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    Hey S-Club! In todays video, we test out the full Kylie Cosmetics X Stormi Valentine's Day Collection 2020! It's an in-depth review discussing everything from packaging, pricing, swatches, and try on! Watch the whole video to see if this collection is worth your coin. xx Enjoy!
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    1. Sylvia Gani

      Also gave a lil life update in this video explaining my inconsistent uploading !! COMMENT VIDEO IDEAS YOU WANNA SEE FROM ME NEXT! ❤️❤️

      1. Monkeys 4life

        I just got your pallete finally 💙💙💙

      2. Charming Autumn

        Could you maybe try out the Florence by mills collection

      3. lamar almoatiri

        can you do a full face of benefitcosmetices makeup products please

      4. Kaylee Mascherino

        Please review the new blood lust palette by Jeffree Star!!

      5. Karis Arnold

        Your Amazing

    2. Jocelyn Rojo

      Do a review on the new Mac collection with Selena quintanilla!!!!!!!!!

    3. Niki Papaioannou

      You look and sound a bit like Sandra Bullock

    4. Olivia Carey

      I hope you do more Kylie cosmetics

    5. Linda Gonzalez

      Really Love This Butterfly Packaging!!!

    6. Phuntsho Lhaden

      I really love ur look and i wanna try it but wtf i realized i dont have a crease

    7. Addy Marion

      Yall get her pallete it is bomb pigments are THE BEST!!

    8. Fariha Atiq Ur Rahman

      Pls do trying makeup hacks

    9. Danielle Cordero

      Have you viewed the KAB cosmetics? (it’s by Kim, Ariana, & Brielle) I love their products❤️👏🏼

    10. Sasha Anne

      First video I’m watching of yours and I love your personality! I subscribed

    11. Chloe_blueberry Blueberrychloe

      My little brother is 5 and he's an uncle haha and im 13

    12. NJ lanaa

      You kinda look and sound like sandra bullock..... New subscriber here😘

    13. Lea Juliene

      She did something similar to jeffree stars smaller palettes like the controvery mini as well as mini jawbreaker.

    14. Victoria Gandanga

      can you please give us a full face of lipstick

    15. Tehya Himes

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    16. sxphieツ

      i feel like Kylie x Kendall is gonna be more nude shades as a little tribute to Kendall's modeling career

    17. Stephanie Duggan

      *sylvia while also putting on purple eyeshadow: 2020 is the year for enhancing natural beauty with makeup*

    18. Tea Lakic

      Make a video on a bouncy of your favorite makeup tips and tricks for beginner makeup artist

    19. ammna al zadjali

      i rlly love your channel can you pleas aplod new vids

    20. Rose O

      Hey Sylvie love I'm starting my own beauty channel. And I was wondering if you would be okay if I could maybe kinda get some different kinds of make up PR from you. That would mean so much. I love your collections girl P.O.Box 172 Lakeland fl 33802 You would be so amazing. Please. your idol Rose ❤🤭💋 #SClub#1Fan love you bunches Sylvie mwwaaa peace babe girl

    21. Hannah Brown

      Is it just me or does she not post very often anymore like she doesn’t care as much?


      Pls you got to upload more I’m waiting so long for a new vid

    23. Stormi's Adventures

      Bish 🖕🏻

    24. Rosa Scarlet

      Her daughter is of colour but the irony is there is no way any woman of colour will be able to wear that blush.

    25. emily clavin

      omg your so gorgeous and talented!!!!

    26. Lexi McGee

      The whole video I couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful you are Sylvia

    27. Lacey Creaturo

      Sadly only the PR boxes came with this card. We just got the normal kylie cosmetics card. I was very disappointed I love those 😥

    28. Molly Wilcox harrison

      It’s storm is bday collection not valentine

    29. jclyn t

      i love her personality :”)

    30. Reana Hirao

      Have watched quite a few videos so far. Gotta say I love the way you review all the make up and give your tips on application etc. Really really love that you've reviewed and wear make up that is cruelty and vegan free, something that I'm trying to stick to and wear every day. I do have two suggestions for you to review of your able to : 1 BYS an Australian brand and also BLK cosmetics a Filipino brand. Give em a go would love to see your review. Love your comments, your funny as. ❤️ U. Thanks.

    31. Emily Blastick


    32. Addison Moreno

      "Did you see her second birthday " sylvia " holy hell please adopt me"

    33. Ayana Patrick

      I havent watched her channel in a while does she still date wolfie?

