Shakira & J. Lo's FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show


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    Shakira & J. Lo perform at the Super Bowl LIV Pepsi Halftime Show.
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    #SuperBowlLIV #Shakira #JLo

    Publisert 18 dager siden


    1. NFL

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      1. Jhoana Ocampo

        @_11200415_ t

      2. loves2 loom

        Luis goliat 😱😱

      3. loves2 loom

        Grettel G Seria buena idea y asi demostramos el poder que tiene Shakira

      4. Cenderella Cenderella

        Latinos presente en el Súper Bowl 2020💃🕺🏻👯‍♂️

      5. Fabián Méndez

    2. Chris Gimenez

      Shakira 😍 👑 💥 💥 💥 💥

    3. Marty408 R.

      Anything for Selenasssss! 😎

    4. ManPursueExcellence

      Is there anything wrong with watching this video daily?

    5. W7S Laith

      5 seconds* new ad

    6. The Denzy Bird

      Jlo is the only reason this got so many views. I like Shakira a lot!, however her shows are always generic and she rarely sings live. Just check her closing show from Cup Davis in Madrid- has a lame 5 mil. watches. Jlo is the epitome of a pro show done well and some actuall feeling behind it. Hips are lovely, however it is all about the heart you put into a performance.

    7. Lucia Flores

      ¿Como van a llevar a una porquería como Bad bunny al costado de dos diosas?

    8. simrri guanay el amigo de siempre

      Terminaron cansadas de semejante show eso si es trabajar para lograr tan majestuoso show... Shakira impresiónate con su edad y se mueve como de 15 años y Jennifer es una valiente mandándole un mensaje al gobierno trump y decirle suelte a los niños que tiene en esa jaulas y Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 también pertenece a la Unión Americana y que no los dejen solos después de haberles explotado su lugar.

    9. Alfred Ortiz

      I’ll never understand people liking dance routines with lip syncing. Call me crazy but I like people who can actually perform their songs live.

      1. Quinton Lewis

        They both sang live.

    10. Rose Miller

      Standards have been raised

    11. SantaCruz008

      This would have been awesome if Jessica Alba came out of nowhere and made a cameo appearance

    12. lisa manoban


    13. Boss E

      Shakira stole the bowl wow best act since sliced bread📀

    14. Stefany Dos Santos

      Épico. ❤

    15. Geovan Báez

      ¡Hola Miami!

    16. yas bah


    17. J Gomez

      Shakira is the only reason why I’ve watched this over like 131 million times

    18. rodo Gomez

      Exelente duooo... shakira playbak pero jlopez en vivooooo mas merito... perp genial

      1. rodo Gomez

        @Noelia721 no no presta atencion igual fue genial pero jlopez se re paso en vivo en algunas partes igual la pifio

      2. Noelia721

        Te equivocas. Ambas hicieron playback

    19. Nabila Bulbula


    20. The Trend

      Shakira playin' all the instruments. I love it!

    21. Joshua Stephens

      I thought this was america. No hablo espeñol. Solo ingles por va vor

      1. Noelia721

        English is not the official language of United States. America is a continent.

    22. Piggzilla

      Song at 13:02?

      1. Jackson Silva

        Waka waka remix

      2. Miguel Ángel Osiël Lëyton Mohr


    23. Piggzilla

      What are the songs at 4:13 9:45 and 10:00?

      1. Piggzilla


      2. Miguel Ángel Osiël Lëyton Mohr

        Chantaje Que calor Love dont cost thing / mi gente

    24. Miguel Ángel Osiël Lëyton Mohr

      Digan lo que digan JLo a sus 50 se robó la noche. Su show fue por lejos mejor que el de Shakira y el que diga lo contrario no está dentro de sus cabales o es ciego o sordo. Caso cerrado!!!

      1. Miguel Ángel Osiël Lëyton Mohr

        @Noelia721 La realidad no se puede cambiar por más que se quiera.

      2. Noelia721

        No, el que diga lo contrario piensa diferentes. Te crees Dios de la razon😂

    25. David Richey

      I'm glad Marvel's Silver Surfer made a cameo appearance.

