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    Sensible Transfers: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's Manchester United.
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    Overseen by Ed Woodward, Manchester United have been largely hit and miss in the market. Prior to Solskjaer’s arrival, the club was clearly bereft of a strategy that addressed weaknesses in the squad or engaged in much long-term planning. How much longer the manager is given to implement his ideas remains to be seen. So, with that in mind, more than, anything, United need a proper Director of Football to strategy, oversee recruitment, align a manager with a desired philosophy, all things that United seem to lack.
    However, this video is about players. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s United is actually not performing all that badly overall. Currently fifth in the table, they’re second for expected goals against this season, a measure of the quality of chances a team give to their opposition. Despite the team’s strikers playing well, it’s in attack creation where they have issues.
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    1. Ashoka Zylstra

      Sensible transfer: Glazer Family & Ed Woodward to the MLS

    2. Ashoka Zylstra

      Given current United board, they'll probably go bankrupt within the next decade. Thank you Glazer Family.

    3. Mir Xubair

      I saw the video after signing Bruno Fernandes. Who else?

    4. jay bowling

      Can you do pep guardiola as Juventus manager for next season.

    5. City Fan

      Not even worth talking about now tinpot club

    6. Y

      One of the worst videos I have ever seen 😂😂😂😂😂

    7. Jerry Rodriguez


    8. Cloud Nine

      one of the reason is herrera gone... nobody can do the modern key passes except him on the CM

    9. West African Gooner

      🤣 Enter Ighalo

    10. randomnes en die shizel

      Isnt Maddison an option?

    11. Trapping all Day

      Fred was immense again last night against city I think Fred has turned it around but a lot have flopped and are inconsistent

    12. Clarence Onyekwere

      "Inferring a sensible strategy in their movement is not the easiest jump to make" British people and burns

    13. veds 11

      5:00 Bruno Guimaraes can't have joint Brazillian and Spanish nationality as the Spanish constitution doesn't allow for duel citizenship

    14. TataMataAkrobata

      While acquiring a high quality midfielder is a priority, left back situation surely isn't grim with Brandon Williams emerging. Yes, someone should replace Luke Shaw in the summer. The best left back transfer in recent history is Andy Robertson to Liverpool from Hull City. Lessons can be learned from that. There are quality players in the Championship, and less reputable Premier League clubs. Such players will guarantee an improvement of character in this squad, and therefore an improvement in their football.

    15. Brandon Gomersall

      So we need a long term LB? Williams who's 19 who's doing really well for us and is already starting before Luke Shaw... You think a younger LB would be better? Ok.

    16. fabian s

      Please, someone sent it to Woodward!

    17. Luke T

      Love the video, but the scrolling text makes this very hard to watch

    18. SnapChat Celeb Latest

      A. Why would you recommend a LB with Williams already outshining Shaw. B. No sensible person would recommend a midfielder from can literally count on 1 hand the number of successful transitions from Serie A to the PL. United need a CDM. a Creative CM. a number 10. A RW. And a Striker. Sensible options would of been Ndidi. Grealish. Fernandes. Ziyech. Milik.

    19. Daniel DSouza

      If Ibra couldn't save United I dont know who can

    20. Aaron Edwards

      As always, these videos look at the United squad far too surgically and with blinders on. Left Back isn't a position of need for Manchester United, who have Williams and Shaw there, with Laird in the reserves impressing. United need multiple Central Midfielders, a Right Wing, and another option at striker. Further, I think the approach is far to statistical and takes no account for intangibles. Granularizing statistics doesn't work at the highest level.

    21. Noah Oseki

      Manchester United back up for Wan-bissaka? I don't like Dalot. Ruben Pena? Guilbert? Kenny Lala?

    22. SK

      Luis Alberto & Telles I’ll be more than happy

    23. joshua ekpenyong

      I think Christian Eriksen will fix Manchester United's creative problems from both a deep lying and number 10 roles and he's cheap too.

    24. King Fox

      Lingard new contract 😂😂😂😂😂

    25. dave baz

      If you’d have made this vid a year ago, then I’d have said it’s fair to have Fred as a failed transfer. But, Fred is playing brilliantly recently. If he had a decent partner (or two) in MF, then we’d have a good midfield.