    34. Laura Mędrek

      It's only a few second and she had so much likes

    35. Alejandra_100

      Tbh, I love kylie and I don’t have anything against her weather it’s makeup or her social media status, ( Love You Kylie!)🌸💗

    36. Carla Serrdaigle


    37. Rachael Career

      Is there any chance we get the s club merch delivered to India

    38. M Steidle


    39. Kayla Rivera

      HI Sylvia! I’ve recently been watching and I absolutely love you and your content. I’ve been wanting to try the brand Lancôme but I don’t want to try yet until I know if it’s worth the money. So if you can plz try it out in a vid. ❤️

    40. Chantal Jepps

      Any small NOselrs out there like me? That would like to support each other 💕 subscribe to me and I will subscribe to you, just leave your channel name down below 💜💙

    41. Brenda Skies

      I try the Carli Bybel Palette! 👉🏼 nosel.info/video/video/uHxlan2ueohnlNU.html 💕💕💕 Check it out!

    42. Lois Darkwah

      You’re just pretending like it’s the best collection so you’ll stay on the Pr list . Pathetic!! Because this collection is just crap !!

      1. Ramen Noodles

        Lois Darkwah but if you ignore what she is saying it looks flawless....

    43. Vera25 Lu

      Love your nails!!!!

    44. Elizabeth Dell


    45. Lea Kennedy


    46. Miss A

      She kinda looks like Sandra Bullock

    47. Elvira Elmøe

      Is it just me or does her noes get smaller every month?

    48. J C

      I got my Kylie X Stormi collection! (I live in Ontario, Canada so it takes a little to get to me... but I ordered it on the release day and received it yesterday; somewhat quicker than most releases lol) Sadly, my Stormi palette was broken... 🙃🙃

    49. Do anything I want AHAH

      OK now I’m confusedWhen I saw your testing video for Kylie Jenner’s new Kalab with stormy her daughter the eyeshadow soirée great everything worked great but then in other testing videos people were saying the eyeshadow didn’t Swat great but they never showed how that eyeshadow swat it people do anything to hate

    50. Kylie Cosmetics

      Beautiful look with the Stormi collection! So happy you're loving it 💜

    51. Samiya Syeda

      You shud deffo film a vidoe with your sister!

    52. Leila VIGILETTE

      Hello , Sephore, makeup & skin care for sell with good price❤ in ebay m.ebay.com/myebay?mfs=tabs&actionName=SELL_OVERVIEW 😊 USA seller

    53. larrya stylinson

      Wish we have Kylie cosmetics in Europe 😭

    54. ანნანინო ფარცვანია

      Congrats 🎊 🎈 🎉 🍾

    55. terry

      the red high gloss is throwing me off :/

    56. Stephanie Nikolova

      I swear this comment section is stupid. I don't think some of you understand that stormi is 2 and although the collection was for her it wasn't for stormi to use so it doesn't really matter what skin shade she is since some of you are saying most of the makeup wouldn't match her. the collection made my Kylie was in honor of stormi not for her to actually use it

    57. Khiva Phillips

      Kylie Jenner commented on your instagram!

    58. Harry Styles

      New sub 👏🏽👏🏽

    59. Harry Styles

      You funny 😆

    60. jeannette a.

      i knew before stormi was born she would have a collection--

    61. melissa duenas

      sandra bullock vibes

    62. Maria Zavala


    63. Storm Vu

      I’m laughing cuz rob is the only one without a collab 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ I think that is never gonna happen thooooo

      1. L Tamez

        Jayla Ari'Anna Green and Caitlyn lol

    64. Gabby V.

      You look so much like Nicole concilio

    65. HotDouge GT

      Uhh why is she always looking down and not in the camera??

    66. Carla Green

      You should do digital makeup take a pic of yourself and draw makup

    67. Tatianna Hackett

      looking forward to the next GRWM video !! Love watching those while i’m doing my makeup/hair and getting ready for the day

    68. Linor Kakish

      Sylvia : *I'm so extra* Sylvia (1min later) *I'm so neutral*

    69. Nora Pärlin

      Why i didn't know abt that collab?

    70. Sonya Louie

      Love your videos 💘🥰❤️💞💕💜💘💗

    71. 黄huang

      Actually the Stormi’s collection was the prettiest packaging of Kylie’s collections



    73. Yo Mamacituh

      Why don't you make a Sylvia collection?? I'd love to have one! I'll support you with all i can♥♥♥

    74. Erica Awesome

      I ordered the high gloss and didn’t get the photo of Kylie and stormi

    75. Fatima F

      It is so cute collection

    76. Sai

      You should do a video using Jeffree star makeup..

    77. Fernanda Menjívar

      Why do I get a Canadian Laura Lee vibe from her?

    78. Jacky Flores

      wait the products are so small wthhhh

    79. giselle 11

      ure dumb asf for getting back with wolfie

    80. Carina Grossman

      yasss finally some good hacking pr from Kylie!! that's lit