one he's so chill.

    12. Rory Nolan

      Kiss kiss bang bang is a brilliant movie. I don't know why it bombed I guess people just didn't know about it

    13. V

      9:42 RDJ says fucked.

    14. francis bk

      Get Matthew McConaughey on this podcast

    15. Murray Hoeppner

      Nope sorry i got to disagree, Eric Bana was my favorite Hulk hands down. I could not or even cant not see Mark as Hulk everytime i watch them, even to this day. He's just not as believable as Eric was. Dont get me wrong. Mark is an awesome actor and his movies are awesome. But I cant see him fitted for Hulk. Awesome Interview!

    16. Right Hand

      Dude kiss kiss bang bang was an amazing movie. I would agree that it is my favorite movie he has done

    17. oogity Boogity

      I love how he talks about marvel movies like he actually has seen them unlike a lot of other cast members

    18. Forest Specter

      What ever you want to THINK! this is the BEST example of how “actors” climb way up their own assholes and think whatever they do is brilliant! Blow it out your ass bobby! You BOUGHT IN to franchise BS!!!

    19. m lotus

      Joe's never heard the term "soup to nuts" before?

    20. MRDR fly

      two guys talking comics that don't know the 1st thing about the actual comics being portrayed in the movies. please, shut up.

    21. Sssaga Benches

      Weird, didn't he dieded?

    22. Lucas O'heyze

      What a pretentious asshole! He's playing Iron Man in a kids movie ffs!

    23. Maddy

      There have been 7 Spider-Man movies so far

    24. Hawaiian Prestige Cars

      downey is the definition of humble trust me on that one I have heard stories of him doing very very generous things

    25. mike sharkey

      4 Spider-Man’s clown

    26. tristan thompson

      superheros are whack. fake news. its all whack. no.

    27. NOT YOU

      Endgame was missing the scene where Banner merged with Hulk.

    28. Mercutio Hartchu

      I don’t expect Joe to read comics but professor Hulk has been a thing in the comics for a long time

    29. vliduu zeeb

      “Soup to nuts? How does that work?” This man is a cartoon character

    30. Timothy Schenks

      Hey Joe, there was a smart Hulk in the comics decades ago. They didn’t just come up with it at the last minute.

      1. vliduu zeeb

        Thanos and Stark in the afterlife hold a podcast

    31. Justin C

      Phillip K Dick, RIP.

    32. Shane Dorgan

      Why cant Downey just say a normal sentence without looking for the thesouras version? "Curated group of souls" how about "organised bunch of people"? Also Chris Evan's hates the president of america yet he is captain america? And why is Tea spelt Tea? Why isn't it just T

      1. Hawaiian Prestige Cars

        @Shane Dorgan on here you wont get notifications since so many comments are spawned

      2. Shane Dorgan

        This is my first youtube comment as well. Do I get a notification if someone replys? And why is Colin Farrell playing the penguin? He doesnt eat chocolate bars

    33. idesofmars

      i thought he had his little arc reactor on for a second

    34. doro626

      Soup to nuts. I know that phrase. I didnt think it was all that obscure.

      1. butti fdft

        Wait! Did he just give Brandon Routh credit for being the first fucking Superman!!!!?????

    35. dejavu81696

      Totally unrelated but RDJ should do ASMR

      1. butti fdft

        Joe asked an awesome question

    36. Classic Rock Station

      Jon Favreau saw Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and thought RDJ could do action movies... I guess Air America wasn't available on Netflix.

      1. butti fdft

        Wait! Did he just give Brandon Routh credit for being the first fucking Superman!!!!?????

    37. Fernando Gonzalez

      Clearly there is no prior knowledge of the “Professor Hulk” comic book story arc from either of these dudes but whatever...

      1. butti fdft

        How’s this guy still here? I thought he died in Endgame.

    38. cbt20003

      "little things become the inconvenience to the greater good"......ok dude whatever u say . weirdo

    39. cbt20003

      ionosphere .....right . exactly . ...what Are you talking about , he is fucking out there with his vocabulary , he doesn't even make sense . jus using big word incorrectly one after another . he is the is the prototypical after that is dumb but thinks hes intelligent .

    40. cbt20003

      he is such a tool. a fucking shill for marvel movies . trying to act like marvel movies are art. get outa here , hes so pretentious its unreal

    41. drttyu liqm

      he almost said "my wife" but then said her name instead. nice

    42. Samuel Henkle

      RDJ: yeah it’s just a great experience this job JRogan: yeah so have you ever tried huffing jet fuel? It’s really eye opening dude here I have some

      1. NOT YOU

        Pretty much. Joe isn't the brightest crayon in the box. It's painful watching him try to fein intellect.

    43. d i r t n a p s

      7:45 "I wasn't really.." .. what? paying attention?

    44. Sebastian Morris

      Thanos and Stark in the afterlife hold a podcast

      1. drttyu liqm

        Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of my favorite movies, Downey and Kilmer are fantastic and hilarious in it 👌🏾

    45. Alex Castro

      I didn't get smart hulk either, to me it seems like it was just an intellectually lazy decision.

    46. S Kellam

      What is that on RD's chest?

    47. Cutsup

      He's alive? Iron Man is ALIVE!

    48. S&A’s Orgonite Creations

      What necklace is Robert Downey Jr wearing??? Anyone know?

    49. diungy alisnr

      How’s this guy still here? I thought he died in Endgame.

    50. uzi75020

      Wait! Did he just give Brandon Routh credit for being the first fucking Superman!!!!?????

    51. Ryan McMorrow

      Joe asked an awesome question

    52. Lexxi Chen

      omg why did RDJ even bother to show up on scumbag douchebag like joe rogan's show?? he has lowered his standard!!

      1. diungy alisnr

        Rogan says some really cool shit one minute then the next says some really stupid shit

    53. gordon franco

      he's believable is this a joke Lou Ferrigno was more believable as the Hulk


      ????? 1:45 ??? ? ? ? ??

    55. thebigdsdotcom

      Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang was an amazing film! So glad RDJ loves it :-)

    56. Tim Sevigney

      I love RDJ but I will stand by the fact that Endgame was vastly disappointing. Junk. Garbage. Infinity War will live on as the better movie in years to come. Endgame will be known as piggy backing off Infinity War’s success and cliffhanger.

    57. N7 London town

      Great listen

    58. tshq

      Total agreement on Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

    59. Wise Pops

      Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of my favorite movies, Downey and Kilmer are fantastic and hilarious in it 👌🏾

    60. Joe Edward

      What movie was he talking about at 6 minutes with Keanu and woody (Harrelson?) And Winona Ryder, etc. Sounds like an amazing cast, I would love to watch it!

      1. butti fdft

        Joe Rogan shined his head extra shiny for this podcast with Downey jr..