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    1. Thomas

      does anyone know what kind of sunglasses jon is wearing?

    2. Akama Ozrey

      It was actually exciting when I first saw your vlog and then it’s gradually becoming mundane. 🏊‍♀️ 🏄‍♀️ 🍽 and shopping 🛍 But overall you all are very happy, inspiring, and exploring new stuffs..! Good job 👍

    3. mr qwerty

      Wonderful Indonesia

    4. Arun Alexander


    5. Fikri Rahadi

      Terimakasih banyak sudah datang

    6. yhudi Casyuna


    7. Appeldorn

      Tips for 2019: Be like Benni ;)

    8. Acink Azahra

      u guys should go to Indonesia Timur, it's so beautiful out there:). there are so many place to visit and it's amazing :) u guys will be so happy to be there

    9. M. M

      Ok Silikon !!!

    10. vale mai


    11. luckyx se7en

      nice tits

    12. punky88

      dream life!!!

    13. Simón Gámez

      Idk but Janni looks so beautiful at the end of the video!

    14. Bro Van

      Thank you for come to Indonesia

    15. Do2m

      Terima Kasih Banyak Jon Olsson .... :)

    16. badnewsbeesh

      Findlay hats would be PERFECT for you. They have built in laces to keep your hat on your head and they're amazing!!!

    17. Berjan Van Der Slikke

      Somebody knows the brand of the green surfing suit Jon wears on <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="769">12:49</a>?

    18. Chris Reinhardt

      You should check out Findlay hats !! They have stampede laces that keep your hat on throught everything!!

    19. MariusB

      you guys should check out that ocean front skate park on Lombok

    20. Ryan Anderson

      Yo, you should check out Findlay Hats! They build the laces into the hats so you don’t have to do it yourself. They’re great! You should get in touch, I'm sure they'd love to do some sort of colab!

    21. Louie DeGeorge

      Duuuude a Findlay Hat and Red Bull collar would be AMAZING

    22. Justice McLaughlin

      Loving the findlay hats love, should definitely be a redbull x Findlay collaboration in the future!

    23. Timothy bourbonnie

      Redbull in findlay should do a collab hat.

    24. NOOObadapples

      That surf hat is tight haha. Reminds me of a Findlay hat. Maybe Redbull X Findlay hat collab in the future? Would be dope! If you love hats and extreme sports you NEED to check out Findlay hats!

    25. Danny H

      Oh man, love the hat. Red bull should get together with Findlay Hats!

    26. Tanner Hadenchuk

      You need a Findlay hat! Already has the lace! A red bull Findlay collab would be sick too! Check it out!

    27. mpourmpoulithra2011

      where is the sun ????

    28. Steve Wilkins

      Fabulous Lombok.....thank you for introducing me to I've got my eye on it!

    29. Ziekaman

    30. Alec Inden

      What size are your surfboards?

    31. Leonardo Kraus

      Did anyone hear that at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="677">11:17</a>.... "it wasn't the best ever"...THAT IS UNUSUAL 🤯!

    32. TheResidentEvil4 TheResidentEvil4

      Welcome to lombok bro😁😁😁 im from indonesia🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

    33. Oliver Boe


    34. Budge

      @47 The chances of being high tonight? Better than average.. I'm wolfing down Dexies like candy. I'm high now. Pursue Pleasure and Avoid Pain. That's the goal. Keep doing what you're doing and leave Beige and Normal to somebody else ;)

    35. Laura Santos

      You guys are the best❤

    36. Chilidog

      I just love Jon's childlike excitement. People are just too quick to grow up and get serious. For what? To get old and die? Life should be this amazing everyday!

    37. Khaleesi

      Sick.. janni can surf incredible

    38. Bernd Hinrichs

      maybe c'est normal needs some surf lycras?! ;-)

    39. Karura7

      What camera is Jon using at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="357">5:57</a>? Seems like a Sony point and shoot?

    40. Riccardo Bot

      Bamba is how we call cocaine in Italy... you are welcome

    41. Zeno Kaufmann

      benni is pregnant?!

    42. Luca Cesare

      nice text effect at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="10">0:10</a> I almost crouched on the floor

    43. Grossis Welt

      Jon did you know that a white t shirt or in general white cloth dont help at all to protect your skin against the sun. The sun rays still come trough.

