Shane Dawson Fat-Shamed & Taking Major Break! Jeffree Star Addresses Hooking Up w/ Friend! (Lowdown)

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Clevver News

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    1. I guess I’m sam

      imagine body shaming someone who is trying to recover from an ED (or anyone in general) as someone with a severe ED Shane is such an inspiration and a true gift from God. I can’t believe people. So gross.

    2. evelynocampo1

      Meghan you are so evil why would you say that they’re not even talking about ShaneIf you actually listened you would actually know that the talking and the supporting help him you’re so stupid you are so stupid so just leave them alone go with my doing business I don’t like him don’t watch the videos my

    3. CallMeTyson

      Ok that comment was not fat shaming. It was basically a concerned fan who thought he was gaining weight. (You all need to chill)

    4. Angela Marksberry

      saw emile on shane's video, and thought he looked familiar and got to this video and realized how i know him, from THE REAL! love some steals on the real!

    5. Sarah

      Eat your cereal

    6. oreyashi

      Shane dawson is a 30 yo man on the Internet he should get used tonit already. Yes its worng if course. But he should get over it already.

    7. Elle 22

      Accounts like these are part of the problem.

    8. be gay do crime

      What’s the guy who made that comment about Shane’s username?

    9. Aaron Frew

      You were put in Shane's new video

      1. Clevver News


    10. Rosita Guaman

      We just got him back!!!!!! He is a special human being that needs protection from these trolls.

    11. JessTheGlitterBoss

      Also I hate people leave Shane the fuck alone ugh

    12. JessTheGlitterBoss

      What the hell is that sweater girl nooooo 😂 please just no . Also it’s just so distracting for my ADD brain and not in a good way

    13. Haley Welch

      I dont think that comment about shane was body shaming. The correct definition of body shaming is the action or practice of humiliating someone by making mocking comments about their body shape or size. For example" look at that stomach you can hide a whole watermelon under there" that would be body shaming.

    14. Tash Michelle

      It’d certainly be easier for Jeffree to be in a relationship with someone in the industry. And ppl need to leave shane alone. I can’t stand ppl body shaming anyone. Every body is a good body.

    15. James Faloola

      yall shane is awesome what the hell is peoples problem.

    16. Nutter Butter

      Shane doesn’t deserve this.

    17. Kyle Graeme

      Who tf would fat shame shane

    18. LuvIzLuvX0

      Well if you guys do read this comment, you're both beautiful and are a good team!!

    19. Sarah Meadows

      I love Shane he is human. Be kind no matter what.

    20. Janet Dickson

      Love you guys!! This is my favorite show to watch every week! 💖💖💖

    21. nicole balzer

      this is the only "tea" show I watch. You both are awesome. Keep up the good work

      1. Clevver News

        Awwww we appreciate you so much!!! 💙💙💙

    22. Lora Miller

      Love the out of the box Jeffree. Jeffree's fan's have a wheel of fortune that they spin to see where Jeffree's heart will land. Something tells me that wheel is going to spin for a good long while.

    23. Ben Blyth

      I’ll forever be baffled how this channel has nearly 5 million subs

    24. marixa310

      Body shaming is so wrong, and people need to remember that sometimes food is an addiction. I for one grew up with food relating everything you life; celebration = to out to eat, angry = comfort food, sad = junk food, and excited = foooooood! So, shaning, bullying, being mean on my makes those people just want to eat. It is not encouragement. Js

    25. Ōra Etheria

      That person who made that comment about Shane's weight has been trying to come forward to apologize, but I doubt that Shane will notice. Right now that person is on Twitter on a rampage about his comment and how Ryland/friends/family are horrible people for tempting Shane. His excuses for making that comment have been that he was overweight too and felt entitled to say something. He deleted his NOsel channel which only had 3 videos and only one video had Shane related comments. There were only 50+ comments that were Shane related. Yet that person claims that MILLIONS of fans have been threatening, harassing, and hating on him for his comment. A bit of an overstatement.

