Stranded Woman Uses Tinder To Get Rescued | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

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    French police violently clash with protesting firefighters, a woman stranded on a mountain in Norway uses Tinder to get rescued, and an elephant roams a hotel in Sri Lanka.
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    1. Comedy Central UK

      Reply to this comment with a fact about elephants that may or may not be true.👇

      1. SA Inja woof

        @KGit is not a new evolutionary trait for elephants to rise up on their hind limbs. Elephants are actually extremely agile despite their appearances. I've seen one climb a 4ft fence of 4-5 strings of barbed wire, gracefully and successfully. This trait is in order to get food, usually out of reach, if they cannot uproot the tree/shrub. They compete with many other browsers. It can also be seen being done, ever since elephants have been held captive for entertainment.

      2. SA Inja woof

        They cannot lie on their side during anesthesia. The immense weight of their ribcage, as well their lungs, makes it dangerous and deadly. They are extremely difficult to anesthetise successfully.

      3. SKG

        They can’t jump if they do there bones get crushed

      4. SA Inja woof

        Males go through MUSTH, which there is an elevated levels of testosterone and other hormones. This is when males have a liquid secretion seen behind the eyes near the temples. They have heightened aggression and will charge and confront anyone or thing. This is when males fight for dominance and reproductive rights.

      5. SA Inja woof

        Male elephants are made to leave the herd when they reach puberty. Elephants found alone are usually males. However, male only bachelour herds are not uncommon or unheard of.

    2. Marion Tjøtta

      I live in Norway and I have not heard about that tinder storie

    3. Oopss7

      Hey, it happened to Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman... hero-zoned

    4. mBabe

      How did you fail to sneak a joke about an elephant in the room?

    5. upekha draupadhi Rajapaksha

      Wow, that bit about Sri Lanka took me by surprise. Im Sri Lankan and I didnt hear that news... thats quite WILD.... pun intended 😏

    6. The Proclaimed

      In other words... that woman was an idiot

    7. Super N.

      She actually knew the size on her wheels. Kudos. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="131">2:11</a>

    8. Chanali De Silva

      Ayyyy 🇱🇰

    9. Kagan Roy

      well i hope those cops' houses dont catch fire. dont piss off the fire department ok?

    10. Teorija Ludaka

      Here in France we got multiples emergency numbers. Police is 17 and firemen is 18. They don't share the number. But they do share the way to handle calls.. rude af.

    11. jerry1488

      Paris firefighter are actually a unit of the french army. Makes it even more crazy.

    12. 柳岑焉


    13. Karin Heinzl

      Better payment for firefighters?! In our country like 90% of the firefighters are volunteers. That's the spirit!

    14. Death watch

      Hope my man got paid, I just imagine that camper driving off into the distance and him alone on a frigid mountain.😂

    15. SEB P-TOWN

      The 🐘 in the room is the elephant

    16. Kriss Kross

      Literally talking about the elephant in the room. LOL. And getting hero-zoned is better than getting friend-zoned, I would say.


      S I M P

    18. Bri Letol

      About the strikes in France , it’s even worse that you could ever imagine , Firemen are actually on strike to ask for, among other, better consideration....Hard to believe but firemen are being °stoned at” yes stoned at, by lunatics and all kind of crazy people because they have to intervene on zones where they should not have to.....they’ve become the last chance of rescue for far too many situations and people that the police has long abandoned, I mean ...and then, while demonstrating, they are hit and badly treated by the ...guess who.... the police forces that are currently being extraordinarily brutal towards all demonstrators in France, including firemen. So we do see surrealistic scenes of police fighting against firemen , how crazy is that !!! In fact nothing to laugh about ...really not

    19. Jonathan Krieger

      And sadly an elephant never forgets...

    20. john Smith

      Brings new meaning to elephant in the room 😂

    21. Mohamed Hashi

      Let me address the elephant in the room

    22. Tawakalt Oseni - HKF


    23. Ab Ab

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> Yes, agreed. I read this somewhere - *If we can convince the Chinese that the testicles of jihadists are an aphrodaisiac, the jihadists will be extinct in 10 years.*

    24. J Crownshaw

      Surprised that guy didn't send a dick pic 😁

    25. bxxx9

      If you're using Tinder to look for help why wouldn't you use the phone to call for help..

    26. Marmite yum

      Irgendwelche deutschsprachigen Menschen hier?

    27. Licht Spiel

      What do you mean they share a phone number? I'm not entirely sure about France, but in most countries in Europe, the police has a different number than the fire department.

    28. Santoshkumar yadav

      Phrase 'Elephant in the room' came true 😅😅

    29. Des

      Daily show, you guys have gotten too speedy between stories. Stop rushing the jokes.

    30. Azeem khan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="154">02:34</a> Yup that's world global common gain goal now a days

    31. Hans

      No idea how it is in USA but in Europe when you call emergencies they instantly know where you are located. Your phone nr and location stands in a map in front of the operator. Even the height is shown. No need to tell them where you are. They tell you. lol.

    32. Rowan Hebblethwaite

      I genuinely thought the elephant was a giant human at first

    33. Danni Dishon

      Wild guess? No its a wild guest! Finally Sri Lanka comes on the news with an Elephant! I didn't know this video went viral that Trevor Noah sees it..hahahah

    34. Karen Pong

      The 🐘 literally IN THE ROOM😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    35. Syed Raza

      Not to ruin it i love comedy central but it IS a bit harsh towards the guy like he helped the girl when he didnt have to and insult him(ps i know its a joke but still got annoyed with it)

    36. sameera Ruwan

      Sri Lanka😲😂

    37. Arthur00077

      So, lets adress the elephant in the room

    38. Paul McNutt

      awkward twist....his wife watched the story on the news

    39. Dichtsau

      yeaaaahhhh wellllll, about the thingy with the horniness........... XD

    40. Skywalker

      Wow.. someone finally addressed the 'elephant in the room' !