    44. Patrick Woods


    45. 85 Ze_Titi

      Why do on to enter I need a password ?

    46. Tom de Groot

      Benni straight up lying to the camera, yeah I will add in a big clap, all we get is a little *pling*

    47. PK Graff

      I really hope you guys give back to the locals because it looks like they do a lot for you all!!!!

    48. kevin kratz

      Congratulations on the pregnancy 🎉🤰🏼I’d be surprised if she isn’t

    49. Tim 26

      When is a new version of The Backpack from Douchebags dropping?

    50. Chris G.

      The Kings and Queens of small talk indeed!

    51. Ketan Dighe

      you come to india in you lamboraghini

    52. Jeremy Calvin Hugentobler

      I love your Videos so much! You‘re Quality and your Lifestyle is so cool....thanks for that! I have a Idea for your Wintercar...Lamborghini Urus in your Camo😍😍😍 it would be so nice!!!

    53. IGNA DS

      That activities was very good 🙌🏼

    54. Matthias Jurisch

      Same Same the average day of a rich boy...Jon, your roots are in Sweden...wish you would show us more about Svenska...

    55. Josh and Meg

      Can't wait till you do your "building house in Bali" vlogs. Going to be epic. Just get it done so we can come and stay!

    56. Yan Fauzi

      Sampai jumpa lagi

    57. Matt Machuso

      Haha cool ending Benny! Creative mind :)

    58. Simon Robert

      Enough guys, i'm staying because i like you, but come on you now need to go deeper, it all looks fake...

    59. Alina Ueberscher

      Wow this island is so stunning, so beautiful..🧡

    60. Manuela Ardila

      I see a high quality movie every single time you post a new vlog!!!

    61. Simon hägerstrand

      C’est Normal shorts PLEASE

    62. Kannapiran R.P

      Nice thanks

    63. Noah Zibell

      Love the videos and when is the Cest normal merch being restocked because I want a hoodie and a shirt

    64. Iant

      Go to. RAJA EMPAT bro. N you see verrynice lanscape.

      1. Iant

        Explore indonesia. N flling amaze moment. Thx

    65. Naturopath -

      Is janni pregnant? she has looked different in last 3 vlogs, congrats if you are but no coffee it's dangerous xxx

    66. Max b

      To show us that this beach is so empty is not a good idea if u want to live there soon. Especially when u want to build a house there. But that is life of a youtuber.

    67. Manos Ntous

      perfect as always!

    68. KingJoint Creates

      I hope that’s not a stray dog? Careful guys when there’s stray animals on a beach... you can get hookworms if you don’t wear footwear. Stay safe! Love the vlog!

    69. thingxofxthings

      These comments (and comments in their previous vlog) are so sick and disrespectful. They made Q&A not long ago and said that they don't plan to have kids yet, so what is here that you don't understand? I'm sure they know how contraception works - do you think Janni accidentally got pregnant one month ago? There is more in life than just kids and family, and therefore there is a thing called family planning & they have already said multiple times that they don't want them YET. And this doesn't change just during the night. ALSO: if woman is skinny and if she eats a lot of food in a day it looks like she may be pregnant for a few weeks! About the boobs: they are obviously (possibly new) silicones - it's so obvious since they don't have natural saggy form - pregnant natural boobs look different. But it doesn't make sense to explain it to you since most of the viewers are obviously childish males who don't even see the difference between natural and fake boobs and focus on silicones instead of other things in video. Shame.

    70. Blessingsization

      why janni kicked benni's breast? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="629">10:29</a>

    71. hulkpayne

      Always quality vlogs!!

    72. Arif Khan

      benni's outro

    73. Yury WWS

      Makasih banyak Jon, Benni and Janni!!

    74. Claire Grover

      Woah this place looks amazing.

    75. Oynane

      who else thinks jon olsson needs to do a project in the new urus?

    76. michael zegwaard

      INDONESIA is the best

    77. Axilleas S

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="215">3:35</a> janni looks so hot with the redbull hat

    78. Tony Kuzmin Vlogs

      Guys! check out my daily vlogs ;)

    79. Onederush

      Come to thailand , Sri panwa

    80. F0TEX

      Have you ever tried kitesurfing? I think you would love it and the spots looked soo good :3