Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Justin Bieber

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    James and Justin Bieber take turns asking personal questions and are given a choice: answer truthfully or eat whatever food is in front of them, including bird saliva, ant yogurt, and beetle jello shots.
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    1. fox nuts

      FAKE FOODS🤨🤨🤨🤨☹️☹️

    2. Missy Marie

      That stache makes him look like a homeless pornstar.

    3. Hope Browatzke

      Omg ... how do they get this gross stuff like the people who got ahold of this random sorcery ? Lol

    4. Olivia Hodgkinson

      2020 Justin Beiber looks like he would be the guy asking 2009 Justin to get in his van!

    5. Queen J

      is the food on her really the food they say it is ?

    6. Kawaii Girl #


    7. sophie Taylor

      And this is why the coronovirus exists😂😂

    8. Doro's Potatoes

      Get Jin on here.

    9. Ana-Maria

      You just know he wanted to say Harry

    10. Yuna Eliatrope

      Why doesn't anyone do the weird jelly cuz that would've been even more disgusting 😣😣



    12. Baran Pasbordi

      That was soooo funny at the end 🤣🤣🤣❤️

    13. Baran Pasbordi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a> his face😂😂😂😂😂😍❤️💋

    14. Anu Mukhtar

      No one Literally no one Chinese be like : hold my beer

    15. 315 gav

      This is how ppl get corona

    16. Marvin Borla TV

      I dunno but what's wrong with him? Lol 😂

    17. Susannah Mallinson

      Oop i watched the bit where justin said harry styles. I'm dead he my fav (harry)

    18. Susannah Mallinson

      I hate justin. Sorry beliebers. Harry styles for the win. I watch Justin to die..

    19. Aparna Sahaana

      DO THIS WITH Billie Ellish

    20. Rhythmic Ash

      seems like Bieber has destroyd by too much grugs.

    21. LG Vizmanos

      Eated justin if u don't want answer the questions ✌✌✌

    22. Crystal so Cute


    23. Blazers&Bucks Productions

      He is acting like he is too cool for the show.

    24. Melvin Maramba Alegado

      Harry is way better

    25. yorkozee

      Dont be shock cos these food items r not real but its very entertaining and fun full


      business Needs to be finished but that I could Not do rather get my eyebrows tattooed then shave them Can Not do ant yogurt

    27. Jeon Jungkook

      I just think that Justin looks really cute in this video, even his voice sounds adorable 💜

    28. Julissa Quintero

      i love when british people say yogurt😂

    29. Tara Rocksong

      This I want to see Justin gag on those food items.

    30. GMB Chum

      How’s 2020 going me <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="545">9:05</a>

    31. paula orszaghova

      Don’t say that you didn’t know that answer to the first question was Harry... He fucking loves 1D members 🤭😂❤️

    32. Brenda Fernandes

      "Cow blood and cow tongue" Them: EW EW EW HORRIBLE DISGUSTING THROW IT AWAY Me: Laughs in brazilian

    33. S h o t a I w a i z u m e 四郎

      Justin’s reaction to the foods is priceless

    34. madi mensior

      justin didn’t even drink his smoothie lol it was still filled to the top (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="220">3:40</a>)

    35. Chloe Wickes

      That was DESCUSTING

    36. swu

      Turns out James Cordon actually likes the cow tounge

    37. Tom ben

      oh my god

    38. Ravindra Pal Singh

      Our papa mochi

    39. sub 4 cookie

      If he does this with tom holland we will get the names of all future Marvel films

    40. yizzy xox

      Judging Bieber is Kendall Jenner ex??

      1. yizzy xox


    41. Jackson Ellis

      I despise justin beiber over all things.

    42. Ella Clayton

      When James start to sing Yummy Justin is like why did I make that song.

      1. klaudia kh


    43. Michael Davidson

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="291">4:51</a> voicecrack😂

    44. Jayden Daniels

      Poor Justin he was abt to puke

    45. Daniel Bishop

      He should play this game with Bear Grylls

    46. Ugottasmallone

      Haha omg cow tounge is actually not that bad at all. We eat it at my grandfather all the time on our sandwishes at breakfast :)

    47. Alecs Sta barbara

      justin is such a cutie in this vid🥺💕

    48. Haily Munassar

      It’s yummy

    49. Ariele Ejbeja

      Justin has changed so much! He is so soo funny and nice now. I love him! ❤️😍

    50. Ariele Ejbeja

      Harry Styles be crying in a cool way. He trusted and loved you James ❤️🙄 How could you do this to him? 🤣

    51. Ty Ombres

      James should do this with the greys anatomy cast

    52. esha patil

      tell me the food was not real

    53. Zeynep Serra Arslan

      Justin Bieber > harry stiles

    54. Otaku Lady

      Bruh he could just grow his mustache again Lol

    55. LayLa iS LiFe

      If he has longer hair, he would definitely look like Jesus.

    56. Aaronplayz Whatever

      When did Justin Bieber get so poor.....

      1. DefineMyMind

        Aaronplayz Whatever Have you seen his Dad? Lol

    57. Sreya Chary2004

      Okay what the actual heck!? He was ready to eat a SPOONFUL OF ANT YOGURT WITH AT LEAST A HALF OF SCORPION so that he wouldn’t have to shave his moustache Butttt.... He did it when his wife asked him to do !?!? U guess he really did change

    58. Brooke Klaman

      Justin acted like he was on crack lol

    59. Maibell UV

      This is hands down the funniest by far!!

    60. Hadi Bagheri

      Where the fuck did they get the cod sperm from? 😂

    61. GAMER BOI!

      Respect James

    62. Younes Younes

      We hait thés B

    63. Anthony G.

      That's why Justin released a new song Yummy yummy 😂😂😂

    64. Your Sunshine

      Justin is soooo adorable❤

    65. Tilly Curtis

      Tbh I don’t absolutely love Justin Bieber, but I don’t get why everybody hates him so much. He’s got good music, he’s cute, seems like an okay person.

    66. SleepyJazz _Plays

      When Justin saw that food... he was like: "BABY BABY BABY NO"

    67. Saahil Sud

      Pretty sure they won't be doing this bit anymore after the coronavirus pandemic!

    68. Mercy Ifiegbu

      Or you could just lie i mean...

    69. nichegoseberazdvatri

      Puke is reaction I get when I look at his douchebag face

    70. nichegoseberazdvatri

      He could get salmonella from eating raw meat

    71. shimatetsuo2019

      This bit would be a million times better if they could ask their own questions.

    72. Winston Lee

      someone make a compilation of every time James Corden eats cow tongue

    73. Madox Gaudet

      I loved his music rip jb

    74. Kevin Bolsajian

      he is so spoiled..

    75. Tienne Luc


    76. Tienne Luc

      Cool 😜😳😳

    77. Haley Rivera

      justin: i got a wiff of something nasty... me: yea, it was James hot breath

    78. Emil Skaarup

      What a metrosexual sissyboy :D

    79. AvACad0


    80. Jean Mernagh

      They should do this with Tom Holland he would spill all his secrets 😅