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    1. drink up

      If Shane dies it's either the Illuminati killed him or he drank the whole root beer

    2. grace harber

      lol when he ate the schnitzel I was ded i lived in Germany for 5 years and that is Partially what Germany is known for- Schnitzel

    3. Renee Bunney


    4. Milk & Cookies

      My petty a$$ would just kill myself so they can’t kill me 😂😂😂

    5. Betty Cooper

      I was eating breakfast while watching this 😂

    6. Skyla Cottle

      my last meal would be: KFC fries, fried chicken, 3 hot dogs, strawberry ice cream, melted chocolate, spicy noodles,steak and popping boba. my drink would be coke slushi and lemonade with ice

    7. Harmony Holmes

      My last meal: KFC macaroni and chicken tenders Portillo’s chop salad and chocolate cake An egg roll but like a good one Garlic mashed potatoes A weed brownie McDonald’s chicken sandwich A pint of chocolate chip ice cream Chocolate chip cookies Mint Kit Kat thing A regular Kit Kat too A burrito with everything on it like literally everything A Taco Bell crunch wrap supreme A Baja blast A Wendy’s south west avocado salad A Diet Coke A Chicago style thin crust sausage pizza A hamburger and fries from steak and shake Onion rings A basic grilled chicken salad A sweet tea And there’s more but they’d probably cut me off there

    8. Rae Lexis

      i wish he still made videos like these😩. these would definitely come in handy during this quarantine 🤣.

    9. Jinod Gunatilake

      If you don't like The Lord of The Rings, I dunno what's wrong with you

    10. Rayzia Skies

      My Mc Donald’s closed 🍔😭

    11. Starlucky Panda

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="914">15:14</a> death by creeper.

    12. Maria Terechshenko

      Wiener Schnitzel is a deep fried piece of meat

    13. Dankyfuse 45

      I’d eat the whole menus of Olive Garden and die of obesity

    14. Mymy Jann

      My favorite video of all time

    15. Olivia Skeggs

      My last meal: Carbonara pasta Bacon French fries Apples Maccas Nuggets Pasta with cheese & bacon Mash potato Corn Gravy Turkey Chicken Butter chicken Rice Chocolate cake Chocolate Bliss Balls Hot dog Sausage rolls

    16. Linkle the liger

      Convert to being a Jew because then your not even allowed to eat shrimp

    17. Jill Stubrud

      I am lucy

    18. Emma Locklear

      The first man ordered the strawberries as a joke, because strawberries weren’t in season. And he was a clown... 😐😂

    19. Vivien Kowsky

      Wiener Schnitzel is a German food its a pork steak breaded and fried :)

    20. Savannah._.plays.gamess

      Shane:”Cannibal serial killers I’m waiting!” Me:*thinking about the song cannibal* Me: “YEP ILL PULL A JEFFERY DAHMER!” if u didn’t know Jeffery Dahmer is a famous cannibal serial killer.... 😂✌️

    21. Jenna McMullen

      This is my final meal: 10 20 packs of McDonald’s chicken nuggets, Fruit loops cereal, McDonald’s fries, fries with gravy from kfc, chicken from kfc, cheese pizza, mozzarella sticks, pasta with mozzarella, hash browns, turkey sandwich with miracle whip, pb and j sandwich, creamsicles, popsicles, lollipops, candy, cake,

    22. joseph shull

      Ronnie was killed in utah. Me: OH SNAP I LIVE IN UTAH!!!!!! Also me: I WILL BE HAUNTED

    23. Redd Love

      Peppermint patties are disgusting

    24. Redd Love

      Mint chocolate chip is good u gotta like think about the chocolate

    25. Josie Goodnight

      Finally I hate mint and when I tell people they get upset saying they mint is good

    26. Sofia Coppola

      Don't knock it till you try it Shane were all down for mint chocolate ice cream

    27. sayali dighe

      Anyone watching this in qurantine?

