Teens Give Their Parents A Lie Detector Test



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    Teens ask their parents any question they want while their parents are hooked up to a lie detector.
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    If you had the chance to ask your parents any question you wanted and they had to tell you the truth, what would you ask? Teens ask their parents hard-hitting questions while hooked up to a lie detector. They may not like the answer! Watch to see what they ask and their reactions!
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    Teens Give Their Parents A Lie Detector Test

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    1. raymondc9513

      Red-hair girl: I'm glad that there were no big bomb drops *earlier* Mexican boy: Were any of your children a mistake Mexican dad: *_LOL_* Yes

    2. Mopish

      5:33 ._.

    3. Navy

      Marlhy is soooooo hot......

    4. VIII Maus

      I think that mom is getting Japan and North Korea mixed up.

    5. Cy Nahas

      jackson ggot exposed

    6. ring ring ring ring ring banana phone

      “i’m dating somebody but i don’t have a boyfriend” waht


      Damn LA be wildin out here

    8. Tigerlily K

      The dad that was straight up asking the funniest questions and causally saying he smoked weed made me piss my self

    9. Gacha Kisha Edits

      7:43 That is the best dad I’ve ever seen....

    10. Kokichi Ouma

      the first kid with his dad obviously had issues

    11. liuleisawesome

      Can the young Galdalf looking guy like partially adopt me...my mans was speaking truth and love the entire conversation. I felt at ease

    12. This pleases the nut

      I love that black dad and his daughter they’re so funny and so chill

    13. Julie McElhenney

      Have don on more please

    14. A.D.V. Brave

      I wouldn't be able to do it

    15. Adyson Rutoskey

      Ok but the light skin dad is low key fine 🤣

    16. Jayleta Fay

      Omg the one kid look like hes related with the croes brother from tik tok

    17. Turtle are cool

      The dad is crying on the inside 2:20

    18. saara

      Did this girl just came out? Thats amazing . Beautiful bond between them.

    19. Matt

      7:44 me when my phone is 5 percent

    20. kalon hub

      With Asian parents plsssss 😂

    21. demoir vlad

      Why is gla1ve here?

    22. Rjdashooter lol

      that blonde mom was so evil but at the same time savage

    23. Vinithi Vini

      Red shirt guy looks like aged Harry Styles ... He's hot...

    24. Cory Antidote

      This white boy just asked his FATHER if he thinks he does too much drugs???? 😭 ayy man, my pops would've whooped my ass in front of the producers for asking him shit like "Why are you breathing like that"


      The girl’s dad in the striped shirt should be in more stuff!

    26. roblox investigater

      The lie detector doesnt work sorry i exposed that OHHHHHHHH

    27. Djd Ddjj


    28. a.f.

      jaxon mom is quite literally an "im not a regular mom, im a cool mom"

    29. Cathelijne Kuiper

      The boy from 7:15 reminds me of cameron boys idk why

    30. leannedaman

      The red hair girls song m.nosel.info/video/video/1H17hpuVi2Sm1as.html

    31. animechrispratt

      “now we’re gonna actually turn the tables...” Jaxon: *worry intensifies* Jaxon's mum: hhHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA


      When my rasberrys are gone I be like with my family 10:38

    33. Olivia Marino

      Girl with red hair was in chicken girls :)

    34. African Lion

      The kid with the black hair has some epic hair and his dad has an epic laugh

    35. Rosaleene YT

      Why Derek look so fine here? Especially at 4:01 damn

    36. Obama’s Hand

      Jaxons mom is literally madelyn Wench from Brooklyn 99

    37. sᴛᴏғғᴇ

      Yall do realize that lie detector aren't reliable

    38. Jamar Dornevil

      The Hispanic dad is so nervous 😭😭

    39. Ayden Playz


    40. Clerveau Judlin

      Wawwww I wish I had those relationship with my parents

    41. badd hair country boy

      i love that everyone was like saying all these like sex and weed things and then the girl and the dad in the red were like going deep and stuff

    42. Kylie McCaughey

      I absolutely adore all of these parents and the way they interact with their kids, it’s so precious

    43. quailchow

      I thought lie detector tests are only yes or no questions....come on.

    44. Park Jimin

      well I mean what’d you expect? if anything parents are probably the best and highest amount of liars. Which is understandable.

    45. Micah Wilcox

      That’s so fake. I’m not dumb sorry.

    46. ananya



      5:22 His a#$ just got ripped off after that laugh 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    48. JustCade_07 C.

      Jackson is cute

    49. Angelo Bronte

      03:24 NICOLAS CAGE !

    50. mmm that's good idk

      You know lie detector tosen work .

    51. StigmB

      5:23 That's the moment when the boy knew the shit was about to go down XD

    52. Lucas Hosgood

      The black dad looks like matt

    53. Rami Alzaben

      Do this with arab parents i dare you ... and lie detector will not work

    54. Taylor Rubens

      I would ask how I was made...

    55. MrGreen Fox

      Jaxon's mom looks like an old version of Rosanna pasino ghad they're gorgeous

    56. Merj M.


    57. jazjaz

      Do this with my Asian mom. She will march to the backyard, cut a bamboo stick with her hands, march back in pin u to the floor. She will get candles, light em up. She will then woop you and speak Tagalog and call you baka. (cow) she will also rant-

    58. •Magenta Anime•


    59. Alex

      7:45 He kinda sounds like Donald Duck.

    60. Matthew Juttner

      Why does the Dad in the red shirt remind me of Nicholas Cage?