RuPaul Teaches Jack Whitehall To 'Sashay Away' | The Graham Norton Show

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    Maybe next time Jackie!
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    1. anth g.

      Lmao looks like they thought 'sashay away' meant strutting

    2. lisa lee

      This is the best talk show ever

    3. Røbbin Mølk

      More like...Sashay to ME😍

    4. ζαρα Ιωάννα

      “That’s quite a meaty tuck” 🤪

    5. JudgeHill83

      I don’t know why I get so worked up at seeing untalented (but well-connected) people succeed, but I do. And Jack Whitehall is the quintessence of this injustice.

    6. A Mishra


    7. Rose Gower

      i do hope he's gonna be a guest on rpdr uk

    8. Ausome Aspie

      Omg Jack! Can't wait to meet him in January! 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

    9. Dyna Zatty

      miss vanjie... miss VANJIE... MISS....vanjie 😂😂 idk y this should had happened

    10. Ican'tHandleHobisBoogieBootyAnymoreSendHelp

      *"You got this Travis. Make 'em wait for it... BOOM!"*

    11. Gabriel Kepler

      for some reason I was waiting for him to say “miss jackieeeee miss jackieeeee...miss....jaaaaaackieeee”

    12. Sharm Haran

      “Oh my god you are a fool Sir. When Jack Whitehall is on stage he does not walk... HE GLIDES” 🤣

    13. HappilyBlue

      does jack emit repressed homosexual vibes for anyone else or am i just protecting


      Did I just here Graham call him 'Jackie Balls' at the end???? What-

    15. Anh Minh

      RuPaul: Jackie my dear Jack: h...h...h...h

    16. mmand1


    17. JustCallMeBo

      *"Well done, Jackie Balls."* 🤣

    18. marie

      Please some one make this into a gif 😍😂

    19. honky canuk

      I thought he was going to do a fancy bow with a flourish at the end.

    20. Lady Hound

      Jack is my all time favourite talk show guest.

    21. no name found

      Not trying to be rude or disrespectful but can someone tell me whether the person in the middle is a man or a woman?

    22. Missa

      When did Jack get this manly-sexy feel to him? O.o

    23. Katie James

      RuPaul saying "the loser"😂😂😂

    24. ReMeLa02_03

      Jack Whitehall is the best talk show guest. He’s up for anything!

    25. Ruth Mercado

      Anyone know what song that is?

      1. Francisco Miranda

    26. Eemeli Kuusela

      So ill i need to do is turn Rupaul around give him the D and ill get me some Paul Rud?

    27. Marissa Bones

      I can't stop laughing 🙃

    28. Max Covfefe

      I don't know exactly which element of this is missing in my everyday life, but I need more of it on a regular basis.

    29. R. Ive


    30. BingBing BongBong

      That man is fire.

    31. Britt Dammann

      Can we see this one more time in full drag please?

    32. Karlotta

      Since when did jack become so handsome

    33. FirstYT40

      Jack's drag name should be Jack 'Hough'

    34. Piper Joseph

      My sexuality is Jack's growly exhale

    35. Avni Aryan

      A few months ago, i did not know who jack Whitehall was. Now i cannot not click when it's JACK WHITEHALL he's hilarious hahah

    36. jaymee ningthemcha

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="58">00:58</a> 😂😂😂

    37. Aboe Bobington

      In true loser style, Jackie stumbles down the stairs as she exits the stage after trying to look cool.

    38. Diana K

      I can't believe I just discovered Jack! I remember him with his poop story, he's so hilarious! And that was perfect impersonation😂 I'm a fan now!

    39. Melis Erdinç

      jack is one sassy queen

    40. chillbrutha82

      If Jack had said "Miss Vanjie, Miss Vanjie!" as he walked away, I would have died!!

      1. Bazinga9987

        I was just about to write it!!!!!😂😂😂😂

      2. TheMinijansson

        HAHAHAHAHA that would have been amazing

    41. Jess_Marie_G

      "That's quite a meaty tuck..." Well according to Daddy Whitehall, it is lol

      1. Nykolas shipway

        google it, you won't be disappointing

    42. Oliver Oliveros

      love jack!

    43. J Cortese

      I have no idea who Jack Whitehall even is but he's freaking adorable. :-)

      1. Jiyū

        He's a comedian

      2. Anna H.

        Watch the other episodes with Jack in it. He is always hilarious ( ◜‿◝ )♡

    44. epiklab

      Even Dame Helen Mirren impressed by that fake cry lol Oh Jack...

    45. Karen From Finasse

      I don't know who jack whitewall is but I want to!

