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    1. Kerys Helm

      I wish there did burnley

    2. Tabi Mehyd

    3. Mitchell Harding

      I’m. So. Good. At. fifa. Because. I. No. How. To. Do. Trick,s And. Juggel. Why. Scoring. A. Goal

    4. Labib Ahmed

      Why are the 2 black people not playing 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    5. SBx24

      these are the type of vids i want!!!

    6. Hussain Gais

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="707">11:47</a> 🤣🤣🤣

    7. Megamitch _YT

      What is the name of this staduimmmmm I want it

    8. Stew B


    9. Local Naeem

      If vik was in the game he would obviosly randamize and get the best team ever which is the mighty indestructabal INDIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    10. The Official Tard

      Scumbag Liverpool? Coming from a Chelsea fan 😂

    11. Paudie Daly

      Can you do another fifa tournament

    12. CJgamer -

      KSI will clap you all at fifa look at the past of his plays he is SICK trust me You will see

    13. Ebube Osaje

      Sucker get punched in the face of losres

    14. Ebube Osaje


    15. xEniiGMaz this is what I thought of immediately 😂😂😂

    16. Alec H

      13 minutes of pure nostalgia 😭

    17. Caleb Dlugas

      what is the outro song?

    18. Toby Rybicki

      Bro Lacazette got confused with Pépé wtf

    19. Fortnite protbaggy

      Come on vik playing mindraft

    20. Symple Gaming

      Awesome video, you guys crack me up

    21. Josephdagreat 55

      i know how u feel against liverpool cuz i suport man utd and u do

    22. Joe Nicholls

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="450">7:30</a> Harry " I cannabi-" Everyone watching - 💉💊🧪🚬

    23. James Earlie

      Up liverpool⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

    24. justin w

      haha @Vikkstar123

    25. Galip Selvi

      They grew up with fifa still suck in it:)

    26. Jake Barzakay


    27. Jonathan Escobar


      1. Jonathan Escobar

        i think that’s how u spell it

    28. Ken Luu

      song at the end

    29. ChrisMcD

      Outro song?

    30. Jacob Johnson

      I could beat all of y’all in fifa

    31. Behzer


    32. cedric Brown jr

      How many subscribers will I have when this video it been out for a month

    33. Jacob

      One of the teams should have been the Nigerians

    34. Lawrence Ger

      Im sorry i didnt realize vik was not there oh god like 4real😁

    35. Joshua Fromholz

      Yo ik u want money but chill with the ads dam

    36. Haadiya Usman

      Commenting till the sidemen notice vid: 9 I love the sidemen KSI: makes me laugh W2S: makes messed up jokes that I love Miniminter: my fav cause I can relate to him ( private school, likes to clean, HATES FISH) Bezinga: the weight loss I have been through too Vik: slightly similar culture Zerkaa: loyal and confident Tobi: cool and underrated I love them all and they deserve more attention, you can tell when NOselrs are passionate and they are Story time: In December of 2018, my younger brother got seriously ill, he had a rare, deadly brain infection causing him to forget everything and have a swollen brain. He spent weeks in hospitals. We were in Pakistan to meet family. So we were stuck there and o was sad, worried and miserable waiting for him to come home. I was lucky I was in my rich grandmas house or I would have been worse. She has lots of good distractions but, the sidemen helped a lot. I was worried when I was not distracted and they really helped with that. Thank you sidemen

    37. Tr1ll1ck

      Where is manny?

    38. shxrma2v ى

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="312">5:12</a> its pepe not lacazette lool

    39. duffin88

      Well done to JJ for sticking to his word by not bullying Vik in this video.

    40. Jahzay

      Blasting inappropriate songs in public prank

    41. Behlul Shabbar

      Josh sucks at fifa !

    42. Normaale banaan

      Where is vik

    43. Chris Michelli


    44. Petter Veum

      Why is Harry so mad?

    45. TURBOHD

      Ksi bullied Vikk so hard that he is not even on the video, ksi stop

    46. j4n _

      U need to make more 3v3 survival or other Fifa vids together

    47. Thomas Burbidge


    48. ___danscott ___

      i supor livepool

    49. XLR8 K1LL3R

      “Liverpool ah ah”

    50. Lars van Koppen

      Me before watching the video: Josh's team is going to win, because Josh is a legend, the other team is going to lose because none of them are good at the game

    51. Drew B

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="507">8:27</a> is that so....

    52. Marley Reynolds


    53. Γιαννης Μπονατσος

      Arsenar lost from olympiakos

    54. SwiftPlayZ

      I'm a Scouser like i f you are

    55. Danny Silver

      i acc can't deal with the camrea angle

    56. Football_life1110

      Vik is like the kid in the corner who lets the others play fifa when he plays minecraft. 😆

    57. SIZZKID

      Josh. Talked to you on twitch but u didnt answer me.

    58. Thetruemilanonyoutube xD

      Hey moresidemen can u do a fortnite hind and seek.

    59. Samir Haque

      They haven’t updated the game ahah u can tell with Monreal on the team and Pepe with no game face

    60. Boudha Narayan Pradhan

      Follow me on ig _abhinavpradhan

    61. Narayan Shergill

      The title should be jj playing FIFA 20🙀😱


      Does Josh look like GK alisson

    63. OfficialBaljeet

      Hurry up and post Tinder 3!

    64. NuGGetZ

      Sidemen: plays fifa Me: wait thats illegal

    65. Lincoln Johnson

      Shoulda been watford aka Liverpool’s kryptonite

    66. Oliver Foreman

      Josh said Liverpool are unbeatable hahaha 3-0

    67. Sam Lewis

      Why does it say 5 mill on the card in video but there on 3 mill ?

    68. Karam Yehia

      Let's goo ❤️😁 Amazing as usual Ideas : sidemen vs NOsel or golf or forza 4

    69. Jyotsna Singh

      Who's here after Liverpool lost 3-0

    70. Elijah Khaira

      Finally an actual fifa video, the thing that brought them together and now might break them apart!

    71. Twitch alf


    72. Sean Nihill

      Josh:liverpool are unbeatable. 4 days later liverpool lose 3-0 to Watford

    73. Khadija Saleh

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="754">12:34</a> simons look he gave ethan😂

    74. Dhiz _

      Should’ve stuck with Watford at least they can beat liverpool

    75. Ralf Lacerna

      Outro song??

    76. No You

      Chelsea is a clap team Harry over here thinking Mhmm who do they got? lmfao

    77. Kenneth Limoa GUERiLLA

      finally i’ve seen KSI played FIFA again :)

    78. Power

      You should do this more often

    79. NewsPaperBin

      Vik was probably playing NBA 2k20. He just didnt want to get made fun of by the sidemen.

    80. Kingsam Tv

      Where is vic