    26. ShuuMA12 aka Tablo

      1. Anything with Lingard in it is not a good lineup. 2. When fit Dalot is a lot better offensively than AWB thus he fits our mentality better. 3. Maguire is flat out a mid table defender I just don't trust the English to defend anything anymore, they are good at self imploding. 4. Pogba should get out of here if he doesn't wanna play, no hard feeling involved. 5. Rashford is injured for the rest of the season so we need to get a decent option up front. I highly recommend Yuya Osako he has that determination that United players lack. Forget about shitty "PL experienced" players they are done. 6. Most players play better when not at United so I highly doubt it's the players problem. We just don't have a plan for the players to follow how are they supposed to play by themselves. Fans should stop playing armchair transfer director they should worry about their own money first. Give the younger players time and trust don't crush them with pressure. 7. I watched a few games of Caci since he's so hot, can't agree with the hype. He's in the development phase it's too early to tell what he can do when exposed to the highest level of football. Hell even Doan Van Hau from Heerenveen showed more spirit than him and he's sitting out because he's not white nor South American. I still remember watching the journey of Park Ji Sung and Son Heung Min all the way from when they first arrived in Europe they were leagues above their teammates but no one believed in them the way crappy European prospects were hyped.

    27. Unnamed Shadow

      Pervis Estupiñan is very likely IMO, since Watford is the owner of its clause. And Watford is known for getting rid of players and they also would love some good money, considering they may play next season in the Championship. Still it is an unlikely transfer simply due to the Man U board has no idea what they are doing.

    28. Concise HB

      Forward this vid to the board !!

    29. pial halder

      they should buy werner or laotaro martinez for rashfoard's injury and paolo dybala as number 10 for midfield creativity issues.

    30. Sayan Chakraborty

      sensible transfers: 1)Bruno Fernandez/Eriksen for the number 10 role... 2) wilfred ndidi/tielemens to replace ongoing Pogba 3)deal with the Pogba situation (try to keep him) 4) buy a backup striker... moussa dembele from lyon or Raul jimenez from wolves 5) Bring back Smalling and sell Jones.... 6) buy a right midfielder... preferably Sancho or Ousmane Dembele final first XI de Gea AWB - Lindelof - Maguire - Shaw/Williams Mctominay/Pogba - Ndidi/tielemens James/Sancho/Dembele - Bruno/Eriksen - Rashford Martial/Moussa Dembele

    31. FanofAslan

      0.14 assists per 90?! He's got to play 7 matches before getting an assist! (9.40 on the video)

    32. donal reddington

      I would love one done on Liverpool. While there doesn't seem to be obvious gaps and a need for transfers I have to believe that there is need for investment considering the Summer was so quiet

    33. adit shah

      Togo should become their recuritment team😂

    34. lfcpjg

      Maguire is a success?? not at all

    35. Anthony Mensah

      Man u needs a potent forward. Martial and Rashford are more of wingers than center forward

    36. sabuX

      Pukki or Piatek at AC Milan needed

    37. Chris De La Cruz

      8:39 is Osasuna that hard to say? OSA-SUNA

    38. Evan Ginsburg

      We don’t need a LB we need a backup ST (Cavani, Zara, King) who can mentor Martial and Greenwood, a RW (Sancho) , and a number 10 (Maddison preferably but also Bruno Fernandes or Grealish) also I would love to add Rice but McTominay has been progressing well

    39. Maddox Guy


    40. Bohemian Gentlemen

      Ed Woodward should literally hire you guys!

    41. MrKPIN

      Too many shit players at utd and not enough good ones

    42. Rahul Advani

      Only 2 players. There is a dire need for a goal scorer such as Dembele. United don’t need a left back that urgently A no 10, Striker, Genuine right winger and Ball winning midfielder are more of a need.

    43. Morgan Stokes

      When your numbers tens are Pereira and lingard something is really wrong

    44. Dinosaurus

      I remember someone on Graham Norton's show saying the name ed woodward (the actor) sounds like the noise a fart in a bath whenever i hear ed woodward that's all i think about

    45. Kurt Baatzy

      united should sign tito

    46. jammybizzle666

      Can someone send this to Dead Woodward

    47. Emperor's Time

      They need Howard Webb.

