Singers' Voices Before & After Fame



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    What did they sound like before they were famous?
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    Have you ever wondered what Camilla Cabello for example sounded like before she got famous? Was she always a great singer. Today we get to listen and find that out about her and several other artists. From intimate settings, school recitals and home videos to arena shows. We listen to singers like Adele, Kesha, Billie Eilish, Katy Perry and more.
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    1. Megan M.

      i think billies vocals in No Time to Die really prove the range she has in her voice

    2. Megan M.

      adele is so talented god damnnnn

    3. Rex Kristoffer


    4. fouoii gyhh

      Young Billie: Happy Modern Billie: sad whispering sounds

    5. Ra'Chelle Banks

      I have said the Donald Duck thing from the moment I first saw this clip years ago. It is a running gap between me and my mother's 10 year old voice student. Whenever we sang something that comes out sounding a mess or we hear something that somebody should not have done when they were singing we look at each other and sing, "Donald Duuuuck". 😁

    6. Ex Why

      Does anyone know who that is playing for Camila Cabello? Looks like I Am Strikes.

      1. Ex Why

        @fouoii gyhh ? So it is?

      2. fouoii gyhh

        OMG your too smart 🤭🤭🤔🤔😎😎

    7. FD2

      Bunny teeth always showing

    8. Ela Baysal-Goepfer

      Demi Lovato “Like im made of paper” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson : *heavy and anxious breathing*

    9. NGH goCc

      Female singers of curse :/

    10. Marie Dědková

      Britney is sooooo different too. She had a really powerful voice as a child and now she's just like...weird.

    11. Sheldon Marquez

      I don’t think Camila sounds better now, I’m talking strictly talking about her voice.

    12. Shadolls

      Best: Kids don‘t look like people 🤣🤣🤣

    13. ツsantibtw

      Has anyone ever told you that you look like Ryan Williams? (Australian action sports star)

    14. El Cunningham

      The way he says fergie and camila cabello made me 😢

    15. WolveruNeko OvO

      I was born in 2011 and it feels like it's been a 1000 years..

    16. Ma Abrar

      William dafoe became young and stated yt

    17. Jim Smith

      Jazz??? Adele ' more like the Blues, deep Blues

    18. sierra lawler

      Guys... just.. “fer-gee” 😂😂 I’m dying

    19. dana Herren

      Fergie was on Kids Incorporated as a kid.

    20. Rämäpää 09

      Oonko mä oikeesti ainut suomalainen ja jos oot suomesta nii laita like 👍🏼😉

    21. Emily An

      of course fergie looks different, theres a little thing called cocaine

    22. Azeu Kevilenuo

      OMG your too smart 🤭🤭🤔🤔😎😎

    23. Azeu Kevilenuo

      OMG your too smart 🤭🤭🤔🤔😎😎

    24. Unicorn Layla

      Listen to no time to die by billie elilsh

    25. Reilly Wandschneider

      I love how he acts like he is the best singing in the world.

      1. Emily An

        That was Katy perry 😱

    26. Sophia Vazquez

      Billie is the queen

      1. sssilver_wing

        I hate her worst song is bad guy like bruh it's so bad

    27. Rida Akthar

      Kids don't look like people 😂😂😁

    28. lizy morejon

      Not sure why it bothered me you mocking all of them... 🤔 I guess because at times you sounded so disrespectful.....

    29. jmoney6980

      Fer-gee 😅😂🤣

    30. Tam Tam

      i hate this dude

    31. Tam Tam

      Camila cabello is read like cabeyo

    32. Rachel Revell

      "She looks totally different" <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="330">5:30</a> YOU LITERALLY CANT SEe HER FaCe

    33. milkshakes aj

      the kid coughing in the billie eilish church video: hOnK

    34. milkshakes aj

      katy hudson: christian singer 10 yrs later katy perry: sEx

    35. Nichole Sanders

      Why are people forgiving Camilla Cabello for being Racist?. If anyone deserves to be cancelled cancel a passed or recent racist. Unacceptable. 🤚🏾

