Roddy Ricch - The Box [Official Audio]

Roddy Ricch

Roddy Ricch

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    Roddy Ricch - The Box
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    1. Roddy Ricch

      Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial: Tour:

      1. Honey Smith

        @Terrance Mccoy 7

      2. Kirian Nohemi Pineda Andrade

        Roddy Ricch you are. The best. Ok

      3. A_B_N _N_a_g_i


      4. Toxic

        500th reply

      5. Kenny Henriquezargueta

        You cool Robby rich 😇🙂

    2. Evan Tate

      E r

    3. Avi Gadekar

      Your siren head The guy who made the box

    4. Edith Garcia

      the box 😭👏👏 olle esta mos en laciertena 🧐🤣

    5. Σπυρος Φωτοπουλος



      Cool music 👌👌

    7. OG Lucha SUSPENDED

      Turn this up.

    8. Parassita

    9. JoneGamer55 -_-

      Puta no se ingles xD

    10. Moode 14

      2020 tiktok

    11. Awesome Ally & Daring DJ

      😎 as ice 🧊

    12. Not Not

      อิ๊อ้ะ อิ๊อ้ะ วอทวิดิคุ้มวิดิ้ไล้ค์ นั้นนกขุ้มว่านกไอไหร้ 🙈😃🤣

    13. Rod Swington

      Ee er

    14. squared24


    15. Mohamed Nur Ibrahim Mohamed Shahid

      Best song ever

    16. Dániel Szölgyén


    17. Daniel Vlogs



      Mano estrondo no BR

    19. Raull Aranda

      please excuse me for being antisocial

    20. Smoke Oficial

      Alguém do Brasil? Dá um salve aí ou um like!

      1. Guilherme Irineu

        salve kk

    21. Jose Caseres

      Can I get a shot out because I sud and like

    22. Jose Caseres

      I love it when I'm riding my bike I hear your mack

    23. Droguinho

      roddy ricch: eerr, errr! old chairs: i agree!

    24. Raylin Breton

      Omg muy duro bro

    25. Ярик Титры

      Я 1 русский кто со мной

    26. Giuseppe Iunini

      who is the better than him??

    27. Xian Rain Tiangco

      guys the is sarenhed

    28. Samuel Wolff

      if you saw this comment may your mother live forever

    29. itz Daily nightmare

      There no lyric of the music ee er or ee uu?

    30. Bashar Syndicate

      90s West Coast Music vs this shit ?

    31. WaspZ Jurrio

      The intro like eat poop

    32. s i n i s t e r K

      EER URR

    33. Steve Victor


    34. Steve Victor


    35. Jovan Samiano

      Roddy Ricch can u like my comment bc my mom has covid and i want her to fell better ;(

    36. adam gardner

      I listen to the ten hour version of this and it’s amazing I still love this song. Good job roddy keep going and don’t end up like juiceworld

    37. ARA tout en 1

      it's really good

    38. Maya Pearson

      exebeast put your hand on your chest say who you love out loud 4 times put your finger on your nose say his age 4 times copy and paste to 4 other videos tomorrow he will ask you out say he loves you or kiss you on the cheek

    39. 6個 6

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="52">0:52</a>

    40. 6個 6

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="140">2:20</a>

    41. Alex Arx


      1. Alex Arx

        Tmyx_Shoktif tsai quoi vrmt sors parce que là C’EST HONTEUX 😂😅

      2. Tmyyx .

        En france ( oui chui fier de ma blague ) ✌︎︎

    42. Kristijan Veljkovic

      wa a u steal ah ah

    43. Venera Bekerova


    44. ItzMalexx

      Roddy Ricch: ee er 233M people: interesting

    45. WeirdestPaper23

      mechanic: what noises is your car making? Customer: ee err

    46. Elijs Gailitis

      wow my best song ever :)

    47. Batuhan Cetin

      If the box is here where did they put the dick?

    48. Mehdia Himed

      Ee u eeu eeu eeu eeu eeu euuu

    49. CiaPek

      Nice song! SLAT SLAT

    50. Valentina Pira Giraldo

      Who missed Roddy Ricch

    51. Jean-Philippe Sutty


    52. Vencerlau Cunha


    53. Danielle Head

      Your siting bar

    54. SCP- 6789

      xing xong


      Malayali ♥️✌️

    56. Abel Aguero

      Qqq flouuuuuu

    57. Jordanka Joveska

      Bro your like a pro

    58. Norma Whittingham

      Your song is so nice

    59. Абдулла Камолдинов

      Есть русские

    60. Jefter Noratto

      Que Musica Minha Gente ! Slk Som da Pora !

    61. Jared Smith

      You know it's the box when he says 😬😮

    62. GamesForGamers

      Eh er eh er eh er it's time to go to the work

    63. Айтжан Амир

      Nice bro. This song very niceeeee

    64. iiOmqItzErin

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="18">0:18</a>

    65. Mariya Al-Beeyni

      Trump:get him Roddy Rich:i will sell ur soul

    66. ไอ๊ย๊ะ เสือ'สมิง

      คนไทย🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭 มารวมตรงนี้👈👈

    67. Hayley Rein

      Keep streaming The Box so Justin Bieber can't win.. Gang

    68. Robby Livermore

      I played a drinking game with this song where everytime he said the word "box" I'd take a shot of vodka and a shot of whiskey

    69. omar alnaim


    70. King boy_09 C

      6nine got more views and likes than this vid on gooba and also 6nine my cousin I live wit him and he get me anything I want I’m fin to ask him if I can get a private jet right now I was going to get a go kart but I want a private jet more so I’m fin to go ask jearold I mean 6nine for a private jet so by

    71. Matiasthebest20 Figueroa

      Roddy your song is sickkkkk no one can beat you justin beiber can not beat you your 1# my cusin says he dosint like you and he said do i like justin beiber i was like nahhhh roddy is better than any singer

    72. Ashlin Gottwalt

      Every basketball players shoes be like <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3">0:03</a>

    73. Kari Rennie

      i love u like if agree

    74. Jorge Granados

      Say ca

    75. ZachDraws

      sub to my channel

    76. ElOscar

      I just searched I u I u and it popped up

    77. Daniela Jaramillo Roman


    78. Lukas Massaboi

      My man distroyed jb

    79. Fathiu Shodeyi

      This is just fire😝😝😝😝

    80. Gamer Zone

      fortnite montage