Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Paul McCartney & Sir Ringo Starr All Ran Into Each Other

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    Sir Patrick Stewart on how he, Sir Paul McCartney & Sir Ringo Starr all ran into each other in a restaurant.
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    Publisert 28 dager siden


    1. Allagí

      What the hell is Michael B. Jordan wearing? Is that an 80's acid wash black denim jumpsuit gone awry?

    2. fawful94

      Three sirs walk into the Tower Bar...

    3. Ichigo Kurosaki

      It was still a good story!!

    4. Sabrina Hwang

      And where did this meeting take place?

    5. Chesco

      Damn that was good!

    6. Biggidy B

      For a moment there I thought it was Eddie from Bottom.

    7. redrumax


    8. Shay Thompson

      The Tower Bar??!!!

    9. G Angelov

      It doesn’t matter how many titles you convince ppl to put on you... we’re all equally capable

    10. Fahri Karami Rafianto

      To whoever concern, I found Sir Ringo mention 'The Tower Bar" meeting with Sir Paul, spoke it at at 1:07 here : Little that Sir Ringo knew that his normal meeting is going to be a hot topic in the Graham Norton show 2 years later.

    11. Glodon Romsegg

      That was a very interesting SIR-cumstance. Almost as interesting as the SIR Patrick Stewart SIR-cumcision story. Very SIR-real.

    12. jzer21

      Those two still didn’t get the punchline...

    13. bob hope

      The whole knighting "sir" claptrap is such twaddle.

    14. Shanice

      Hahah that was cute

    15. FatBestialSwan


    16. John Nolan

      When your on graham's couch at 9 but you have to finish painting the house first!!

    17. Chuk P

      OMG how cool would it be if they got all the Sir's together and made a Knights of the round table movie but they are all just retired and still hanging with each other? And I mean all the great Sir's, Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Ringo Starr, Sir Paul McCartney, and so on. PLEASE, make this a thing.

    18. ManyYehet

      I love how everyone who meets Sir Patrick Stewart immediately *falls in love* with him

    19. Spence Pots

      Oh look the narrator from Thomas the Tank Engine

    20. Taylor Moore

      You'd think all the Sirs would know each other, and hang out together outside of the public eye. A "Secret Sir-ciety", if you will.

    21. ToonEzon

      So with Paul McCartney tossing Patric Stewart his car keys, I guess that means the song "Baby won't you Drive my Car" is about Patric

    22. Timothy Merrylees

      Man, I feel for SIR Patrick Stewart in this one. Been there trying to tell a story but constantly getting interuppted for laughs so many times.

    23. Fanofmanythings

      That's a lot of Sirs

    24. quirky mermaid28

      sir patrick stewart is just adorable!

    25. David Hurtado

      Welp, it is real

    26. Princess Solo

      I love Jamie Foxx lol

    27. ayorkii

      ...THE TOWER BAR!!???

    28. Daily May

      Jaimie just HYPING Patrick up like that one grandson who wants to make his granddad feel better 😂


      Sir Mix A lot knows what you mean!

    30. Caryl Bascon

      So, no one's gonna say anything about how Paul basically told Sir Stewart, "baby, you can drive my car"?

    31. Gabriella Hinchey

      Ok but why does Sir Patrick Stewart look so cute and attractive in this interview hiiiiiiiiiii

    32. Eric Sell

      We need all the Sirs on the couch...Ian, Patrick, Paul, Ringo.

    33. King Apathy

      Graham was once asked how he gets his guests to open up so much, to which he epically responded with: “we keep the liquor flowing”

    34. Dai 大

      What a boring story


      Jamie is too funny..🤣

    36. laodicea777

      At the end, when a white guy gets accepted by the brothers, always heart warming.

    37. Jacob Adkins

      The Tower bar is going to get a lot of business from this XD

    38. Jacob Adkins

      So are they like a weird itteration of The Three Musketeers?

    39. NJTDover

      What a charming man Sir Patrick is.

    40. M R

      Jamie Foxx 😂😂😂

    41. Mary Hasaballa

      Am so glad Jamie Fox is back..omg he is hilarious

    42. G Solo

      Great story, I love Sir Patrick Stewart and his buddies...

    43. D C

      Patrick Stewart, Jamie Fox, Michael B. Jordan, and Jennifer Saunders; what an eclectic mix of talent!

    44. Qui-Gon Jinn

      He's such a lovely man. And Jamie is a genius.

    45. Jhully Marangoni

      where is this tower bar? and how can I get in?

    46. msa1985

      2 idiots ruin the damn story

    47. drakemerwin

      Bit of a tangent, but is that the actress that played the secretary of state in House of Cards?

    48. Levy The Menn

      Knight's of the sircle table

    49. Hakageryuu

      *Sir* Patrick Stewart: So at the TOWER BAR the waitress came up and asked what I would have, I told her the *SIR* Loin

    50. Mathieu Coon

      Ringo you mad lad

    51. Joan Berka

      Great !! Loved it.

    52. sumon dutta

      I Sir-tify this to be funny.

    53. Cynthia Edwards

      Like Mike, I want to know too. How dose one become a Dame or a Knight. I think you have to be outstanding/noteworthy and British as well? Am I correct?

    54. Edward Carter

      Loved him in Logan

    55. Pinkie Love

      money buys you everything

    56. Abdiel Martinez

      Evey time Sir Patrick speaks I hear Avery Bullock form American Dad

    57. Full ARM

      They are all "free"masons for GOD sake

    58. Sami

      Jamie is hilarious. lol 😂

    59. Darlene Dowie

      This is so awesome.

    60. Susan Meyer

      Actually, The Tower Bar really is a big deal in LA. If I ever visit LA, I would try to make a reservation. Looks very swanky. Love Sir Patrick's story and Jamie's reaction!☺☺☺