    41. Simon Kumar

      tinder @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a>

    42. nada raja

      The elephant wants his home forest back is the story. Distruction of forest is driving animal in to begging on the roads and outside hotels which are built on their gracing or hunting grounds.

    43. Tobi B

      Imagine you finally get a tindermatch and you pray " plz dont be a bot" and than this... "well atleast its not a bot..."😂

    44. chukwuemeka Benjamin OBIOHA

      i like the elephant joke adn men doing anything for women its kind of funny true to an extend AND I LIKE THE WAY YOU MAKE THE NEWS FUN

    45. Glenn parent

      sorry i dont elephants

    46. Insane Troll

      But you aren't supposed to point out the elephant in the room. It wasn't that she spotted it, she was just the only one rude enough to mention it.

    47. Ray Maalem

      French guy here : <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="45">0:45</a> policemen and firefighters actually don’t share the same phone number in France Police -> 17 Firefighters -> 18

    48. J Biafra

      Battle of first responders ? Riot police are not first responders. They're fucking hooligans with a free pass.

    49. Mamoth Mammu

      How could he miss "Elephant in the room".

    50. Smileyrie James

      The elephant was just checking out the accommodation for a romantic getaway with an elephant he’s trying to woo (or if it was a female, she’s planning her wedding!). That would be so cool yet disturbing. I’ve seen people go insane trying to shoo a sparrow out of a room, can you imagine trying to get a wild elephant to leave???

    51. MewDenise

      I will never understand people who protest against fuel prices. They really care more about money than the planet. Get the stick out of your asses and ban cars that hurt the environment

    52. Elisia Dula

      So will Tinder also rescue people in africa???

    53. Elisia Dula

      So will Tinder also rescue people in africa???

    54. احمد يونس

      The quality of the content of this show has dropped dramatically

    55. Lukis smith

      C'mon Trevor! Let's address the elephant in the room....

    56. Hendricus Maximus

      Police and Fire Fighters share a phone number? Thats new. If I want to call the police, I call 110, if I want to call the Fire Department or an ambulance 112

    57. Harindi Rajapakse

      That’s my country😂 Sri Lanka,here we take the phrase “elephant in the room” literally

      1. upekha draupadhi Rajapaksha

        @Smileyrie James Thanks, but like any other country we have our good and bad.

      2. Smileyrie James

        Harindi Rajapakse Sri Lanka seems like a lovely country with many lovely people 😊

    58. Steve SPL

      Funny thing is Fast 7 is actually Jason Statham avenging his brother's death by trying to kill Vin Diesel

      1. Tawakalt Oseni - HKF


    59. Anton_Hinkel

      did the fox news woman say " a woman in germany"?? or from germany?

    60. Fortune Gulab

      The magic of Horniness!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    61. steve mwangi

      Hero zoning .. that's a new friend zone 🤣🤣😂😂

    62. wolfgangnz3

      Hey Trevor. Wrong continent. There are no savannahs in Sri Lanka.

      1. KG


    63. Chi Yan Ooi

      Tinder is usually about finding a date? I've never met anyone on Tinder. In fact, I haven't had a conversation on Tinder for almost a year

    64. Hazel Mistry

      Does no one else notice the danger of using tinder to ask a stranger to come and pick them up?

    65. Akila Randil

      Sri Lanka 😍❤️

    66. bulathgamage deepal


    67. Eamonn Leyden

      You got it wrong it’s about having time off before you die a quiet death proper pensions

    68. Ian Brown

      The French Fire fighters and Police fight every few years. Half the Fire fighters are conscripted, Half the Police are Conscripted too.

    69. emmy nikiwatanze

      Stop it ,u share phone number for God sake 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    70. Alexis Frances

      it was fun, but french police and firefighters don't have the same number ;) if ever you came to France, now that for Police it's the 17, for the firefighters it's the 18. and if you need medical assistants it's the 15! You can call the firefighters for medical assistances, people always call them for everything, but not the same.

    71. Johan Tjokro

      Trevor is a racist. Have u ever seen him making fun of black people

    72. Cerbyo

      For some perspective on the French 'terrorists' taking to the streets....their public money paid for the roads they use, everyday roads. And the government privatized them so they wouldnt have to continue the maintenance costs, so now these everyday people have to pay a toll every-time they drive their cars anywhere.

    73. ilsontfouscesromains

      Who can open a very tight bottle? Who can get rid of the giant spider in the room? Who can eat a salad when craving on a steak ? Who can go to a 5 hours symphonic concert? Who can go to an armenian movie about abortion? HORNINESS!

    74. valar

      I wonder if Whitney Houston was playing in the background while he ran in slow motion to the camper.

    75. mugaba jean clovis

      It’s a Parisian thing to revolt

    76. Nico Steffen

      Why tinder? Facebook, google aso know where you are! And iv you have connection, you have gps and google maps! Btw european emergency can locate you via gps of your fucking phone when you call them! Thats so stupud! You can also share your gps positoon via twitter! Just open google maps and activate "share position" thats it!

    77. 0BLUE0 *


    78. Pierre Dodeler

      Cops fighting firefighters "Stop it, you share a phone number for God's sake" : not in France mate!

    79. Mixima101

      I'm glad that woman recognized the elephant in the room.

    80. Anu Raveendran

      How did you miss the opportunity for an elephant in the room joke!