Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 9

Corridor Crew

Corridor Crew

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    The Crew is joined by Stuntman and Fight Coordinator Ilram Choi to react and break down some of Hollywood's best and worst Stunts!
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    Publisert Måned siden


    1. Josh Jauregui

      I highly recommend " BRAWL IN CELL BLOCK99". The best fight scenes ive ever seen in a movie

    2. jimboipinoy

      Y'all should do Donnie yens Wu xia

    3. Martin Sproule

      I'd love to see you guys react to The Crow, specially the scenes where Brandon's face is superimposed onto Chad Stahelski and the scene where Brandon appears to catch the knife. Don't think I've seen another movie pull that off as convincingly. They also use miniatures for the car chase scene. The Crow is the film that changed movie safety forever

    4. Joe Behlendorf

      I’m here to comment that these videos literally saved my life. Earlier this evening I got hit by a car going at least 25 mph. I saw it coming and had maybe 1 second to react and I was able to jump and roll on to the dash and windshield because I remember how stunt men can get hit by cars without getting hurt. It was scary as hell but I walked away with only a scraped knee. Thank you guys!!!!

    5. SunGogh

      Old boy original fight scene

    6. Nick Ergezi

      Please review iron monkey

    7. Skepta

      yall fucked up the audio corridor

    8. Zul Lo

      i just love all of my spidermen😚. this dude is super cool

    9. JB Greenwood

      Kingsmen scene

    10. Indigo Wolf

      Please react to The Witcher

    11. vyankatesh bongoniwar

      Please react to Rocky Handsome (bollywood) fight scene.

    12. eliud kay

      Glad I found this channel

    13. lastimosa

      9:40 im in love w the vibe of this commercial

    14. Mr Mexitish

      please react to Ip man vs 10 black belts!! :D

    15. Littel Snek

      Why do I only know this guy from the snake bk add Hes my hero

    16. MarvelSuperModel

      ❤️ 🕷️🕸️ ❤️

    17. Everything you need!!

      I didn't even watch the full video because the sound was so bad

    18. Kovu Lion

      How about reacting to WWE moments that are stunt worthy like Shane mcmahon or Mankind falling off Hell in a Cell etc

    19. Dino Schachten

      Hahah, forgot to turn on the Clip-On mics? :D

    20. Jairo Murillo

      You guys need to react to Sense8 fight scenes, specially with Sun and Will

    21. drumaster134

      I’m convinced Ilram is the closest we’ll get to Spike Spiegel... please make this happen.

    22. Jacob Duke

      Flips over couch for video * me everyday going to bed*

    23. girl1213

      I'm glad you guys had "Chocolate" because it's one of my favorite marital arts movies. They had some gnarly stunts there that involved Yanin "Jeeja." Considering the film was made with her in mind, I got to wonder how many other movies were made for certain actors in mind. I know no one could film Doctor Strange without Benedict Cumberbatch because he was *the* actor to due Doctor Strange.

    24. SpaceMissile

      guys, i like you a lot; this is great content; a very well-done channel that's very successful. ...please stop asking me to subscribe ten times.

    25. Awaz TV Urdu

      I am here only for Jackie chan 😍😍😍😍

    26. Mike Yost If y’all haven’t seen this, check it out and maybe include it in one of your next videos!!

    27. Keith Grogan

      Next video consideration Hospital fight scene from Mile 22

    28. Alpha Male

      React to Donnie Yen's fight in Dragon Tiger Gate

    29. Justin Cruz

      When you remember Dude Perfect is a lie because you know they must have done like 30 takes before shooting the perfect one. Same thing with the stunts you see in movies.

    30. Sebastian Loft

      i would love to see you guys react to the CGI from the 1995 ”The indian in the cupboard” i think it holds up pretty for a 25 year old movie

    31. Major Role

      Did they ever cover Donnie Yen's fight scene in Rogue One?

    32. CliffBar

      Can you guys do reactions for: -S.W.A.T. (TV Show) more specifically the long take fight scene in S2 Ep17 -The Rush Hour Movies -Ip Man Movies -Akira Kurosawa Movie Battle Scenes Btw I love you guys and your reaction videos. Keep up the good work!

    33. Seph irotH

      “Every once in a while I like to talk to you guys about the statistics of how many people are subscribed” You know why I'm not subscribed? Because you put 4 or more ads in a twelve minutes video

    34. Ivy Maisonet

      Damn, Ilran fine af

    35. Ceedubs Entertainment

      Please bring this guy back. He’s hella entertaining

    36. Earl Leonard

      I vote Ilram Choi for Shen Kuei aka The Cat in a Shang Chi sequel or Deadpool 3 (or whatever other Marvel property they want to include him in)

    37. Earl Leonard

      What's going on with the sound on this vid? Your stuff is usually so crisp but this one is woofy as heck

    38. Isaias Lafon

      9:25 asian Jimmy Fallon!!!

