Superman: Red Son Review



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    DC's latest animated movie adapts a seminal Superman graphic novel, but Red Son falls just short of greatness.
    Superman: Red Son is available on Digital HD on February 25 and on Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray on March 17, 2020.


    1. Sal Scalici

      Diedrich Bader did a great job as Lex. And of course, Jason Isaacs was great as Superman

    2. suhaib ibrahim

      Politics summarized in this movie .....

    3. Zhennen Zeven

      Batman:can you bleed? Saitama:?!

    4. Eldrake Ong

      DC: we thought of something new! Injustice 1 players: Hey ive seen this before

    5. lelotruth poingo

      Just saw it don't wast time and Money

    6. Superman

      When he kills Stalin, nobody mind. But when I snapped Zod's neck everybody complained

      1. Jaylen Mark

        And in the books he didn't even kill stalin because he was actually poisoned

    7. JdotSweapA

      Changed the story just so wonder woman can be stronk independent wahmen Oh she already was? Ridiculous....

      1. Jaylen Mark

        And then turned Jimmy Olsen into a black guy

    8. Mehran Moradi

      another men hating movie...great

      1. Jaylen Mark

        I can't believe I wasted my money for this crap

    9. paul Z

      Crazy Russian Superman: "Safety is #1 priority"

    10. James Franco

      You're definitely wrong about the animation style. This is done in the BTAS/JLTAS style not the usual DCU style. I think it worked great.

    11. Sameh Awad

      "A less villainous version of lux Luther" laughs in imperialism

    12. Rod Munch

      Take a bunch of Bernie Bro American hating comic book nerds, then let them rewrite Superman history = this movie.

    13. Black Condor

      Superman is better off in rusia.

    14. Yasin Kahraman

      I thought that the angry slave boy with his sleeping parents, was the batman. We also saw a bunch of bats, indicating that it is him

      1. Charley Newman

        Yeah it was. If you noticed, the movie took place over the course of several decades.

    15. Md Shariful Islam

      Let's be honest. The ending of the movie felt like the beginning of Megamind.

      1. Charley Newman

        lol wut?

    16. Mickey051089

      This is a penny pinching, rushed and dumbed down version of the source material it came from. it should at least have been either a three parter or a mini-series. and while the art style is dc animated classic its just used for the sake of nostalgia baiting.

    17. Jasjit Singh

      I see americans still hate russians. It's very sad

    18. VIPERDGX

      Russia n China tring to brainwash nerds

    19. Deniz Bircan

      Joker would be so proud seeng this batman, and our unverse superman, would be shocked to know lois lane is married to lex luther and the ending, reminded me of The Iron Giant

    20. Ervin Elenzano

      Ign's reviews are getting better nowadays

      1. Jaylen Mark

        No their not

    21. Elliott

      I see the complain about the visuals being too similar, but I really like the character designs for the Big 3, and it makes Superman seem a lot more sympathetic in his character journey, being so young, whereas in the comic I think he looks a bit too old

    22. Teh childish Teen UwU

      If Superman is now _Soviet Superman_ *Why can't Batman be BatHitler?*

    23. HeroicKhalid

      I just saw it and I really liked it

    24. Sheetal Kukreti

      Why are DC animated movies so mediocre in Animation and art department?

      1. Jaylen Mark

        @Sheetal Kukreti well it if that's true,then DCAU and W.B are cheap and lazy on the artist as well

      2. Sheetal Kukreti

        @Jaylen Mark What if they are underpaid though?

      3. Jaylen Mark

        Because their artist are lazy as hell

    25. jimmy2k4o

      Seems like Loads of book purists hated this movie. I loved it. Spoilers........... Cried when svetlana died and he called her “Lana

    26. newvillagefilms

      WTF! You can't even watch an animation these days without politics shove down your throat these days. Superwoke without warning AF.

    27. ꯁꯥꯐꯕꯥ ꯁ

      look, this film was a trash i dont read comics but a film should be telling its audience about the film. after watching it, I was blinded and idk where its going, where it came from and what the film is all about?????

    28. artfire28

      If they will adapt Kingdom Come storyline, I may have to stop supporting WB and petition to fire the director and writers as well for disrespecting the charm and essence of original source materials.

      1. Jaylen Mark

        And their animated team needs to be replace as well

    29. Jon East

      anti russian DC movie. great. the red scare all over again.

      1. Jaylen Mark

        Cheap animation again as well

    30. E.A fish farms

      That beat at the verdict tho🔥🔥🔥

    31. Large Soda

      Superman: *Smirks* Lois: "Oh super...wait, you're a war criminal! Oh he's gone."

    32. gazorpazorpfield

      In an alternate universe, he would have landed in naxi germany causing an axis victory

    33. Boris Posavec

      1.) Women are the best/ feminism propaganda 2.) Americans fight for freedom and anything in Soviet Union is bad (political-cultural propaganda)

    34. Ngoc Nguyen

      I agree huge set up to a slow ending

    35. The Unknown

      I think Injustice does succeed in showing in justifying Superman’s change.

