Rose Ditches Ed! | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days



4,2 mill ganger705

    Rose packs up her things and heads to the airport while Ed contemplates his future.
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    Publisert 14 dager siden


    1. Star Galaxy

      Lmao thats exactly what happens when you call a bad person, bad they be getting all toxic over it lulll

    2. Random life of Shattered Dreams

      She's very beautiful...

    3. Leys V.


    4. Point Perfect

      Can he get a gym membership

    5. Kristine Dela Pena

      Youre 54 ed! Grow up....

    6. Top Aj

      Fastest I’ve seen ED walk

    7. R Michelle Cooke

      He seems like a Class A Narcissist to me.

    8. ElectricV0id

      Imma just say is right now, Rose is really pretty

    9. ly cheng briana

      I feel so painful for Rose. I’m crying for Rose

    10. Amiyah TV

      he mad chop wit his no neck lookin self

    11. 사랑해조안누나

      What did Rose say?

    12. Blue Wave

      Ed you did the right thing. Don't get fooled by beauty. Also not good that she took the money out of your wallet. The sister asking for money is a red flag, You will do good, there are lot of honest and beautiful women there. I have been there over 12 years.

    13. Patrick Pedigo

      He’s so disrespectful. He didn’t want to be a father to Rose’s son Prince. Lies from the start. Can’t even tell his mom the truth. Ed’s a POS a Big Loser

    14. Bolor S

      TLC why didn’t Rose get any payment for her participation? She MADE this season super profitable for your network and put up with ED, and she didn’t get paid but ED did? Doesn’t sound right.

    15. nbbim2012

      I think the producers are shady by not telling him she left. What a God awful human being

    16. Ant

      I want a neck reveal

    17. C Afro

      It not meant to be, Ed will find someone else back home, same as rose.

    18. Hambugr

      Ed dodged a bullet rose just wanted to have kids and live the American dream so I’m glad they’re not together

    19. Vernita Lim Rich

      Hi Ed , you are not a bad person. Both of you just do have a language barrier. She just cant tell you what she feels in a proper way.

    20. Xiosora

      "I miss my true king" omg rose 🥺

    21. Sleepy Eyes

      Dude needs to learn from his mistakes like I 15 even learned my mistakes in relationship wise and yes ik I have more to learn but I think my maturity level is way higher than ed like come on man own up to your mistakes ed

    22. carina agnarsson

      Very good that Rose finally broke up with that nasty man ! She deserves a good man ....

    23. Nikolayshia Jones TV

      What season is this ?

    24. Everythingwillbealright

      Ed in a blue shirt = Sonic the hedgehog

    25. Tea Choco

      She's mature. lovely. Pretty . and have a good personality. What I like about her is that. She dont talk bad about ed. But she is straight forward for once. Girl, you deserve much better than a useless guy like him. Swear to God. Tbh I wanna smash his face.ugh

    26. jesus is king

      God bless you, Jesus loves you

    27. Communist Yeeter

      ) b6’

    28. PixeLexy

      *neck has left the chat*

    29. Alyssa Staub

      i like the view

    30. Kazekage

      Rose is the woman we should all be! Knowing our emotions , not being scared of letting people know how you feel, and seeing through people’s manipulation behavior. She is truly a legend

    31. Liz Peto

      You're rude and a pervert. That's why you're single. Hope this is a learning experience. See as that. You dont treat any woman like this . Respect and trust is what you are lacking.

    32. skess94

      She looks like a beautiful 14-year-old girl. I do not see what she would find attractive in Ed other than an opportunity for a better life. Ed is not an attractive guy so he needs to really try to be more beautiful on the inside if he’s going to pursue very young, attractive women.

    33. Heather Driver

      Ed is ugly and inside and out he is disgusting

    34. J Galves

      Rose: One day I meet my true king. You're loved, you still got your true PRINCE🤴

    35. Angela Carini

      Ed is playing the victim when he is the narcissistic, manipulative problem.

    36. bagladey

      I believe he’s shocked, LOL, because he can’t believe that Rose cut short his screen time.

    37. it's me

      Ed is the only person on earth who gets an exception to be bodyshamet by us

    38. Rebecca Buckland

      What's the point of telling her to calm down if she sounds calm?