    26. Amanda Siple

      Shane also literally has a gym. If he is happy with himself, and not totally unhealthy which is between him and his doctors, then no one else should care. I’m sure people around him would be concerned if he was gaining too much at an unhealthy rate and he wasn’t trying to combat it.

    27. SammyMarie0721 xoxo

      Sorry mmmmmmitchell looks 12.

    28. Nancy Chavez

      When I think about Shane Dawson I think about how funny he is, how kind he is, how creative he is and how much I enjoy and look forward to his videos. Never ever do I think about his weight. His beautiful eyes maybe but never his weight. 💜

    29. Nena Grawey

      If you ever have commented on Shane’s weight in a negative light I never wanna see u again

    30. Tishia Burgess

      Pics in circles are obviously pircles

    31. Nia

      Shane is fucking lit periodt < fuck all your hating ass lames your awesome

    32. Bobby W

      She did the gays justice when she put that bomb ass shirt on for this video. Werk 😍🔥

    33. Iris Juliete

      Sorry not sorry but if you are body shaming anyone you are sad and pathetic.

    34. Allison valdivia

      Ill smack anyone who comes for Shane🤨

    35. Tish Ratcliff

      I think the key phrase is “random strangers.”

    36. Chieko J

      Shane has so much support! There's always going to be an asshole trying to get someone down. I'd think that after all these years on NOsel, that he would. just ignore the jerks.

    37. krisy's life

      Shane is an amazing film maker, director, and just all around brilliant mind. WE LOVE YOU SHANE!!

    38. Bryan Dunn

      Iv been fat shamed all my life it hurts so bad Everytime you get into an argument with ANYONE fuck you fat ass...but yea....

    39. sunchild -

      Okay in a weird way I freakin LOVE her shirt!! Lol it’s not my style but it’s so adorable on her. Girl if you’re reading this.. drop that link pls 💜💫🧚🏼‍♀️

    40. I Don’t Know What To Call This

      All his haters know that he’s most insecure about his weight, so that’s what they hate on him for.

    41. Sarah Zauke


    42. Noe Lopez

      16 PICs 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    43. Pixie Lixie

      Shane we love you bby ♥ you are perfect to us

    44. Heather Minick

      11 pics

    45. Luckystarr Paul

      I don't get why you would get negative Comments you guys are beautiful! Inside and out I love your content! Love ya guys

    46. BaddieUniverse

      Friends can also spend the night at each other's places. It doesn't mean anything.

    47. queenofthecosmic

      Nice to hear some real talk in the midst of all the tea. The internet definitely dehumanizes people and puts them on a pedestal and I think people forget how powerful their words are

    48. patty Tanco

      Yes we all have feelings❤️😘

    49. Mike H

      The change in mmmitchells lips!

    50. Benley

      Idk why people expect not to get bashed when they are celebrities but ok- people are assholes bruh

    51. Nicole Albanese

      How could anyone come for shane like that? He is literally the nicest person on NOsel and needs to be protected at all cost.

    52. Kimberley Gray


    53. Bored


    54. Rolande Alexandre

      People Like that are miserable themselves that why they feel attacking someone else might make them feel better specially bothering someone like Shane, which is a wonderful person.

    55. Jasmine Lynn

      More stupid "news" to rot your guys brains. 😴

    56. Jasmine Lynn

      Y'all honestly need to get your own fucking life leave these people alone they're just trying to live their fucking lives you should try that our for yourselves. Shane is honestly an inspiration to a lot of people the way he is himself in every video you guys are the reason the world isn't thriving like it should be we need to learn to help bring each other up and not put others down. I hate seeing videos like this and hope everyone in the world can become a little more like Shane: humble, loving, funny as hell, humble, and generous, spreads love and is honest, he's himself in his videos I love it boy. Keep thriving and ignoring the haters your doing great Shane love youuuuuu! 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐽🐽

    57. Rhianeth owen

      Shane works so hard on his body, how dare people bully him🙁

    58. Edward Jackson

      When isn't Shane taking a break from the internet?