    36. Michael Cooke

      Batman kill himself spoiler alert

    37. Hsan

      flashpoint paradox remains the best

    38. emancoy

      I saw the action comics Red son Iin NOsel. It is in my opinion, better than this animation.

      1. Jaylen Mark

        This movie just ruined everything about the story

    39. Connor Ayala

      "Why don't you put the whole world in a bottle Superman?"

    40. gerald Lantin

      Mark Millar's narrative is not about superman but ponders on the progressive idea of what man can become free from the constraints of a despotic utopia or an earthly materialistic system. Focusing on the characters' motivations or the theme of communism vs capitalism to analyze this graphic novel is shallow at best

    41. ory penny jr

      Outstanding film

    42. arnold manuel

      Improved Wonder Woman's character? In what way?

    43. Anthony B Galvez

      I want Death of the family to be an animated movie, also make Mark Hamill as joker

      1. Charley Newman

        I think they're making that aren't they?

    44. Collipso

      but the real question is does this movie make you feel like superman

    45. wallcity318

      Imagine if his ship crashed in compton or detroit instead

      1. Michael Hayes

        Or in opioid ravaged Huntington West Virginia

    46. Jayjay low

      BATMAN: "You bleed now, yes?"

    47. Nick Rapp

      this movies changes so many characters and removes important characters like stalin's son who is a litch point character for superman. wonder woman as a character is refused to a women who hates men in the end which a total departure from how she was in the comic

      1. Jaylen Mark

        Watch the motion comic on NOsel, it's far more better

    48. Derek Solomon

      They gave Wonder Woman to the LGBT community....

      1. Armandator

        Actually WW was always like that(She likes girls and boys). But they show it a lot more these days.....

    49. SHARP2026

      Aw why did they change the ending from the comic 🤦‍♂️

    50. Cardiel Cardiely

      Animation could of been better lol but it’s a dope movie

    51. A.P. X

      Why did I watch this? This movie was great clean 9.5

    52. Antonio Bennett

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="137">2:17</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="142">2:22</a> looks like a voiceover by the reviewer

    53. HindsightPOV

      I wonder what ever happened to the Kents and the Waynes in this elseworld.

      1. Charley Newman

        They died sad and alone.

    54. umair621990

      Loved this movie! 8/10 from me

    55. Metal Pizza Dude

      WB should have made this a CGI animated movie.

    56. william wan

      Flashpoint paradox is still the best movie for now

      1. Jaylen Mark

        Under the red hood is better

    57. Jonathan Jarquin

      This is a horrible film written by a very disgruntled Bernie bro.

      1. Jaylen Mark

        DC will never and just care for the fake fans who just watch the cheap woke film's insteaf

    58. TheDoomslayer 121

      Man of Stalinium

    59. Ethereal Dweller


    60. Jaëger U

      My gun goes BLYAAAT!

    61. Donovan Pavion

      The best part of the book, that iconic twist ending... Nowhere to be found. Truly disappointing. I literally watched the movie for the ending.

      1. Benjamin Slade

        yeah I love the original ending

    62. Laser wolf

      An alright movie

    63. S Y

      I actually was about to cry near the ending stage

      1. Charley Newman

        Me too.

    64. ASMarine97

      It’s my favorite story and I liked the movie but I have gripes. 1- him killing Stain 2- not including the letter lex wrote to beat Superman 3- not using Superman’s monologue as narration 4- not showing the future and that Superman is really Luthor’s descendant.

    65. Jase Boon

      Superman the Socialist!! THE DEMS HAVE CORRUPTED DC!!! lmfao

    66. Lateph Herlino

      why american always w in

    67. edbig98

      Is this another "If I wrote it, it would be much better" review? IGN you rascal you...

    68. Joe Maslov

      Watched the first 30 min - It was so woke. Lots of man hating and after they changed wonder women sexual preference even though her and superman have been hooking up for years. What a disaster.

    69. lambert lion

      This movie was just political propaganda

    70. Nuggy Gaming

      whats next after this? what other dc animated movies we got coming next?

    71. FuranDuron

      3.6/5. Not great not terrible.

    72. سمسم سيلاوي

      Superman Russia more powerful Superman sewer America

    73. TK 19

      Well they probably wanted to make a sequel to the movie

    74. tothemoon

      The movie had to condense a lot of the comic book and several major plot points were completely changed, but it still got the main story across. The movie isn't bad, but the comic book was better.

    75. Maverick D.

      Capitalist propaganda.

    76. John Ivan Taro

      Soviet Superman V. Anarchist Batman: Dawn of Ideologies.

    77. Kicapan Manis

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="129">2:09</a> Having read the Injustice comics, I thought it did.

    78. Agentshadowolf

      So is Red Son an alternate timeline or happening in a different universe?

    79. Masterr Laster

      It's always great to see a fresh take on classic DC characters. I think that is one of DC greatest strengths being able to have alternate versions of it's characters.

    80. BMV The Movie Fanatic

      I AGREE WITH IGN FOR ONCE! The ending was definitely the only chance of the film which was a bit disappointing, and they instead replaced the unique and original ending of the graphic novel with a simplistic one. Other than that it was solid. Just shame about the ending, as they were, personally, one of my favourite parts. Batman was EPIC tho, like always.