    28. danny DeCheeto

      so me and my dog are just laying here and when you got to Velma she popped up and started whining so i ask he is she was Velma and then she stopped whining and got all lovey doves acting all innocent .,. kinda freaked out :''

    29. Thatonecrazyanimator

      No body: Shrimps: Shane: EWW SHRIMPS All of Australia: PRAWNS YOU DODGY KANGAROO!!! Me: I’ll eat them 😏

    30. Hashtag Girl

      Shane : upset about chocolate and mint mix Me: uhh same gross Who agrees P.s not hate to those who like mint choc chip ice cream 🍦 ❤️❤️

    31. Betito 1235

      300 chik fila number 2s deluxe combos

      1. Betito 1235


      2. Betito 1235

        With some sushi

    32. lucy omeara

      Gordon is impressed

    33. A Sings

      I love srimp❤️

    34. ToxicSpaceGlue 296

      Shane: I already know what a fucking strawberry tastes like Also shane: *knows damn well what a bucket of KFC fried chicken tastes like*


      Who’s all watching this during quarantine????😷🦠😷🦠

    36. Mush Roomie uwu

      My last meal: A giant plate of spicy noodles A bunch of hot Cheetos Fried chicken Crab with Alfredo sauce Ice cream KFC Mac and cheese A big ass burger Fries from McDonald’s Chicken nuggets with ranch Fried shrimp Bleach 💖 Green tea Calamari Popeyes Sprite Pizza Chicken wings A big bowl of fettuccine Spaghetti and meatballs Cheese Nachos with cheese My moms homemade soup Ramen Lays chips Guacamole 20 tacos JELLY Salmon Sonic the hedgehog Sorry for the long list

    37. ava

      Mine would be a ton of chips and quac because I’m on my period rn and that’s all I want😔🤚🏼

    38. gangwarilydrummond

      👩🏼👩🏼👩🏼👩🏼👩🏼👩🏼👩🏼👩🏼👩🏼👩🏼🔫 👚👚👚👚👚👚👚👚👚👚 👖👖👖👖👖👖👖👖👖👖 👟👟👟👟👟👟👟👟👟👟

    39. Marina Moreno

      R U F*CKIN GAY

    40. Crystal Sallazzo

      Honestly I dont like chocolate

    41. ava winters

      the second guy mentioned was sentenced to death an HOUR AWAY FROM ME

    42. Hannah Marshall

      Shane: *spends 10 minutes raving about how much he hates Mint And Chocolate Ice Cream* Me: well if you try it you might like it Shane: *eats it* Its Really good. Me: See, You Like it. Also Fried Shrimp Is Amazing and shrimp is amazing in general

    43. it’s lovely

      i miss these so much :/

    44. Luna Lovegood

      My last meal: 2 pounds of Mac n cheese 2 cheese stuffed crust pizzas 30 mozerella sticks from McDonald’s 20 funfetti Oreos 4 bags of Cheeto puffs 2 pints of raspberry sorbet 5 Yorkshire puddings Lucozade sport 3 baguettes Biscoff spread 2 jars

    45. Darker_Demon

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="331">5:31</a> Shane I so agree. MINT IS AWFUL

    46. anime lover

      Mint 🤢🤮

    47. Jazmin Garcia

      Sis kill who you hate boo

    48. George Darwent

      My last meal would be... 2 litres of iron-bru large bag of porck scratchings cherry pie and a Curry from Akbar’s 🇬🇧

    49. Ooofie Gacha


    50. Kylie Wynter

      My last meal •2 spicy beef Jamaican pates • a giant plater of sushi • 2 Krispy Kreme doughnuts with crushed fruity pebbles all over them • a spicy egg white breakfast burrito •a pint of a Kool-Aid slushy • and 16oz of mint tea

    51. osky bug

      steak, macaroni and apple pie 3 of my favourite foods I would definitely put that in my last meal