    59. Patricia Taylor

      Jeffree has a house with dozen of rooms. Hopefully he lets his friends sleep over lol 🤷🏻‍♀️

    60. Annabelle Adams

      OMG I SWEAR TO GOD!!!!!! If ppl don’t stop hating on Shane I’m throwing hands and I’m killing them omg I feel so bad urgh

    61. Vixxen Fox

      People need to leave Shane alone. Or Jeffree coming for blood!

    62. Martine

      I know it hard to ignore those hateful comments.. but even 5 kittens snuggling up to eachother can get 200 dislikes you know someone is messed up in their brain and that some peoples opinions just doesnt matter 😂🥰

    63. try batman

      Billie is sweet

    64. try batman

      People dont care about peoples weight but if he knows its a problem himself why doesn't he just fix it instead of quitting seeing a quitter

    65. Calub Daly

      Am I the only one who had a purse that looked like her top in the 7th grade or is that just me?

    66. try batman

      I thought it would be impossible for Jeffrey to find someone new

    67. Samantha Whitaker

      This is why we can’t have nice things... Honestly, he just came back after stating several times that he’s insecure. He ACKNOWLEDGED in his last video that he’s gained weight since the last series, clearly bringing it up so hopefully no one else would, making it into a joke because that’s what he does as a comedian with his insecurities, yet people still feel the need to spew their hate and opinions on someone else’s body. The internet is such a dark place sometimes and I don’t understand why it has to be this way. Use social media for good and bettering the world, as Shane does, instead of unleashing your own anger and your own problems on someone who doesn’t deserve it in the slightest. Yes I’m triggered.

    68. Evelyn Jackson

      jeffree LITERALLY just said in his last video that there was nothing between them other than a dear friendship 😅 y’all just bored and need something to talk about

    69. Fiona Espinoza

      I love how Mills is just in the background lmao

    70. FLdancer00

      So saying you're disappointed that someone's friends are enabling them to gain weight is fat shaming now??? But trying to track down that person to berate them is totally fine tho??

    71. Hanz De Fuko

      But Shane is Fat....

    72. Evermore 6730

      11 pics

    73. Macie

      Hes really not fat I'm younger and way bigger than him so I really dont think they know what fat looks like js

    74. Jeaden Coleiro

      I was the first one who commented that comment under jeffree video then everyone was copying ugh it’s so frustrating 🤬

    75. Shyann Nicole

      Support ❤️

    76. Adrienn Bellert

      Jeffries house is like a hotel, of course mmmmitchell stayed at his house.

    77. Miriam Taylor

      I don’t understand why people assume Jeffree is hooking up with Mitchell just because they’re both bi/gay. Like thats a really rude assumption. So if you’re gay you cant have sleepovers or friends without fucking them??

    78. Emily Engel

      Idk what people expect. He has been open about his problems with how he looks. And everyone wants to shit on creators for how they look but then when they finally break everyone is confused

    79. Roberta Estabrook

      exactly know how he feels there's been many times that I have posted on Facebook and I have been ashamed of my body weight I keep on going up and down and people criticize me and it's gotten to the point where I don't even take photos anymore and if I do it's just only in my face so I understand people need to not worry about other people's appearances and how much they weigh or how big they are how small they are they're not the ones that's got the but it's not their life and you know it's harder for stars because people criticize a lot more and it's not right because they're human just as well as we are and I watch you guys all the time I'm big fan you know you guys keep me updated with you know the famous people the stars but I feel for them just like I feel for anybody who's on social media because people always have something to say about somebody's like the Kardashians everybody has something to say nasty about them and sometimes I just want to wish I can reach through the the computer or the phone and just hit the person but I have to stop and think that I can't do that but anyway Sean don't let people get you down no one she let nobody get them down God loves you no matter what

    80. MoNsterChick Cx

      I'm about to fuck some shit up if someone hurts my baby Shane !!! 😡😡😠😡😠 If I find them I'll just be throwing hands!! ✋ what's suuuuuu *BOOM BOOM* Dumb B. Cx 😆 I LOVE YOU SHANE I'LL EVEN BEAT SOME ASS