    36. Nina Arsenyan

      “You don’t hear her sing like that anymore” ya go listen to no time to die

    37. Nina Arsenyan

      Btw “fame” doesn’t change someones voice, practice does

    38. Gacha Billie

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="487">8:07</a> its actually not raire at all i see it all over youtoube Btw she has an angels voice🤩❤ ( yes im a huge fan of her)

    39. Covers By meghan

      That was Katy perry 😱



    41. Shae& PETS

      Oh God it’s Katy Perry 😂😂😂

    42. A Nomad


    43. Elise Chantelle

      Billie's voice is sooo delicate but so powerful at the same time

    44. Miles Fry

      who else thinks he sounds like pewdiepie

    45. DG Lee

      Just a heads up EVERYONE lip syncs the Super Bowl, no one allowed a live mic.

    46. slimey beats

      “oh god that’s katy perry” i spit out my tea

    47. hallobaaaby

      Prefer your vids where you sing, rather than these nonentities.

    48. hallobaaaby

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="45">0:45</a> this vomit-yodeling so fashionable today feels really disgusting to me, cuz I grew up with genius songs like Thank You by Zeppelin, March of the Black Queen by Queen, Purple Haze by Hendrix or Angie by Rolling Stones.

    49. Princess Leafy

      Billie and Finneas: Let's make music together, it could be fun Me and my brother: Lets hit each other on the head, that could be fun

    50. Consuelox576

      so the most powerfull performance of billie for me is when she peformse no time to die in the brits awards

    51. Bunu Gahatraj

      No one: Literally no one: This guy:Katy perry without makeup looks like Draco malfoy.. Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    52. Google Haters

      A good one

    53. Google Haters

      I'm a singer

    54. Ginii Chan シ


    55. zijuiy wttuy

      shows blurriest picture that ever existed “Kesha looks so different wow”

      1. imene benyahia

        U just copied that

    56. Mavel Sai

      2017? Camila? Was Señorita released early?

    57. Maélie St-Onge

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="477">7:57</a> tanks is very nice😒🙄😐

    58. Whale Howls


      1. zijuiy wttuy

        Listen to billie eilish No Time To Die thats a literal belt

    59. just a fan

      it's "eye-lish"

    60. Ipshita Ghosh

      Anyone else thinks he looks a little bit like the Sprouse brothers ??

    61. Rozy Winter

      "Wait did she sing Donald duck in the very end?"

    62. billie eilish means everything to me

      I only clicked cuz of billie eilish🎶🎵❤❤👑👑

    63. Nissy Chavez

      Shakira had me shooooooooooooketh

    64. Eiza Corpuz

      Billie eilish pirate Baird O’Connell I’m a billie expert and I know almost every thing

    65. Eiza Corpuz

      Finny and Billie

    66. Emerald-Gene Sentman

      Long winded

    67. Kalea

      I mean she belts in No Time To Die

    68. MrCheminee

      Nobody mentioning how Kesha did Radiohead?

    69. Slick Willie

      I swear everyone who does a vocal run and overdoes everything thinks they are the stuff

    70. DJAvellTV

      billie and her whispers winning grammys is actually sad!

    71. Evening Commenter

      I feel bad for Finneas. He's not quite as famous as his sister. I think they shouldve come up with a band name.

    72. All Over the Place

      I like powerful voices and Billie doesn't deliver that ...

    73. I💚billie_eilish

      Listen to billie eilish No Time To Die thats a literal belt

    74. Creative Caroline

      Just watch No Time To Die from the Brits! Sososooss gooood

    75. Gacha Queen

      My bae Billie 💚💚💚💚💚

    76. Claire C

      Funny that he doesn't show any male singer... who knows

    77. EmberWindyhollow AJ

      2014 Billie looks like my friend :l

    78. Nelson gamin

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="501">8:21</a> was joel crying?

    79. Haz4Shoot Gaming

      why dident u take zara larsson i know u from sweden lol

    80. I Mahmood

      Ariana's voice's glow up. That is it. That is the comment.