    52. Veerle Van De Laar

      Wiener schnitzel is actually a meal from wien (Austria) it's like very very flat meat (pork, veil or turkey most of the time) in like breadcrumbs. Originally baked but sometimes fried. It's not a hotdog😂😂😂 And it's fucking delicious ❤️

    53. Joseph Holliday

      If I was in an execution share about being dead I would have the biggest bore ever full with every single type of candy except for black licorice a huge sight I met a huge cup of Diet Coke and then another giant cup for with Pepsi and then and then I would getThe most biggest bowl of ice cream ever

    54. Joseph Holliday

      I love #MIN and don’t judge me because my mom and my dad and my sister my whole family loves mint so don’t say we should all burn in because we love mint

    55. lils gahca world

      I don't mind mint but mint and chocolate 🤮

    56. Erin Lenhardt

      Ew I hate mint

    57. Zoya Langreck

      Well bye-bye I’m going to jail to be executed mint chocolate ice cream is GOOD

    58. Zoya Langreck

      Well then I’m very insane llllooooooovvvvveeeee I mean LOVE shrimp delicious 🍤


      I love you Shane your queen but I f****** hate your opinion on mint chocolate chip ice cream that stuff is so good keep your opinions to yourself I still love you though no hate

    60. Iszahbella Hein

      I hate shrimp

    61. Katie Young

      Shane: Oh can you see the fucking grossness why is green, come for me mint girls I'm waiting with my blade Me: bring it on I love mint chocolate ice cream I'm waiting with my blade

    62. Maggie Vanderpoel

      People: what is your last meal Me:4343433434344334433 pounds of blue bell icecream homemade vanilla 1400 gallons of milk 1000000000000 gallons of coffee And I wanna watch ALLLLLLLL of the episodes of spongebob squarepants

    63. i love tony lopez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="406">6:46</a> me to danielle ice cream cone

    64. Grejsi Mojs

      Nooo no wienerschitzel is a piece of deep fried meat

    65. Trinity Wyatt

      My squad is breakfast and dessert manly anything but sea food

    66. Diana CARDONA


    67. Diana CARDONA

      Hey Shane you said you kill chapolie my broth

    68. evewishxed

      as soon as shane ate the shrimp he turned into all the minecraft mobs

    69. LiterallyIndigo

      Okay but like, why did the first serial killer look like there was an upside down McDonald’s sign on his forehead????? I couldn’t stop laughing oof

    70. Sleepy Vlogs

      My last meal • pizza🍕 • donut 🍩 • cucumber with ranch 🥒 • Ramen 🍜 • A bagel with cream cheese 🥯 • Gatorade (purple)🥤 •steak 🥩 • anything Mexican🌯🌮

    71. Eliza Morel

      Why do youtubers hate chocolate mint ice cream

    72. Ivan Pineda

      I love flan dude

    73. Jovanna Gonzalez


    74. brianna gonzalez

      I hate sea food

    75. Blue Sky

      Who noticed that when shane dose a theory and he dose hey whats up you guys its a frickn TRIANGLE???

    76. Erma Smithy

      My last meal if I were a criminal that had a death sentence I would say all of Shane Dawson’s food (milkshakes/cakes) except for the mc Donald’s and Taco Bell milkshake

    77. David Wallace

      “If I’m going to eat a baby, I’m going to eat their eyes. Babies judge” -Shane Dawson

    78. indie kid

      i searched up alan davis and it came up with the original writer of x-men

    79. XKawaii KitsuneX

      Shane: I swallowed it and I liked it me : that’s what she said XP <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="393">6:33</a>

    80. Galaxy Demon Wolf

      My death row meal Bacon Quarter Pounder 20 piece chicken mcnuggets Three doritos locos tacos Blue raspberry slushy Red raspberry slushy Chili with cheese and crackers Key lime pie Funfetti cake Crab Broccoli Chedder soup Shrimp Mashed potatoes Mozeralla sticks Donuts Cheese fries Nachos Large pepperoni and bacon pizza Corn Chicken rings with cheese sauce