    46. Keren icehand


    47. René Mela

      Jack Whitehall is so beautiful and funny. I think I'm in love with him

    48. Amber Sexton

      Can we all take a moment to appreciate Jack Whitehall's glow up from his first appearance on the Graham Norton show to now?

    49. Sindu Gokulapati

      jack almost falling at the end :o

    50. Nina C.

      Oh my gosh I cant stop laughing! 😂🤣 The wave, the almost trip!

    51. raerae555

      “That’s quite a meaty tug” 😂

      1. Finn Tran

        Lisa Evans Cause I want to pull on it Duh~

      2. Lisa Evans

        TUCK.... although weirdly tug works! 😂

    52. Nasrin Javeh

      That's a future of West. 😃

    53. Mary Rose

      Jack Whitehall the only posh guy I think would be welcome in my local. Honestly just hilarious and so down to earth.

    54. Iron Fan

      Very good acting, Jack.

    55. Renske Dunnewold

      What a great couch!

    56. Jaymee Margaret

      I love jack whitehall

    57. Bailey

      They have to make a celeb drag race...that'd be awesome! :-)

      1. Laughs With Lulu

        Bailey they actually are! ;)

    58. Alba

      I love that Helen Mirren is there for this xD

    59. Single Pikachu

      He should have said “SUE ME”

    60. Awekening Bro

      Why is the bald guy behaving like a girl?

      1. Nayla S

        Frozen Viking , because he is a queen. Surely you’ve heard of the most famous Drag Queen in the world?

    61. darksidehellfire

      ok wait... did Graham just call him Jackie balls?

      1. cuckoo61

        Yeah, rupaul gave him a drag name "Jackie Blackball" but graham kinda forgot the whole thing 😂

    62. Tor W

      Why is it offensive to now say the loser? You lost something, a race, a match, you are the loser or losing team, it isn't going to crush you if you can be more determined from it to succeed. Jack has always had that sashaying walk about him naturally 🤣.

    63. Lucumu851

      Let the music playyyy instead of sashayyy away

    64. Steve Lutz

      This just triggered so many Drag Race Queens into flashbacks 😂

    65. dvdgalutube

      Jack never disappointed us!

    66. alexys q

      Oohhh... ; Our 'Jacquie*W' truly werqz, even stumbling/wobbling on her - too-high - heel, en route off TheMainStage: Fierce...!!!

    67. Rnj j

      Rupaul ne apne sath-sath baki sabko bhi chakka bana dena h.

      1. alexys q

        *@Rnj j* ...I"LL be the judge of that ({; D ....!

      2. alexys q

        ...I'LL be the judge of that ({; D ....!

    68. monkeygraborange

      Methinks Jack is more than familiar with the Sashay!

    69. Oreo Waingortin

      Thank you.

    70. thabow ANB

      Rupaul without her wigs is like looking at a hairless cat.

      1. shizukagozen777

        I read legs instead of wigs so I was like "Wut ?" 😅

      2. Caitlin Brennan

        She gorgeous

      3. Isabel Rosé


      4. Do The Do

        I've only ever seen Rupaul in this form, lol

      5. Naomi Arram

        A turtle

    71. Amber Calderon

      “the loser” “oh uh the one that did not win” I’M DEAD SLSKSJSK

      1. Evija3000


    72. Linda Martin

      Jack is so cute..

    73. Linda Martin

      Soon there will be more ads than content on NOsel. Time for a competitor.

    74. Christopher 1210

      What a fun couch!

    75. Ganjatom420

      meaty tuck...

    76. Lisa Dee

      Hahahahaha thats hilarious! so what happend interviewing with Helen Mirren? nada?

    77. Evigmae VonBenerot

      Helen Mirren is such a babe

    78. Brian Garcia

      Jack is basically Graham's son I mean think about it.

      1. Seokjun An

        @zephyra "a beard is reserved mainly for gay men" Yes because Chris Hemsworth is very well known for being gay.

      2. zephyra

        @AtenRa a beard is reserved mainly for gay men. no one ever said he can't go for both men AND women. do not twist things around, please. source: plot twist, i am a gay man. have had a beard or two in my lifetime.

      3. AtenRa

        @zephyra Why can't he go for both women and men?

      4. zephyra

        @AtenRa are you saying gemma chan was his beard? lmao

      5. Anna H.

        @Nayla S what a scandal =_= sigh nowadays they are petty about everything (!) O_o

    79. A D

      Meaty tuck? Mmmmmmhmmmm gotta see that...

      1. alexys q

        Ohhhh, *@A D;* i'll bet that YOU'VE got a r e a l l y "meaty" one of those ({; > ...!