    39. Daetahge Lemons

      On chill was playing while I was watching this 😭

    40. Tami Bennett

      You are bad, short, a user, among other things and u did this to yourself

    41. M¡ntyxd

      I thought u were cool bruh what the hell is with u

    42. Frederikke McIntee

      Ed is Gross. Apparently he tried to hit up Juliana. A MARRIED WOMAN. Ed go marry your mayonnaise jar

    43. Jivette Fhaye


    44. XX china

      I love the air blowing out Ed does. I think this guy could be my stepdad. They look and act the same :(

    45. Fellow Stranger

      Congrats Ed, you’re a meme now.

      1. Rock girl

        I think Ed don't need find a lover anymore

    46. KGRAV

      Honestly I see why people agree with rose but don’t y’all think she was with him for a reason? Let’s be honest nobody wants him and all the sudden she’s comes around, and looks way more than he could ever get. Look at how he looks then look at her. I get he was mean to her but I feel like all of y’all are one siding this. Why do you think she wanted kids with him so bad? She was poor and he probably has enough money to where she would have left him and asked for money cause she had kids with him. She upped and left the second she knew he wasn’t changing his option. Once again I know he was rude, but let’s be honest, you guys really think she wanted to be with him for love? Just saying..

      1. Rock girl

        he took off like she was gonna chase him😭😭

    47. RaiddzYt

      where is bros neck?

    48. Ahtasia Sevele

      She's a gold digger

    49. Zoe Batiste

      she just needs time... my guy i-😭😭😭😭

    50. Nika's Niche

      Rose is done with this little lying ass insecure man.

    51. Epic Cow

      That guy needs to act nice, being a douchebag only works for good looking guys ngl

    52. Two

      This is so sad ,but I'm sure she's Neckful she got out of there quick

    53. that girl treasure duerson

      No Nick having ass

    54. jo bentazal

      Rose u deserve so much better

    55. sinnabvn

      ed: she just needs to calm down rose: 😗✌️✈️💁‍♀️

    56. Anais Ritz


    57. S.J. K

      She's so empowering.

    58. FabulousFox Asmr

      Such a baby

    59. Camille Guinday

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="23">0:23</a> Rose has that facial expression which clearly states that she's satisfied and has won. :D

    60. Jerry mamabolo

      😂😂😂😂I like how he leaves

    61. Nidhi Rana

      he took off like she was gonna chase him😭😭

    62. clare felis celeste

      I think Ed don't need find a lover anymore

    63. Gary Tallaksen


    64. Call Me Yamato

      Wow, for Rose to leave, He must’ve been a real *PAIN IN THE NECK*. **badumm tsssss**

    65. aljxhara

      like how come ed just assumed she was a gold digger? like not everyone is like their sibilings. he is so two faced, ignorant and weird. not all queens need kings. and go off sis do what you gotta do✊

    66. MJ

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="23">0:23</a> y’all look at rose’s face expression lmaooo

    67. dieganka

      she left her son for the Ed? really?

    68. Opening Crowder

      Rose is back on line looking for a man that can wear a turtleneck and still be able to see a chin.

    69. KateTheWolf!

      Dude. Hold yourself accountable you were a shit person to her.

    70. ItzIonparticle

      i give respecc for rose for going off at ed

    71. Chloe Erica

      Rose: Thank you, necks!

    72. I watch yaoi

      Pftttt, he got what he deserved honestly..

    73. BreeBreeslife

      She is still young and it’s unfair that he doesn’t want kids just ditch him sis

    74. Your local dumbass kid

      Be grateful someone took a second look at u xD

    75. lulu pensworthy

      If I were Rose I would've ordered room service and massage on Ed...then takin all the towels and shit from the room..y'all saw how this poor girl lives take the coffee pot, take it all he's a douche!

    76. Moonlight gachagirl

      Poor ed I feel bad

    77. Anna Soft

      какая она стремная..

    78. Ą†řąχΜФґğυЄ

      That's Chet from weird science!

    79. Staci Ann

      What’s going on with his neck?

    80. Meltedcrayon57

      I love that she tells him to change his behavior so he doesn't hurt the next person like he did her and it really shows that she was definitely the bigger person in this. I stan a wise queen!