    39. Isaias Lafon

      nice videos guys!!! Suscribed 4 life!

    40. Rocksmith 2014 CDLC Playthroughs

      I would love to see a video with clips from Assembly (2007), I've always loved the effects they use in that.

    41. Boris lo

      Wait that's the guy from Tai Chi Masters !

    42. UnmadeArt Z.R

      React to the tentacle scene from super plz

    43. Dustin Reid

      Time for a new vid. Hey guys its skillshare here.

    44. Jonah Hex

      Subscribe people subscribe

    45. Camilo José

      9:38 What a thrill With darkness and silence through the night What a thrill I'm searching and I'll melt into you What a fear in my heart But you're so supreme!

    46. Auston Gray

      Please review Jackie Chan's stunts in "Who Am I?" pleaassse !!!!

    47. krazykirby6

      I would love it if you guys looked at Hardcore Henry. That movie is wild

    48. Liam zombir

      please react to final fantasy VII

    49. Uri' Kusanagi

      Police story 1:Jackie Chan ending fight

    50. Mihlali Mekuto

      Into the badlands

    51. S & P

      Rocky Handsome last fight scene (Bollywood Movie)

    52. Indrid Cold

      I have what I think would be a really interesting idea for a segment, that I feel is perfect for your channel. Hear me out... It would be really cool if you guys covered Brandon Lee’s accident during one of these. Obviously, in a very, very respectful way. The Crow is on my mind, because I just learned the other day, randomly, that Chad Stahelski was the double for Brandon in the film, and that it was Chad‘s performances, with Brandon‘s face digitally composited over Chad’s that saved the film from being shelved. I watched a behind the scenes segment with the graphics team that did it, and I’m not sure if it’s true, but they stated it was the first time anyone had done a face replacement like that, in a live action sequence. Either way, it was one of the first. I believe they were working on it in 1992, and they stated that it took around 500-650 hours for the face replacements; the mirror reflection face replacement, as well as pulling 30 seconds of footage of Brandon walking in an alley and cutting him out of it, then placing him into the apartment hallway, and walking through the door. It seems, to me, to be a perfect match/mash-up of topics that you guys cover often. There’s just so much bad information out there, and myths about what happened, including that he was killed by a squib in a grocery bag, which is completely not true. You’ve also got the groundbreaking CGI aspect of it, and of course the various anecdotes that come along with the story, regarding how the accident changed the way that guns & gun stunts are handled on set, forever. Although there are quite a few folks out there who have made videos doing their best to describe to the average person what really occurred, you can tell from the comments that, without a visual aid, the average person just doesn’t get it. So I would love most to see you guys do what has never been done before, in all of my research: Use your team’s incredible effects skills to create A proprietary 3-D Visual animation/modeling sequence, demonstrating how it occurred, as it would finally clear up what really happened to him, once and for all. Video references are below, but just FYI: The prop master actually went out and bought live ammunition, which they then reamed The bullets off of and dumped the powder, in order to create their own Jerry-rigged dummy bullets, just so that they could make The 44 magnum revolver appear genuinely loaded for a two second close up. They then created their own DIY blanks out of the same box of live ammunition as well, by simply removing the bullets and crimping the casing. The problem was, an actual full metal jacket slug had become dislodged from one of their Janky dummy bullets, and was stuck in the barrel, where it did not fall out, due to an extremely dirty barrel. So, when they shot at him, they really shot him, essentially with the full force of a 44 magnum. One video says it was just shrapnel, but the slug that was removed is full metal jacket and mushroomed out like a hollow point. Below are the three best videos for reference of everything I’ve just stated. I hope you like the idea! Love your work! DreamQuest Images on the effects process: Best explanation of what truly occurred, but not perfect, although shows images of the actual slug that was pulled from Lee’s body: Brandon’s Stunt Double with the footage of him training with a young Stahelski:

    53. WP

      0:26 POGCHAMP

    54. _ BullCity_

      Lol everytime I order burger king 👑

    55. Zan

      The outtakes for chocolate are brutal. And during that scene they were wondering how the guy survived, he broke his back.

    56. Kladias Kim

      Could you guys react to the action scenes in Mr. Right? I want to see how professional stuntmen think of the dancing-fights Sam Rockwell's character does!

    57. Savana Spears

      I’d really love to see Scott Pilgrim vs the World, either vfx or stunt react

    58. Beef 1982

      Do Johnny Knoxville in action point

    59. ChocoGamin3

      I don't know why I'm not seeing any love for Ilram in the comments...

      1. ChocoGamin3

        @SpaceMissile aye, thx maine doing gods work

      2. SpaceMissile

        he's pretty dang cool

    60. Kevin Heung

      Would love to see you guys recreate the Fast & Furious scenes with real physics