Team Conor McGregor want Justin Gaethje next fight could happen in Summer-Helwani,Cannonier on Till



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    Jared Cannonier on Darren Till,
    Cejudo vs Aldo seet for UFC 250,
    Shevchenko vs Calderwood official,
    Volkanovski wants to defend at UFC 251,
    Adesanya apologizes for controversial reference,
    Kowalkiewicz needs surgery,
    Paul Felder discharfed from hospital,
    Ariel Helwani on McGregor vs Gathje next,
    Checkout 'Ariel Helwani's MMA SHOW'
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    1. T3chn0 Pr0dut10ns

      a bandage on the right shoulder....nek minute...bandage onda left shoulder????

    2. vitor fogaço

      Jared ''Black Dynamite looking ass'' canonier

    3. Jupiter Rueda de Leon

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="395">06:35</a> I can never ever get used to seeing a woman with facial bruising like this, it always bothers me...

    4. drsupremo88

      Ariel helwani is mctapper hype man

    5. Fred eric

      The chicken got exposed as an imposter at 155 by Khabib.

    6. dano

      That's the only way for Conor to prove he really serious and ready to fight again is taking on Gaethje. I don't think Conor will fight Gaethje. Gaethje would most likely knock Conor out. I'd love to see both of rather at their best. What a fight that would be.

    7. Ruben Marques

      I do know 1 thing thou... if conor fights gaetje he will smash gaetje off man!!

    8. Wyatt Edmondson

      Shevchenko vs Calderwood is a hot- I mean good fight.. yeah good fight...

    9. Justin Hester

      Henry's going to rip Jose two pieces that's why I hate Henry cuz he's that good and he's so lame

    10. Rama Algifary

      it's ok, win or lose gaethje should go for the title shot and then conor vs dustin 2

    11. Charles Barnes

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="598">9:58</a> wtf was a up with mumbles

    12. RealDarkFilm

      "Crumble like the twin towers" Thats literally all he could think of? Him and Dana are trying so hard to make him the next big thing with weak trash talk.

    13. Hernán Montero

      Israel , you had it in the back of your head about the twin towers, you freaking child, I hope Romero break your face for the people in New York who died in grown zero, I was in NY that day . I don't like your comments.


      🔥🔥🔥🔥 phenomenal fight <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="41">0:41</a> 💚💞 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💝

    15. Brad Horner

      Cannonier seems to avoid social media. What a waste of potential $ in ppv buys for him.

    16. Felipe Herrera salinas

      Connor vs Gaethje is a fight that I'm gonna see.

    17. Max Max

      Man Cannonier Needs To Come To The Shop and Let Me Chop Em Up 💯💈

    18. paolo luis de guzman

      Nick diaz must be the dumbest ufc fighter ever

    19. Dougaldinho Fishdinho

      That 9-11 reference was far too soon.

    20. ButterBall

      whether you hate Conor or not,this is a tremendous match up.

    21. Dario Sanchez

      Well spoken

    22. Sam School

      I Will erase you _little rubber_

    23. Jacob Sirak

      MMA Gods please somehow someway let tony fight Justin I need to see it

    24. Brandon Moss

      Ouch... Crumble like the yien towers.. Americans aren't so forgiving and I'm sure he probably lost s few fans on that one ! Damn it man

    25. gebang yirang

      I still think Holloway is the champion

    26. Mostly Sports

      What language was Nick and his friends speaking?!!

    27. J

      Good luck selling that boring ass fight. I still dont know who the fuck that guy is

    28. Rainbow Lion

      Lol Paulo costa is so corny

    29. Mike the Executioner

      I thought it was a good Analogy

    30. BigHit1981

      I've loved everything about Paul Felder in that last fight. I hope it's not his last

    31. Braza Mamba

      Aljamain is jealous. Nobody care about Aljamains fights. Who does not want to see Henry scrap with Aldo? Cejudo is such a beast for going to Brazil and challange the greatest FW of all time...Aldo used to walk at 175 pounds back when he was cutting weight for FW bouts. He is truly is a champion (Cejudo). If he beats Aldo, he could possibly beat Alex too. That would be madness!!!

    32. Crazycraigy

      Thats more like it get that contract signed...Gaethje 3 KO's in last 3...super solid, be hard to pik a winner..

    33. Marshel Matters

      Dude.... XP 4 real?

    34. W S

      Good video except for the 500 adverts.

    35. Oliver Cooling

      Cannonier and Till are brilliant for the way they are playing without any over the top trash talking

    36. jaymkuhl

      Everyone against Cejudo vs Aldo need to watch Aldos last fight. He was robbed. Only concern I have is Aldo making 135 on the nose. Should be an awesome fight. Plus I think third round Romero will surprise a lot of fans.

    37. Debbie Downer

      Yes Izzy get your tongue up that paying American fanbase’s ass. How’s it taste. Fake af!

