Rose GOES OFF on Big Ed | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days



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    Rose feels betrayed that Ed kept his planned vasectomy a secret from her since day one.
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    Publisert 21 dag siden


    1. Suga is sweet

      Poor girl

    2. Sandra Beninato

      I’m sooo proud of rose for telling that no neck loser Ed off she deserves better than that he’s Disgusting and that’s all there is to it I hope & pray that rose finds amazing good guy that gives you everything you & your son deserve god bless you both always 🙏🙏

    3. Karen Smith

      She is so pretty tho, they weren’t a match at all

    4. jisung's lemon

      He never expected Rose to be this woke.

    5. Potato Jazplayz

      I really want to meet big ed

    6. shortroundChris

      I like the Filipino girls back at home in Philippines myself because they're not as shallow as women here in states. And they are absolutely open and up front. Super blunt. No games. Haha

    7. Gottado St

      I’m copying this comment just like in every episode in case this gets a lot of likes too. Rose’s search history: how to choke a man with no neck?

    8. Arpana Neupane

      Where do I watch this?

    9. Susie Harutyunyan

      Ed acting like he is not the ugly one🙄

    10. Skitty wolf- Gacha life

      Ed literally has no neck

    11. Kieanna Lynn

      ❤ her facial expressions !!! 🌹

    12. Aileen Ow

      "all men do is lie" i- i cant argue with that now

    13. Boadecia

      How can you be compatible with a person that wants kids when you don’t? It’s a core deal breaker. He wanted her to become invested before giving her information that would inspire her to leave. Dirt bag.

    14. Bannana Split

      Is this the "I like the view" girl??

    15. Tasia Keys

      tbh ha faces is ah mood eerday😭😭

    16. Travis Aspey

      As much as he’s in the wrong for lying about his vasectomy, he’s within his rights to ask her to use mouthwash

    17. gingerbreadprime23

      “To make sure we are compatible” Ed y’all were never compatible from the start ur a whole 32 years older then her

    18. Vannie

      Awe..I love rose so much she has a kind hurt

    19. Kennedy K.

      please stop saying bad things about ed. I can’t like every comment

    20. Winward galvin

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="128">2:08</a> yo that face

    21. Anna Gill

      Am I the only one who can’t take him seriously😂😂

    22. Queen Mercy

      She was like you disgusting thing.

      1. bcvbb hyui

        No neck Ed is such a liar and a cheat I’m SO GLAD Rose left that man

    23. Dany_vman

      She clearly can't speak English

      1. bcvbb hyui

        I- I her I like the view him your my best view her meh

    24. FakeplasticBees

      You need to let her “calm down”? Rose is SECURE AF with herself and she presented her argument with a clear head and a calm, confident voice. He really thought he was going to woo a dumb, desperate, poor foreigner no matter how poorly he treated her. He really shocked she judged his character by her own values and found him to be revolting. Just goes to show you don’t need money and status to be a great person and that’s Rose. I’m honestly inspired by her.

    25. Memingful

      that look at the end it the stare my filipino mom gives me-

    26. Moo Moo

      I still don’t feel like rose has completely good intentions. She’s not dumb she knows a 54 year old wouldn’t want kids. She didn’t seem any type of interested in him since the very beginning and would hang up on him whenever he asked about her sons dad. I’m not saying Ed is any better, but people are acting like rose is the saint and didn’t deserve this and whatever but she knew what she was getting into. you could clearly see how unattracted she was to him this entire time and it seemed like she just wanted to meet him to see if she could handle being stuck in a marriage with him and then realized she couldn’t so she pulled out the “I want kids and you never told me you didn’t” card. That was most definitely not the only thing that she didn’t like about him and I think her sadness that is showing is her feeling stupid and terrible that she left her son to chase a green card

    27. I Max

      BS, Rose is done because she didn't know Ed looked like a slug. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="128">2:08</a> She's thinking, God there isn't enough money.

    28. Angelique Betera

      Rose brought out all the English from the bottom of her heart yes girl!!!!!!!

    29. {Gacha Morgan}

      Rose:"I like the view." Ed:"You are my best view" Rose:*Cringes for a second* Rose:"Eh- Your so sweet...'' *if ed asked rose to mary him* Ed:"Will you marry me" What Rose wants to say: Rose:Oh hell no- What rose says: Rose:"I dOnT tHiNk tHis ReLaTiOnShIp wILl wOrK

    30. Thatgirl Destanyy

      He looks SO appalled by her standing up for herself biggest joke I ever seen 🥱. Rose deserves better

    31. coochinator3000

      He doesnt deserve her😤😤😤

    32. Otaku Girl

      Her face at the end...what a queen 👑

    33. JJ Swagger

      How was Ed stuttering more than the girl who's Philippino.

    34. Adam Moore

      She's cute when she is angry.

    35. Yahaira Elizabeth

      Ed: *exists* Everyone: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="128">2:08</a>

    36. Yahaira Elizabeth

      Whole time I was screaming YESSSS GIRLLLLLLLLL

    37. Phylicia Lyn

      Rose = A Queen ✨

    38. Gacha House

      I- I her I like the view him your my best view her meh

    39. Xavier Allen loves Alice Fearn Labelle

      No neck Ed is such a liar and a cheat I’m SO GLAD Rose left that man

    40. Xavier Allen loves Alice Fearn Labelle

      If I met Rose, I would tell her “You should hang out with the Dolan Twins than be around No Neck,lying,cheating Ed” Edit: I got a LIKE 🥰

    41. Calyb Carter

      Stands up points sits down :5

    42. Elin Blackburn

      She has an ulcer. Its name is: "Big Ed."

