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    Publisert 12 dager siden


    1. Poiau

      Harry dodged meeting her lmao

    2. G3T Flame

      I’m only here for Harry tbh

    3. cmcf 07

      Love the harrys like ooh ahh up the ira

    4. scoop diddy poop • 1 year ago

      Ethan: *hugs first girl* Also Ethan: *handshakes last girl*

    5. JTooSquared

      16:08 i was so confused what jj meant. Finally realized he confused foreplay with roleplay lol

    6. Samuel Bailey

      To many Fing commercials

      1. ceerw buty

        How tf does simon keep a straight face 1:35

    7. Faze A

      Cant remember ask your mum

    8. Kenden Turner

      First girl doesn’t have the biggest thinker does she

      1. ceerw buty

        First girl is dead

    9. lxxvi. rylee

      the last one looks like ethans dad

    10. Robert Davidson

      Vic said 4 words

    11. Max Winkler

      AYY my mans on nofap

    12. Lil Cheeks


    13. Kaidenissrllygr8

      Ethans new nickname should be “knob over the hob”

    14. greenboy 93

      Probably leave😂

    15. ReeEeeEe Op

      Harry will never get a girl

    16. Aya Alshaalan

      look at jj and Simons face 😂😂😂 at 23:31

    17. melidy12 playz

      w2s irish today lol im irish

    18. Medkep

      Guys the sidemen have a sin féinner amongst them

    19. liam Barry

      Somebody should of said 11:30 at funeral visiting our relationship

    20. orlando santoyo

      The first girl is such a simpleton, smh

    21. Jasmine

      First girl is dead

    22. T3mpER Ollie

      How tf does simon keep a straight face 1:35

    23. Music Head

      KSI : Damn she cold My man has no idea😂

    24. alerissolaria

      suscribed just for the inception coment

    25. Kyber Crystal

      Someone tell me Page’s insta pls

    26. Daniel Ntemuse

      "dont get my mum involved" oh she was very involved

    27. Harry Tube693

      Maby vik abuse will end after all!

    28. Handsome Jack

      Vik's energy *changed* in this video lmao

    29. TopLad Mate

      1:56 Rangers fans not happy about this one 😂😂

    30. NikiGaming1907

      I cant believe sidemen uploaded a video on my birthday but im late...

    31. Khaalid Guled

      Why is there a man and why does he sound like a girl

    32. George Gorgotadze

      20:57 dont think it was a joke 🤣

    33. Pawel GAul

      Would be pretty sick if they would really fail to get 10m subs. We all know they will keep posting. They dont have the balls to quit.

    34. DavidSure

      I died when Vikk said Lets go Champ

    35. Kuellar Ayelet

      20:55 KSI: Damn she cold They really thought he was a woman?

    36. Bailey sykes

      The first chick looked like she had way to much plastic surgery done or she just had a stroke


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    38. Ammoツ

      Whats the song called at the end ?

    39. MvH

      What gender did the third person have just wondering

    40. Bushcraft Jon

      Ksi "no arse stuff" She obviously likes the arse stuff then...

    41. scarxcia Fardaz

      Shoutout to all the bangladeshi fans of sidemen here!

      1. huttio srreu

        where's the instas

    42. Tom H

      JJ:what’s the discount code Ethan :fanny

      1. huttio srreu

        21:15 big up Harry love from Bangladeshi people.

    43. Dan

      hi yallright

    44. Alex Zaharia

      It was the time for Vik To drop the biggest insult

    45. Aptux

      Paige: What's your favourite part of a girl? Me: Their sister.

    46. Conor McLean

      Big up Harry for the ooh ah up the ya chant🍀🤣

    47. Maddog Basil

      18:19 Hears voice Rub eyes Me---" stands up an leaves

    48. cosmic gh0s_t

      Pew pew

    49. MrGhostyPro

      Not the sharpest tool in the toolshed 🤦🏾‍♂️ ffs

    50. Adith Santosh Menon

      When vik said ask ur mum 🤣

    51. Donte Martins

      Was the last 1 a man or women

    52. Adan Khan

      JJ'S Face at 18:22 XD....

    53. Tejvir Singh

      4:25 I knew I wasn’t the only one😂😂

    54. Aaron Gerrard

      Bruh what is Ethan’s face at 28:00

    55. Chase Hardy

      I like how did stole his tattoos

    56. Fahad Hussen

      21:15 big up Harry love from Bangladeshi people.

    57. astro senpai

      where's the instas

    58. Abel Kuruvilla

      Who all thinks the discount code should have been "SUBSCRIBE"

    59. Declan Haynes

      Anyone ever watched community? It’s like vik has turned into evil vik

    60. KRABSTIK

      Inception. Stuffs happening but know one really knows what’s going on 😂😂😂😂