    38. Koven Maitreya

      Jesus Christ, the ending killed me xD

    39. Debbie Downer

      Aljamima Sterling and Angela Hill would be a great comedy duo to watch... if either of them had anything resembling a personality.

    40. Jay Lono

      Seeing my girl Karolina in that condition makes me sad 😢

    41. NotoriousMinded

      Ayyy triple c babyyyy total cringe hahaha but I kinda like it

    42. EezyBreezy

      I can’t believe the UFC has Henry El Puto higher in the PFP rankings than Amanda Nunes... she’d eat that pussy all the way out.

    43. Chloé Rei

      I loved Israel before any of these bandwagon twats showed up, but he is dead to me now.

    44. Chloé Rei

      I hate aldo , but i hope he destroys henry.

    45. AnsonYT

      Who saw the bruises on Felder's shins?

    46. Breakfast from Texas

      Conor try not to beat up any old men or rape anyone before the next fight

    47. Casey

      Cejudo look like Vegeta in a rejuvenation pod lol

    48. Johnny Bacon

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="596">9:56</a> Nick Diaz??? Nooo wayyy..

    49. Rajat Agrawal

      Mcregor will smoke gaethje

    50. Travis Hutchison

      It's kinda fucked up to say, but nobody deserves CTE... except the diaz brothers. Fuck both of those overrated ass clowns

    51. DeathSledge

      Felder V Hooker was NOT a robbery. And Israel did not need to apologize for this twin towers joke

    52. Dee Jay

      Justin is gonna beat the Shit outta Dan Booker (Hooker)😆😆😂

    53. King Dan

      Nick needs rehab 😔

    54. M. Clayton

      Get well soon girl💯

    55. Clutch Carabelli

      After that horrendous gimme cowboy fight they show Masvidal and Usman but the UFC are too smart this time they're going to let this train roll a lot farther before they throw him to the Wolves again

    56. Charlie Chezwick

      Gatche will get knocked out in the first round

    57. Buck The Ripper

      I love Valentina, she fights so frequently like a real champion. So much respect for her.

    58. Sunny B

      Anyone else tired of this music. Makes me vomit.

    59. Orlando Lopez

      Let’s be honest, with Justin’s clear inferior striking, Conor is going to dismantle him 🚫🧢 I will bet $500 on Conor if Justin is his next opponent

    60. Liam Hill

      It is absolutely deplorable that the UFC went ahead with the Cejudo v. Aldo fight. Disgusting disregard for rankings and current win streaks in the bantamweight division.

    61. chad jenlenski

      Who else skips past every Henry cejudo segment.

    62. Seymour Booty

      Give Max his rematch!

    63. Charley Weinhardt

      'ill be more careful "in future" with my words' misses 'the'

    64. Kushmael McFlurray

      Conor should just fight in this order: Winner of masvidal v usman Khabib 2 Loser of masvidal v usman Ferguson

    65. ayo30s

      Paul Felder Won, 3-2 hands down, 👍🏾👊🏾✌🏾🇳🇬🇺🇸

    66. ayo30s

      We Love You Karolina, get well soon, 👍🏾👊🏾✌🏾🇳🇬🇺🇸

    67. Jeffrey Reardon

      Izzy didn't say anything wrong

    68. Mad Max

      Lol Dana does not want Conner to get fucked up so he know to put him up against fighters that ain't shit fight khabib you pussy fuck fake bitch Conner cause you know khabib gonna smash on you again it's funny how y'all never asked for a rematch pussy boi fake bitch just like your fan boiss

    69. No Thanks

      Whoever makes these videos spells as well as Nick speaks.

    70. No Thanks

      I can't wait to see oh' Henry get knocked out. I doubt Jose is the one to do it we must wait.

    71. deuce of spades

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="371">6:11</a> i didnt see that fight, damn chick did you at least punch her

    72. Conor Francis

      Nick Diaz was clearly drunk guy has become an alcoholic people be saying it’s CTE what u talking about 😂

    73. cawagoshy

      This is not the first time Israel say something dump, remember when he say keep your balls out of my mouth to jone 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    74. Huw chardon

      Paul Felder, a regular funny guy, but as hard as a coffin nail. Top bloke.

    75. Irwin Alen Robles

      This sht had the time to apologize immediately and he just said "too soon?" gtfoh

    76. Mike Jeffers

      Damn KK got f**ked up. Hope she gets well soon!! 💪💪

    77. jokrj

      Cejudo is Frank Shamrocks mini me

    78. Michael Turley

      Henry Cejudo wants to be considered the GOAT and consistently ducks the hardest fights. smh. major little guy syndrome.

    79. DiamondLifer

      Darren: A/S/L? Jared: 🤨

    80. Boris Sery

      Someone from Africa named "Israel" talking about the twin towers crumbling. 🤔 Israel Adesanya, it will always be "too soon" to say something like that. You are a phenomenal fighter, but more than a little too cocky.