    43. Mario Butoto

      You know what pisses me off?? People saying that she wants to be with him because of his money and because she wants a better life for herself and her son. Those kinds of people are braindead to me, because it couldn't be more obvious how she really doesn't care about the guy's appearance, but that he lies to her. She wants a strong relationship with somebody who respects her and wants to be with her, not because she is beautiful. She brought up the height thing not because she has any problems with short guys, but because he lied about it, she even says it in the video! And as for Ed... He really needs a reality check. I'm not talking about how he constantly tells her what to change about herself, while he looks like a human penguin, I'm talking about how he always thinks of himself first, before her. Rose even mentioned that in the video, how he has to improve himself for the next woman in his life. Rose is such a genuine person and deserves so so much better!

    44. Evelyn Avilabo

      Why the hell does he not want to have kids if he's dating a 20+ woman that has her whole life ahead of her. TLC do better and stop using this beautiful woman as clout


      WAIT THIS IS REAL?????

    46. LGM_ KRISH

      I like the view

    47. Alex Aviation

      How would that work tho 😂😂😂 anyways

    48. Carl Milton

      No 40 plus year old want no dam kid. I hate kids. Then her breath bad. Girl bye. Foh

    49. Kehpy


    50. hosay

      This is so off topic.......but that hand pan

    51. Carl Milton

      Bad breath Rose...... I would run fast.

    52. Sonia Van Heerden

      Your a meme now

    53. kash0uX

      This man be kinda uhhhhh Stupid Lying 99% of the time lmao At first I knew Ed was kinda a jerk, but I thought Rose also had more than a few flaws Now I see Rose is more honest and open than Ed could ever be lmao

    54. Alexa Fletcher

      "I was worried about you, where were you this morning?" First words he opens with and reminds me 100% of my emotionally abusive ex who opened our last physical conversation with "So what happened last night?" Because he couldn't get ahold of me or control me the day before. It's a thinly veiled 'concern for you' so that they can defend their actions and say, "I was just worried" whether it be because they called you 40 times and your parents 4 times or because they were rude and said your breath stinks. Good on rose. I got out, but she got out quicker. She is SO strong.

    55. Obsessions hehe

      *"I should've been more truthful"* Tf you should have told the Truth.

    56. Lĺ M

      They are useing us for rating... let's drop this fat man... He insulted us .. what a con artist telling her she love her and .....

    57. Barbie-Tingz

      pop off sis

    58. liza dela cruz

      Shes done with Ed's lies

    59. Carol Halpin

      I like the view

    60. Lance Jacobs

      ed the most hated man on tlc?

    61. Tsuyu Asui

      Ed: Not even his neck who playing hide and seek: Rose: actually being an understanding person.

    62. Cozmic Carma

      If she didn’t want him or felt a certain way about him, she wouldn’t be hurt or reacting. She wanted a baby by him..HIM, not many ppl would wanna do that, let’s be honest. If she only wanted his money she would be submissive to all his bullshit and smiling in his face. Ed is treating her like he’s the cute one like...???? She even wanted to bring her child into her new life in America like...if she was so money hungry I don’t think she’d even want any kids bc they’re expensive... some ppl are really blind like Ed and it’s sad😔

    63. Mumu 2148

      Go in the comment section and take a shot every time someone says that Big Ed is a bad person or that they support Rose. You will be DEAD in seconds!

    64. The greatest show On earth

      He's all chin

    65. moohamed

      I feel bad for her, she just wants a family and a good place to raise her child/children and he just wants a young asian wife for sex. It's so shocking how she argued with him when she speaks very little english.

    66. Regine Mayo

      I'm the only one feel irritated when the girl speak english she so trying hard.

    67. Ghing Mingoa

      ed always say's to rose "I'm sorry"

    68. Natalie Perez

      men his age usually aren't able to make kids anymore lol😂

    69. emilio robles

      I love the way she gesticulates, so unique and funny

    70. Dan Dan

      I thinks ed’s parent wanted to name him Ned until they saw he had no neck so they removed the N 😂

    71. Amelie Corneille

      He thinks she wants his money?! Dude, what money? You live in a single room! I mean you're broke af yourself! Tf!

    72. Crezo is lowkey cute

      Poor ed😭😭

    73. Tæber Crouch

      I feel really bad for this guy.

    74. Ydyeye Bdhdjdjdj

      Big ed more like dig bed

    75. Mynelle Burnett

      Her facial expressions issa whole mood

    76. bxby._. Ameri

      Ed is over here thinking that tose actually likes him

    77. Having Tea With the Devil

      So if he’s 54 and doesn’t want anymore kids then what does he want? A Barbie doll to walk around town and look good on his arm? I can imagine him pointing out to people who bullied him in high school, “yeah, this is my wife.”

    78. Bomani Williams

      You ever seen one of those sexually frustrated guys on the internet who say they'll be getting a wife in South East Asia? This is the conclusion to that story.

    79. pavy415

      Come here baby I'll marry you on an instant and not make you feel embarrassed or say those things or lies.

    80. Suzie Nguyen

      This comment section seriously needs to stop. I'm tired of liking every single one from each of you 😂😂