    48. Rene Rivas

      You’re United’s last hope.

    49. Charles Baskerville

      we need a 10 a 9 and a 6

    50. Charles Baskerville

      Bruno in Glazers and Woodward out

    51. Jake Driver

      The fact we’ve made a pigs ear of this Fernandes deal gives me zero hope with transfers. Genuinely awful how half arsed the support our managers get.

    52. Indie Chana

      No Money? Maguire £80m Pogba £90m Lukaku £80m Fred £50m Wan Bissaka £50m James £30m Sanchez £30m Shaw £40m Di Maria £60m Fellaini £30m Mata £37m Schneiderlin £35m Dalot £20m Pereira £20m Matic £37m Martial £40m etc etc. Pressure and money issues? This club have been handing out contracts like sweets! Lingard, Shaw, & Rashford on more than Kane, Salah, Son, Aguero and Firminho. De Gea on £350k Pogba on £400k Sanchez on £500k. 90% of this squad is on more than £100k a week. Third highest wage bill in the WORLD! Spent £850m since Fergie left. Yeah money pressure and no investment! Fucking joke. Last point thinking that Bruno Fernandez will save this dying club? Maybe he's seen how shit they are and personally wants trophy success rather than money like most of your recent signings!

    53. FBI - We got him

      It doesn´t matter who they will buy, even if he is very good, United will destroy him, Raiola was absolutely right, when he said that they would even destroy Pele, Maradona and Maldini


      Ole doesn't have the spine to demand a director of football, that's why he still has the backing of the board despite the lack of tactical acumen.

    55. Lucas N

      How is Jesse Lingard still a starter after a Sensible Transfers video

    56. Cooldre

      Manchester United should fire the scouting staff and approach Tifo staff for players recommendations!

    57. David Gren

      United need to get working if they're to make any transfers this window. Me I say we buy Timo Werner now and loan him back to RB for rest of season, but don't give Liverpool or Chelsea a chance to get him. That gives us 3 strikers and I think we need 4 total. We need one for the immediate but who after this season, when Rashford Martial and Werner could all be starting we need someone who doesn't demand too many minutes or can give us something a little different. I honestly think we should go for Giroud. He's got a bit of a chip on his shoulder now to first get back in the French national team but also to prove that he shouldn't have been sat so much. I think he would do well for what we need now and then would be a good 3 or 4th choice come next season. We need midfielders for sure but I think we are looking in the wrong direction. Fred/McTominay/Fernandes(if we get him)/Andreas are all better going forward. McTominay does well in the CDM role but he's better used playing in front of a CDM and behind a CAM where he can get the ball back quick and then get right into attacking. We really lack a good screen in front of our CBs which is why I believe we should go for Sandro Tonali or Marc Roca who would be better at the CDM role. I'd like us to go for both to be honest. I honestly don't see us needing much more than that for now bc some of the youngesters have done well in a crap team. I would like to see us bring in some potential players like Kubo and Diego Lainz but for now if we got those 4 players I think we'd be fine. Pogba can do in the summer and we can save that money if we've already for those 4 deals done. Martial would have one season to prove he can be consistent and if not, I'd look to get Sancho signed up by the winter window and sell Martial in the next summer. I think we could look at a couple new CBs if we can't get Axel healthy and then also figure out where we want to put TFM, i think he'd actually be a good Darren Fletcher type player to come on and perform when needed. Get rid of Lingard too and go for maybe Lucas Paqueta or put Gomes in more. Thats my suggestion at least.

    58. Limrod

      If United are smart, they buy Tagliafico from Ajax for leftback. Ziyech btw is originally a midfielder but was positioned as a rightwinger because of his risky passing. He is now back at playing as a 10 at midfield.

    59. weight1000

      Need a striker

    60. sanjay nalamaru

      I disliked the video. Left back is not a spot that needs immediate attention at the moment. Pellegrini and Alberto interesting choices but both are going to cost astronomical fees at the minute. Pellegrini especially is not proven in a high intensity and physical league like EPL.