    26. Orlando salamanca

      Oigan como se llama la cancion que canto shaskira en el minuto 3:20

      1. Miguel Ángel Osiël Lëyton Mohr

        I like it that de Cardi B

    27. Giancarlo gypsy

      Gorgeous beautiful ladies talent. I am very proud of such remarkable presentation. Love you. SHAKI and JENNI❤️😘

    28. Alejandra Pérez Torres

      Impresionada por estas dos mujeres! Mega talentosas.

    29. 2a

      I’ve watched this so many

    30. JC Zoto

      Si empieza una tercera guerra mundial Shakira la va a parar

    31. JC Zoto

      Shakira adds a world thing that nobody is does

    32. JC Zoto

      Shakira is gonna stop WWWIII

    33. Anthony Borrego


    34. phillip kahanek


    35. Maria González Delgado

      I was there

    36. joshy pringle

      gerard pique left the chat

    37. Micah Simpson

      Looking upon what our society has become disturbs me...

    38. FavoriteBen67 _

      you know its a good halftime show when you cant stop watching even after 2 weeks, Shakira should of had the whole show though


      La razón por qué rebasó los 100 millones,es simple SHAKIRA

      1. Jim Richmond

        JLO THE BEST. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

      2. Miguel Ángel Osiël Lëyton Mohr

        JLo hizo mejor show y no hizo playback como Shakira.

    40. Egidio Ruffolo

      I got another comment! J.Lo is 50 right here and Shakira's about 40?! Sheesh,they make a deal with the Devil or something besides genetics,diet,exercise and luck?! Daaammmn

    41. AnXoA

      Shakira at 43: *Dancing* Jennifer Lopez at 50: *Dancing* Me at 13: Tired of walk less than half minute

    42. Karyn Ariana

      This was frickin women power show.

    43. adriane ross

      I knew I heard it right but came to see if I was right. I have played Waka Waka for my students so many times to show them about diversity. I feel like Shakira slapped people with African roots in the face when she didn't say This time for Africa. She said ah ah. Never thought Jlo could sing so I am very disappointed.

      1. Noelia721

        I feel like she wasn't allow to say it because it would generate controversy. The reason why Waka Waka was made is because The World Cup was in South Africa in 2010, so she had to say Africa in the song. But in the superbowl? A lot of people would get mad and try to say that she's racist or something.

    44. דנה

      The best half time show ever

    45. Retchel Chavit

      Shakira and j-LO I am addicted to you😍😍😍 until now I'm still watching your super bowl.😍😍😍

    46. Brandon Mauricio Martinez

      Comentarios en español aquí:

    47. Ll E

      People are so ready to hate on jennifer because she reminds them of everything they cant do at 50 !!!! 🤣🤣They were both amazing and fun !!! Just like our cultures ❤️

    48. Aastha Mahanta

      Both r legends.. Goddesses ♥️♥️

    49. Daniel Ruidiaz

      Shakira Shakira 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    50. riptorn

      I love me a patriotic Latina, but I understand why whites are mad too, I mean the Super Bowl is a very American thing and they went right in the middle of it and you know how they feel about us lol.

    51. Cesar Ramirez

      People who dislike this it’s probably white/racist people and Christians 😂

    52. Shania Rose

      Shakira killed it

    53. exneider urrego colorado

      Shak.. And jlo at 43 and 50 yo singing at the super bowl. My mom at 43 posting memes on facebook. Love you mom 😍

    54. Natalia Vasquez

      Why would they play football at shakira and Jlo’s concert,so disrespectful 😒

    55. Egidio Ruffolo

      I just heard a Led Zeppelin riff in there,among all the other greatness here

    56. MiggyRox

      I first heard Shakira when I was 5 years old back in Colombian (Pies Descalzos) and I've been a fan ever since. My first ever concert was during the Tour of the Mongoose and I haven't missed a single show since. When I tell you I cry everytime I watch this performance!!! Not only is it full of latinx pride but also Colombian pride jueputa!!

    57. Oscar Gallegos

      I saw this while I was in the hospital with a iv fluid on my left hand while I was holding my phone in my right hand


      I should be studying for a test be here I am

    59. TAFii Weight Loss Journey

      I watch this while i'm on the stairmaster at the gym. Twice! To get that full 30 min workout.

    60. Ll E

      Working out to this every night 😂